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  1. @awkways GO TO "themes\Eminent Revival\ui" and put this file - http://www.mediafire.com/file/1vnkdqeotn3w28p/monster-frame.xml/file - there. Mirror link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=185ePNMPiFOGdozGHAjxjFraTjtAMBIkv
  2. I'm somewhat dead, so it'll take sometime for me to bring myself to look at this and fix it.. but I'll try to make it happen friend :D
  3. I was wondering why everything was out-speeding me after Acrobatics/Flying Gem with my Drift vs various mons.. Not that it stopped me from finding a way to win, it was confusing none-the-less.. Now it makes sense tbh I thought I sucked at speed-tiers or that everyone is running choice scarf! xD
  4. If there is some sort of a site, or application, or even something we can make to allow people to basically insert a name and click ready. Then when the minimum number required is hit, everyone "ready" gets notified, and prepares to register for the next round of UU or/and NU The only problem with this, is that the number of people -wanting to play NU/UU- online at the same time is pretty low I think. In the light of that I'd go as far as to suggest removing both the "minimum match making req" and the "rewarded BP" That way, even two people can use that matchmaking without abusi
  5. The meaning of regret.. Removing flamethrower off a mon before facing mono steel type xD
  6. Won vs Goku, or rather hax-ed the hell out of him. Forgot to take a screenshot of the thingy ^^’
  7. Agility Dunsparce* Charge beam + Agility + Air slash + Water Pulse/Ice beam/Thunderbolt/Flamethrower Scary if played right xD Specially since everyone expects the Headbutt set if any :D
  8. Uhm.. first of all since I cooled off sorry if I sounded stingy up there.. now time to read Well dig works in 1v1 situations ya lol Usually the idea is to cripple it down or roar it out though, rather than attacking AKA DMG CALC DOESN'T MATTER HERE AS LONG AS STEELIX LIVES MR. EXPERIENCE I don't have enough exp? 1600 OU showdown, 1400+ RU showdown... Thanks man. Sorry I don't know how to play MMO meta :V You don't have to wall him.. you just have to take the "threat" out If he uses "Waterfall", he took damage this turn.. and you are ignoring that.. about 50% dmg + life orb.. you
  9. Visuals aren’t everything, they survived well since 2013.. So you can only talk for yourself ^^’ Still I understand where you’re coming from Regardless, it is their creation, and they get to decide which direction it should be heading. That’s all
  10. Who said I didn’t invest in speed? 252 Def 252 Speed. With Evolite! Should have linked my Scyther I guess lol And no he doesn’t get to go setup freely after memento. He would lose minimum 30% HP.. now couple that with an attack and life orb recoil.. he is dead. Think before you spout stuff like this, it bothers me when people just say no when they don’t actually think the full situation thoroughly. Also you gotta understand win cons and how they work. Linoone is amazing, no? But steelix walls it hard and kicks its ass, no? what do you do then after team p
  11. It doesn't look too shabby but the thing is, the battle ground isn't editable I think Weird cause pokemon sprites and the hud can be modified, not the ground tho "Maybe it has something to do with the shadow dropping" is my only thought about this. Ummm you can try to message the staff directly, but I doubt you'll get a response Since this isn't really a change they would put effort into As even the battle animation for moves are on the server side, so if they would ever bother to go in that direction, these animations would be of more importance Everything else in the pictur
  12. The thing is.. Who would Bib setup on? Like any pokemon with an attack dents it Even if they are memento-ed Even a knock off decreases his its damage output greatly Not to mention a pokemon that takes 1 hit and roars it out -or at worst status it- renders it kind of useless Rocky helmet defenders also make him it hate his its life given he it would run orb xD And Evolite Scyther (If not hit by rocks) would harm it pretty badly (specially if you run 252 def which is smart, since it makes surviving easier given that you lose 50% on switch in, which makes investing in HP the wor
  13. In-Game Name : MHkaserz Come From : Egypt Picture Character : Played Hours : 1.5k+ Hours Hobbies : Gaming, Cooking, Anime & Football Wishes : Work abroad (for now) Favorite Pokemons : Primeape Favorite Colors : Orange Favorite In-Game : PvP, E4 & Re-Runs Favorite Animes : HunterxHunter, FMAB, AoT, Stein's Gate & many others really Favorite Meals : Noodles, Steak, Ribs, Chicken cream soup & Fruits Beside PokeMMO : Dota 2, Darksiders, Dark Souls, Cup Head, Hollow Knight, Assiassin's Creed & many more.
  14. Not sure if a joke about the whole “Zard is broken” thing xD I said “hazard” as in rocks, spikes and toxic spikes Since they obliterate shedninja, but it was a joke anyway Tbh the turn it takes to setup should be punished in some form And then a priority attack into a sucker punch maybe finishes it I don’t think a bib is that strong, a BIDOOF tho, that’s a different story. GOD. BIDOOF.
  15. I know! Shedninja walls it indefinitely. Just make sure to have hazard control xD
  16. I'm not saying it is great.. but this works I think there is Seismitoad as well.. A pokemon with intimidate Maybe Poliwrath Unaware Swoobat? Bit funny xD
  17. Done, please confirm and I hope you continue enjoying this theme, means a lot to me :3 Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1u8kBqNRmw7eUg0RkhyHwIB6j6zMw-Iu4/view?usp=sharing Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5ak7u4l05d2aj0n/Eminent_Revival.zip/file
  18. I play it more or less. As for the Chinese thing I will figure it out today no worries. "Particles" issue is probably them updating icons and since each theme has separate icons for particles, mine doesn’t have the updated ones yet Will make sure it is working today and mention you with a link afterwards ^^
  19. Great start! I can see the effort put in this! Keep it up!
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