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  1. How populated is the game rn?

    RÑG is where all the population is at hmu for an invite
  2. RÑG

    Idk where to post this but join RÑG thank you
  3. reacts

    It’s very simple. I’m very emotional. Sometimes i wanna laugh. sometimes i wanna cry. Sometimes i wanna wow. Sometimes i wanna be angry. + im sick of holding down like thinking reacts are gonna put up
  4. New crit rate

    Mfw i tried to hold down the like button like it’s facebook so i can “wow” react
  5. New crit rate

    Can i come
  6. Metro

    Does anybody know what happens if young metro doesnt trust you? @Calculatrize @Jovi @Torinnnnn @DoubleJ
  7. I got a pidgey @Calculatrize can confirm
  8. Today

    Hello staff member pls help i am being bullied thank you
  9. Today

    How is everyones day?
  10. PTS HYPE

    Love you gunt Love you forfi
  11. Ranks

    i think this is a pretty misleading concept. just because one grinds all day doesnt make them any better than another player, and just because a player spends all their time doing nothing doesnt make them any worse than another player.
  12. K-Pop Thread on Air !

  13. Riga and gb for cohosts and I'm not just saying that because they are the 2 sexiest guys I know, they will do great things

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