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  1. @TheChampionMike is right. i didnt read his book that he calls a comment, but the mike in very good
  2. Ranks

    i think this is a pretty misleading concept. just because one grinds all day doesnt make them any better than another player, and just because a player spends all their time doing nothing doesnt make them any worse than another player.
  3. Tier council?

    i see the almighty ledian has people questioning TC
  4. NU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    rip the 2 bulls i made earlier in the week for nu
  5. K-Pop Thread on Air !

  6. Riga and gb for cohosts and I'm not just saying that because they are the 2 sexiest guys I know, they will do great things
  7. At first I thought you were a genius, but now looking again I see this is just a way to make you look good at doubles dont fall for this shenanigans people
  8. UU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    Ban shuckle cancer ban kecleon ability cancer big cancer can't break these walls need pikachu unban please is not op I swear is shit like tc
  9. very simple. currently, when you DC then reconnect, your opponents pokes are all marked as not shown. Also, it would be cool if you could show all revealed pokes when you start spectating a match. it's very annoying having to always ask, "what's ...'s lead?", and, "do we know the X poke of ...?", and im sure it's equally annoying to those who get asked.
  10. NFL Fantasy Football League!

    I'm here
  11. [PSL 8] Week Seven

    Nik #1
  12. NU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    Look can we just ban this cancer kecleon ability cancer and I hit with my raichu special no kill ??? Maybe I play vs Spanish idk but angry me cancer kecleon like u mom

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