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  1. @BurntZebra can't do any more than 100k, sorry man. if i had 1m i wouldve donated more already let's give some pre psl hype
  2. come online uguu
  3. translation: saw evlgoon say he's up for a wager match, need cash, free cash, time to stay home
  4. just think, that couldve been tor getting carried like that
  5. rip well enjoy your time being unconnected with social media, sounds rough
  6. has to be today? if not im down for uu or nu
  7. right, told him that earlier on discord. he has become a man
  8. i play around aggron, i dont play straight VS it. you can expect to see aggron as a lead if your opponent is playing it CB, so scout its move or switch to a resist etc, it doesnt have to limit teambuilding as long as you have something for its moves, not specifically 1 poke also for chimecho, like lifestyle said, metang and a non cb aggron are the best. if you plan on using mawile for whatever reason you can stall it out with that too, as long as you're prepped for muk it shouldnt be a problem
  9. cant tell if manager thread or place triggered people go to comment stuff
  10. Chimecho: Def Guard -Special Damage (Calm Mind Setupper) Relicanth: Def Wall- Physical Damage (Toxic User) Exploud: Spdef Guard- Physical Damage (Choice Band User) Mantine: Spdef Wall- Special Damage (Toxic User) Primeape: Physical Sweeper (Life Ball) Mr.Mime: Special Sweeper ( Swift Choice Band) u jouk me?
  11. it's a step in the let's make PSL more exclusive direction