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  1. Best spot for Leveling: 5 x Piloswine, Dark Grass, Giant Chasm, Other Side of Cave, Unova, 3-3.5k XP per horde
  2. we dont need johto, we dont need sinnoh, just the 4th pokes on wild and its fine
  3. crafting things is beyond ridiculous if i depend itens to have fun i already quit this game... but the only thing that affected me was pp max... becouse breed pokemon = 600/800k and put pp max = 400k ¬¬' seriosly??? BRING POKEMMO GREAT AGAIN
  4. please listen to this guy, have to rebreer is fu** with the players, totally discouraging .. this suggestion and the best solution AND PLEASE, HEAR THE PLAYERS, DO NOT DO WHAT YOU WANT, A COMPANY IS SUSTAINED BY THEIR CUSTOMERS, A GAME BY THEIR PLAYERS, provide solutions and not problems
  5. Which slot the item would go in:Top - Krokorok's Jacket Image of Item: this item will be really amazing in game ^^'
  6. I like to leave all of my pokemons at level 100, I usually did this in 10 hours or 2 days playing, now it's much more difficult, and with the new region, there are several new pokemons for me to up, someone found a quick way to up to 100? Before I only did the 7 islands and some Kanto routes, it was enough, now it does not even come close :/
  7. Soturnus


    Would be very nice!! :D
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