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  1. MHkaserz


    1- As I said, shinies shouldn't be exclusive to grinding in a certain method, if they have a percentage they should appear at any moment, no one has to be a zombie for it. 2- No one said it should be common? I said it should be more accessible, since it seems they have weird restrictions on who can get a shiny. 3- Getting an OT shiny, you can show that off, but it isn't easy to get. Needing to show off is sad though. 4- Most shinies out there now are Unknown OT or bought with "zombies" OT on them, nothing to show off anyway. 5- Again I'm not saying they should be common, I simply said they should be more accessible without obscure conditions for encountering them. 6- You're going off topic, a tournament requires both skill and luck, that's rng and it exists in every game to keep the "gameplay" interesting. 7- Vanity items is for money that can't be grinded in game, unless they are on the GTL. 8- Can people obtain shinies with real money? Cause your comparison makes no sense to me. 9- If you say by using donating tickets and their better ratio, I've used those several times for a long duration each time and ya, no shinies encountered. xD 0- That "powerful" statement... This community can't grow if that's how the "powerful" people in it approach things. Final piece of math.. Shinies should come in the rate 1/8192, right? so probability of NOT encountering one is 8191/8192. Now if you studied probabilities the chance of that happening 20k times in a row is (8191/8192)^20000 = 8.7%. (meaning meeting a shiny next encounter is 91.3% possible) Ok, I could be just unlucky, let's try that with higher numbers like the infamous 30k... = 2.5% to not encounter a shiny. (meaning meeting a shiny next encounter is 97.5% possible) And upon having 40k encounters without a single shiny one. Your chance of getting a shiny should be 99.25% on your next encounter.
  2. MHkaserz


    I don't care much about shinies and I've never encountered one with about 2k hours of gameplay (and that's on my main only) But.. Uhm lemme put some math here real quick I'm gonna ignore ALL my other encounters and focus on my recent EV training I've trained 50 mons with exp share on 4 at a time... So that's 50/4 = 12.5 times I've got them all to 510 EV points.. So that's at best, 26 sweet scents for two stats = 52 hordes encounters = 260 pokemons encountered per time so I've encountered in the past 3 days 3250 pokemons minimum Naturally, like with the 50 comp mons before them, and the 50 before those, I didn't encounter a single shiny. Not once. And I'm amazed how many shinies exist on the GTL tbh, cause I must be unlucky af xD I'd assume ever since I started the game and since I have 6 comp boxes full that I AT LEAST encountered 20k+ pokemons With how many there are on the GTL, one thinks I met one shiny mon at least, but I didn't. Again I really don't care about shinies and to be frank I consider most of them an alternative worse design to the original mon. But after seeing the method of chaining online, I'd say it's fair to make shinies more accessible. They don't have to be minimum 1 mil. and you don't have to use a certain method to meet one. And to answer the last point of "people seeing their past effort being meaningless", this is a game. In real life people lose money just because they decided to change some currency from one to another one day before a big drop happens in the other. People in a game should be happy they have that mon of their dreams and not feel a grudge when others get it. It doesn't decrease its importance and value to you, but your envy would. xD
  3. MHkaserz

    Pokemon Team Extension Ticket

    ok, so let's discuss the limitations 1- I think you should be allowed a max of another team only if this is to be implemented. 2- The 2nd team may be used ONLY and STRICTLY for battle against other players. (ex. You can't set one of them as a follower nor order any of them to use an out of battle move like Fly, Sweet Scent or Dig) When you're asked for a battle you have a check box "Battle with Team B" that you can check before accepting. 3- You should only have access to this ticket in a region where you're done with the story and post game quests. (And maybe make a ticket linked to the region it is bought at?) 4- Instead of a team like suggested it could be a "2nd bag" item meant only to hold these extra mons which eases implementation. But if you just leave it open without defined restrictions, this could and would be chaotic. My initial thought for implementation: Make one of the two teams "active" and when promoted to battle the active one goes in. (Decorative design pattern makes this do-able) The 2nd team doesn't have access to the extra functions the main team has. (Extension with restrictions) Add option in PC "move to Team B".
  4. Since apparently UU and NU matchmakings do work but need enough people for matches to be found, and since I know a lot of people that would love to queue for one of the two rather than OU. my suggestion is: 1- A first win of the day bonus reward: Your first win of the day on each tier grants you extra 500 BP. 2- Revival bonus: Playing 15 UU or NU games without forfeiting more than 2 games grants extra 1500 BP. (This can be easily abused actually, so I'm not sure how to balance it) 3- A star indicator next to the tier in the PvP windows a green empty star showing that you didn't get your first win of the day. a blue star showing that you didn't get your revival bonus of the day. Something like this will split the population a bit and at the same time keep people engaged in different tiers. Note: I thought of several things to handle the "dead" hours, but in my mind it'd be redundant to implement any of them. If you have an idea to handle those, do share!
  5. MHkaserz

    | Confirm sale |

    If this is not implemented, it means they want GTL sniping to stay. Cause that's the only, ONLY, thing that would be affected. I've almost made the "forgot extra 0" mistake once or twice but I've been careful about it knowing there is no confirmation button. It is almost as if it is made this way on purpose to trip people. Like a gimmick of some sort? It'd be silly to ignore this suggestion otherwise.
  6. MHkaserz

    Donator Status Timer Freeze Upon Logging-Out

    Or make a ticket for less than a week.. the week one is basically 500 RP ya? if you make a "half day" ticket for 50~100 RP it can be good so those who don't no life can make some use of it ...and 0.5~1$ for half a day seems pretty fair considering you pay 5$ for a week or 150 RP for a day I know that's not how sale science works.. and I know the main thing they fear is people converting to these "pay only when you use it" methods from the "pay big chunk at once and use it as you please" ones... cause they know in the long run the down time for most players is too high and anything less than 7 days will -in the long run- yield less money from the player-base.
  7. MHkaserz

    When is UU and NU matchmaking going to work again

    Slightly higher BP rewards for UU ..650 normal and 2300 ranked and even higher for NU ..750 normal and 2600 ranked at least initially until people realize the matches there are faster and actually fun and interesting, then tune it down and balance things out so people can't abuse the extra reward. which will invoke more strats and new meta and then the meta will always be moving and there will be "Border line pokemons" for lower ranks just like the "Ubers" tier which acts as a BL for OU. and maybe even more tiers can be created. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Or a "First win of the day" reward for each tier... something along those lines
  8. MHkaserz

    When is UU and NU matchmaking going to work again

    I attempted it with a friend, same power of teams, same every thing.. waited whole 115 seconds and nothing... I know I can just duel my friend but that's not the point, and if it really works and no one queues, can we promote it a bit? Cause the meta of OU is dull, all you need is fire and fighting mons with good coverage and then pray to rng... and anything else will be walled regardless cause all the things that counter being walled efficiently does not exist in this game like "Knock off" (I mean.. base 40 when enemy has item? seriously?) and "Team preview".. Every thing else can be easily anticipated.
  9. I am not sure if this is the right section for this, but I'm bored of the meta and I feel like I'm forced into certain sets and sometimes even mons or I won't stand a chance in OU. I just want to be able to test my UU and NU mons in an equal fun game.
  10. MHkaserz

    [MOD] HD Battle Sprites

    Amazing! Keep it up! Now to pester the admins to add the Gen 7 animations... specifically of Brave Bird xD You're welcome monsieur Verdep, and thank you for this great mod :D
  11. MHkaserz

    [MOD] HD Battle Sprites

    This is shaping up to be great! Some things to take notice of.. 1- The Gen 5 ones are too small since they are from a different patch so they need to scale (or be HD as well idk). 2- Some of the Gens 1-4 Sprites need to scale down to say a 75% of what they are now. 3- The pokedex is the main reason the 2nd suggestion exists. Here you'll see that while some are perfect fits.. others seem too big for no reason. so I think a scale of 75~80% to the ones "too big for their own size" would be amazing Pictures:- So as you can see.. The blossom looks amazing, but in reality needs a 55% scale since in combat she would look on par with Scizor if she remains as is xD Volcarona is a Gen 5 so not from this MOD (regardless needs to be bigger) Blastoise needs a 75% scale I think. Scizor needs an 80% scale. Aligator needs a 60% scale. Skarmory needs an 80% scale. Ivysaur needs a 65% scale. And these are just examples.. the idea is.. some of them fall hard from the proportions of how big/small they are or should look. (Obv things like that don't include humongous pokemons but the pictures show the tiny problem that is the scale of some of these sprites)
  12. I was excited to hear a cute Volcarona ...then the creepiest thing ever happened x"D Thanks! Love the mod!
  13. MHkaserz

    [GUI] The Promise of Eminent Revival

    I don't want to turn the topic into a chat. You may add me on discord and talk to me there about your ideas.. I don't know if I have the time to invest into it, but if I can help I will.
  14. MHkaserz

    [GUI] The Promise of Eminent Revival

    True, it is a small detail I overlooked since I thought the client had a problem with loading themes, so to avoid it all I asked people to just backup their default theme. Yes don't worry about it ..Use the theme as if it is yours, I don't mind ^^'
  15. MHkaserz

    [GUI] The Promise of Eminent Revival

    I do not mind. Modify it all you want :D Each person can have one little thing they want to edit in it for their preference or even completely change. I don't mind that at all! Thanks for helping him out, would feel bad if someone run into trouble while trying to use this theme. So, thank you :3

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