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  1. Team Name: RandonNoobGamers Team Tag: [RNG] Registered Players: gbwead, schuchty, guerinf, xploz, kamimiii, kriliin, annawen, ihidden, guillian, didimaestro, folan Team Captain: THE folan
  2. @xXBlu3BreathXx @RysPicz @YettoDie @camilo7 looks like our team was premade
  3. you're absolutely right, this does make no fucking sense whatsoever >this shouldnt need to be a rule, also, this needed to be a rule sooner
  4. @Calculatrize @znk26 so belle
  5. my mail is full, i can wait until we see each other
  6. KRILIIN #1!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. @Sebat ill take you and doc, ily still
  8. ill take, if you wanna take another on gb cuz hes shit
  9. Schwifty Shiftrys (0) vs The Brave Blazikens (0) OU: Schuchty vs Piata Doubles: DoctorPBJ vs Sebat DPP: Kriger vs Kimikozen SM: SirVector vs Forfiter The Driftveil Dragonites (0) vs The Gain Train (0) OU: SpartacusGD vs Rigamorty UU: BurntZebra vs ZDFire NU: moisessss vs Parke Doubles: JIce vs OrangeManiac The Boosted Monkeys (0) vs The Flocking Buzzwoles (0) UU: Axoa vs BlueBreath SM: Telf vs Raptori The Machoke Artists (0) vs The Hungry Salamences (0) OU: Raaidn vs Aerun OU: Enchanteur vs LucasCisneros UU: Arimanius vs Mlhawk Doubles: Gbwead vs StriderXD (100k) DPP: NikhilR vs Gunthug 50k each
  10. @NikhilR dont listen to him, you are #1
  11. i enjoy cracking open a cold one with the frenchies
  12. i enjoy @Kmiliz the most