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  1. Dream Match

    ITS LIT!!!
  2. Value Advice

    price on this ditto bold 9-30-30-30-14-31
  3. hey guys i want to build a team around gengar and metagross can you help me with the best teammates ?
  4. Quick Wishlist

    this so much
  5. [Money Guide] Ditto Farming

    make ditto farming gr8 again c:
  6. where can i teach high jump kick to blaziken ?
  7. i love obsol but i play ou i was thinking about scarf adamant absol with sp pursuit flame mega horn what you think ?
  8. Billion's Shop - LF New Meta OUs

    Charizard Lv.50 Adamant -- 27 / 30 / 31 / 29 / 31 / 31 - Substitute/BellyDrum/FirePunch/Thunderpunch 500k
  9. Im a fan of absol and i play ou i was thinking on made a scarf one maybe adamant or jolly with megahorn pursuit brikbreak and aerial ace it would be viable ?

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