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  1. MHkaserz

    Thanks läva

    Lots of true words spoken. I'm not about these farewell topics, but this team is by far the most balanced despite being the largest. I'm not playing MMO for a long while so here is a sneaky farewell from me, till the next time I decide this game is worth my free time. Good luck as Flare said. Appreciate all of you and have fun!
  2. MHkaserz


    In-game name: MHkaserz <(Optional) Forum name: MHkaserz Country: Egypt Tiers signed up for: UU, NU (Optional) Discord name: MHkaserz#6443
  3. Only representative of Egypt here everyone! EASY SPOT IN THE BIG TOUR! XD Love the idea, should be a thing :3
  4. MHkaserz

    Nice Capture Rate&Pokemons

    I have no idea what is that "sane hell" you speak of, and it seems it is the only place you accept statements from. In the light of that knowledge I'm happy you don't agree with my statement. And here is a smiley face since you seem to like them :^) xD
  5. MHkaserz

    Implementation of Assault Vest.

    Lesss goo high def base stat careful nature sweepers!!! The rise of swampert and grass pokemons as a result! FOR GLORY! I think this item is balanced with its restrictions.. Just like evolite for example.. so why not!
  6. MHkaserz

    Nice Capture Rate&Pokemons

    So you "describing" something you dislike is called "complaining". AND if you don't dislike it then your statement was of no value. Like saying "Carrots are carrots but idm that". Stand by your complaint. You dislike when people constantly complain, and that's okay. On another note, seems like there is an issue with catching and seems like it is obvious enough that veterans are forced to complain about it to get it solved. That's why this forum exists, so they can communicate to the staff, both the good. AND the bad. If a topic is truly unworthy of discussion you'd see it immediately moved or trashed as should be, the fact that this remains, means it is worth discussing. Final note: I'm a GTL buyer and I do not catch, hence I have nothing to say about this topic, though I found a need to intervene with the definition of the word "complain" with no ill intentions behind it. I apologize in advance if I made your day in any way worse. Have a good day. o7
  7. MHkaserz

    Happy Holidays - Snowman Lottery!

    NEOOOO!! My lucky number failed meh! Grats to Obvi :3
  8. One day a gym leader will be online the same hours I am.. If possible can you make an approximate time table to when each gym leader is online? Or like they can all have access to the original post somehow and each have a small online/offline sign next to them (or port this post else where and have each gym leader reserve a reply where they do that) I keep trying to contact one randomly and I either don't get an answer or they are offline.. (it is tiresome if I want to change move-sets for certain gyms too)
  9. MHkaserz

    Extend [Link] Play

    Taking duo gyms run to the next level. I'm all about this.. Would take some time to work on though. One thing that hit my mind is that both link partners can talk to the gym leader at the same time.. and then the world ends. So then only the leader would be able to interact with a gym leader.. and when doing so, there should be only one more link partner. These things are possible side-tracks to what's to come, since they are already making dungeons and such.
  10. MHkaserz

    Increase box name length

    It is a client side thing.. so I think it is do-able. Might cause a tiny problem here or there but it is saved to a data file next to the client attached to an account id if I'm not wrong. I really have many words that I'd rather not abbreviate every time I want to use as a box name.
  11. MHkaserz

    Restart Story Mode?

    This would be very hard to pull off... VERY HARD. Oh the amount of bugs I'm having "Vietnam flashbacks" about. Oh no no no.. Worst come to worst it is easier to send all your valued things to an alt -> Delete a character -> Reclaim its name immediately* afterwards -> Send valued things back (don't forget to send 1k with every item/pokemon sent) *(not sure if this is possible, idk how they treat their databases) All and all, this is too hard to implement. Refreshing idea though.
  12. MHkaserz

    easy pokedex access in battle

    Initially I agree with you. But.. New comers that don't necessarily know all the names of pokemons might find this helpful... though it'd be too much hand-holding.. So I'm gonna be neutral with this suggestion. P.s. pokemons in battles can be nick-named, that's why I have that concern.
  13. MHkaserz

    Kill Horde instantly Feature

    Good thing it's not unconsidered! The change is really not gonna be major, well.. major is a relative thing so scratch that. You tell us, a few members of the staff seem to think it (watching HP sliding for a longer period of time) is of value ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ At least this is a reasonable answer, thanks.

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