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  1. Ok so what is the game gonna reward people to justify making the requirements so much harder then the original game?
  2. Is route 225-230 accessable? I have the sinnoh dex seen and have beaten the sinnoh e4
  3. Simplest thing is to not implement the new Kanto, just create a "door" connect the route 26 connection to the route 22 gatehouse (where the first guard that needs the bolder badge is located in), Do some scripting work to detect the region of the challenger, if Johto the guards require Johto badges to progress and the e4 is the Johto e4. That or just replace old kanto (reimplementing the story), only require the FireRed rom for the sevi islands and Kanto safari zone. We don't need two kantos. And as I said, Johto could bring more things to the table then just Pokemon. For example, the Johto exclusive pokeballs (level ball would be good for general breeder catching, ditto or otherwise), a (possibly customizable) new safari zone, and 8 more gym leaders/another e4/more trainers for money grinding. If we assume we get new Berry plots as well, then there's that.
  4. This was a thing years ago. Sadly it's way outdated.
  5. You know, some people don't just want Johto for the starters, they want Johto for Johto. Pokemon aren't everything a region has to offer.
  6. I like the concept of pokemmo alot, I just find that the game itself doesn't appeal to me at all. I like solo pve content. I don't do competitive, which is a massive chunk of the "end game". I havent tried shiny hunting, but I wouldn't try it here with its very low odds. Berry farming is too passive. The battle frontier is unfinished. The only thing I can do is alt runs or grinding items to sell. Dungeons won't help because of the cooperative nature of them. The only reason I'm really tuned into pokemmo is my friends and the eventual release of sinnoh.
  7. When the rest of the battle frontier is implemented
  8. I'll assume you haven't been here long. No one, not even the dev have an actual answer to that question. It will be done when its done.
  9. the only issue is there is really no reason to add johto, we can get most if not all the pokemon and items it would provide. The only things would be really worth going to johto is the apricorn balls, and really only the level ball and heavy ball is anything useful. It is so not worth the effort involved that they added the johto starter to the hoenn safari.
  10. could just do a pokemon showdown and intergrate the chat into the sidebar with the past turn info
  11. Megas are a example of gamefreak not knowing what they are doing when designing a mechanic, creating massive amount of power creep in the games, seeing as you are basically required to have one in higher tier gen 6/7 metas. Not to mention them giving mostly popular pokemon megas instead of pokemon that could have gotten a boost to compete with OU teir mons. So i would love if we dont touch megas at all here. Especially when how fucked up the current pokemmo meta is.
  12. Do it, play another game, what prevents you? Yes and then people start leave, servers will eventually not get paid and the game dies. All becuase it isnt interesting to maintain a healthy population.
  13. Nope, pretty sure its still not availiable. Gonna be a BP item when it does though.
  14. We also could use the stadiums in nimbasa city for this idea. Probably would save time making it work and would do something woth them seeing as they dont work as intended rn.
  15. lol he cant even do this in the handhelds, so he's just screwed
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