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  1. At some point I will update this to be a proper Shiny Shop. For now, it's just a thread for me to sell Salamence! Very cool and rare Shiny. I value this pokemon at 100m Male 31/27/6/18/7/19 This is not a discussion board for a Shiny Pokemon's value. Please direct all offers to me via PM or in game. IGN -> JeebusCrust I have people hounding my DMs in game and even messages on forums, asking what I have sold things for. Then the same people telling me I'm wrong for doing something. I've been playing since 2016, In the past 6 months, I have rarely seen Shiny Salamence being sold (If ever in trade chat). When I saw this one, I jumped on it, and now I own it. Now I am selling it... for the right price. If you think it's not worth it, then don't bid. People rarely bid on shinies anymore. Not because the value has gone down, but because "limited vanities" is the option to get rich... People think there is no theoretical ceiling to vanities price (but there is a ceiling) There are 2 teams in this game that skew the value of shinies and vanities I'm gonna have to create a concrete app that estimates value based on all the criteria I hear being thrown around... ha.
  2. Soooooold! Booom!!!! Mods Close this thread please :)
  3. mistaaablake


    I hope you get a good offer! These shiny pokes would look great in anyone's collection Flareon!
  4. @Munya gotcha coach.That's the last you'll hear of it. I'm not here to taint the forums. Next post will be better.
  5. You have a reputation as a rager, I get that, I was warned about you now... But if you'd like to be taken seriously, I'm gonna need you to at least attempt to type in a way that doesn't make you lose all credibility right away. You've obviously been out of school for a very long time and maybe been relying on auto correct a little too much. standarized isnt ehat Inflaction guesd anytmhing activelly proccess popcorns. There are many many assumptions that can be made about internet trolls such as yourself. Take care of yourself man, I really don't care what you have to say.
  6. I thought the team items was a good idea. I also think that standardized prices for some things makes sense. There is a way it could all work, absolutely I think they are good ideas and that's why I shared them. Sorry I got too excited and decided to post more than one idea. Also Bear is right, that first dude is a nobody and really doesn't deserve anymore attention lol. The team item could even be awarded for tournament winners or something. It doesn't "exclude" but would be set in place to build team mentality. Also I have boxes of old dittos that lost value. I have 5x31 natured Porygons that lost all value when they made their last change to genderless breeding. Did I lose value? Yes. Am I still playing? Yep. Some change isn't a bad thing, not to mention it's the devs opinion that really matters. Economy influx = RP sales too. They can do what they want, and some really cool people will breed 30+ comps a week.
  7. I made suggestions on what I thought would help new players. I never felt victimized. I'm here, giving away cash, down trading shinnies to new players and giving them cash because they are having a hard time in the market that won't bid on their things. Why are you in this thread in the first place? Do you really have the luxury of 40 hours in a single day? Because it sounds like you are keeping track of what everyone sells and you're even breeding 30 comps a week AND selling them! wowie! Please tell me how you manage to do all that and stay current on 42 anime series at the same time. Women must love you!!! Let me get that notepad and you can teach me a thing or two. Much appreciated.
  8. Bruh. You are so condescending. You do not breed 30 pokemon a week, and even if you did, then you need to go outside and learn to not be such a snot nosed little dude. Reality check.
  9. I'm sorry that you find it hard to imagine the game changing, but I believe it is in a bad place. If your seasoned players end game is just brain numbing ditto breeding than something needs to be changed. The economy should reward you for breeding comps, but comps do not sell for what they are worth anymore. Adding an NPC that buys comps would create structure for the pricing methods on GTL and would also deal with the comp pokemon being over populated. You would also see more comp pokemon shinies being hatched, instead of theses nasty ditto shinies that come out being male with no stats. People are afraid to breed anything because the value is just not there. The buyers are just not there, and growth is capped at 1m per day from berry framing. Flipping Shinies for noobies is impossible because the market is junk, and the rich can wait to the point that the shiny sellers want to quit the game. Something needs to change. This one small change is very important in my eyes. An NPC that buys dittos is just a suggestion but probably not the best idea. It's just to keep incentive for the ditto farmers that enjoy doing that and to preserve the market as-is. Adding a new item to help catch pokemon better pokemon or reduce the amount of leppas needed to shiny hunt for a team would not hurt economy either... It gives incentive and boosts incentives to form large teams and do things together, plus it could be balanced... The game as it is, really needs way more money funneled into newer players. Especially the ones willing to grind and that's a fact.
  10. Introduce prefab --> basically the purified and protected zone, but can be purchased and placed by a team or person. It would be a nice replacement for leppa berries while shiny hunting. Maybe it can be crafted using 1000x Leppas and lasts 6 hours for a whole team. Maybe in this zone, you can choose to make hordes of pokemon that don't normally show up in hordes? Do this by mixing in that pokemons favorite type of berry! Also I think all zones should have "Roaming hordes" of pokemon to keep things fresh. Balance this by releasing a custom item that will show which pokemon are roaming all areas or just have a popup in corner of your screen when visiting an area. This could be an expensive item, anywhere between one and five mil, that would be reusable. You could even add a mystery pokemon or something. Mix in ghost pokemon in certain places that only show up after the story is complete or whatever. Add an expensive team item (single use) that, once activated, makes 1x31 and 2x31 much more likely to find in the surrounding area. These are practical team events in my eyes. I would also love to click egg moves and have that bring me to a screen that shows which pokemon learn that move in my egg group. A popular alternative could be an in game browser that directs to a subforum on your website. An NPC that buys old comps (to keep value at a reasonable price) An NPC that buys Dittos And reintroduce some of the old vanities into the shop. You could even add a sparkle/shiny effect to the original items. Like blue flaming skull could be put back into the shop for 1500 RP but all original Flaming Skulls would get an added particle effect to show they are the OG limited items. I could whip up prototypes of anything or go into more detail of how I think the balancing would work. I have many many ideas, and I know I come off scatter brained when typing on mobile.
  11. Despite what you want to believe or want to make other people believe... Shiny prices are not falling. Especially in a game where Vanities are worth Millions or even billions. I have proof that people are still out there trading 200m+ value for some rare shinies. No one is out there selling a Shiny Venusaur or Bulba (male or female) for under 100m it does not exist. Exodos is shiny Venusaur owner, but he will not sell his Venusaur. Let me be clear that owning a shiny pokemon that you refuse to sell or put value on WILL NOT dictate it's value, nor will it have any effect on the price. Also, if you take the time to read through the price check thread, you will learn that just because one person sold something on a particular day for a lower amount, it does not effect the overall value. Nearly all shinies are bought from their OTs for less than 100m... Best offers so far --> Many offers over 100m pure yen and offers of the Flaming Skull + odd additions lol Desired price would be 150m pure yen, or 165m in trade. Also would trade for Shiny Eevee or Shinies + Cash
  12. Update -----> Still for sale, but it is now a Venusaur Level 50 + EV'd. It's on GTL for 165m, I believe it's value will increase when Sinnoh releases. Someone tried telling me Bulbasaur is only worth 90m lol, if anyone is selling bulba for 90m I will buy more please... xD I recently offered over 100m on someone's male bulbasaur and was swiftly denied... Value check please haha
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