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  1. Best spot for Leveling: 5 x Piloswine, Dark Grass, Giant Chasm, Other Side of Cave, Unova, 3-3.5k XP per horde
  2. Sell these pokes, if you buy all you will help me a LOT Bisharp - 750k Zoroark - 750K Hippo - 700K Electivire - 300k IF you want all, i'll sell for 1.8M, no less
  3. we dont need johto, we dont need sinnoh, just the 4th pokes on wild and its fine
  4. crafting things is beyond ridiculous if i depend itens to have fun i already quit this game... but the only thing that affected me was pp max... becouse breed pokemon = 600/800k and put pp max = 400k ¬¬' seriosly??? BRING POKEMMO GREAT AGAIN
  5. please listen to this guy, have to rebreer is fu** with the players, totally discouraging .. this suggestion and the best solution AND PLEASE, HEAR THE PLAYERS, DO NOT DO WHAT YOU WANT, A COMPANY IS SUSTAINED BY THEIR CUSTOMERS, A GAME BY THEIR PLAYERS, provide solutions and not problems
  6. Which slot the item would go in:Top - Krokorok's Jacket Image of Item: this item will be really amazing in game ^^'
  7. I like to leave all of my pokemons at level 100, I usually did this in 10 hours or 2 days playing, now it's much more difficult, and with the new region, there are several new pokemons for me to up, someone found a quick way to up to 100? Before I only did the 7 islands and some Kanto routes, it was enough, now it does not even come close :/
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