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  1. Value Advice

    price on this ditto bold 9-30-30-30-14-31
  2. Lots of comps for sale.

    info on dugtrio
  3. hey guys i want to build a team around gengar and metagross can you help me with the best teammates ?
  4. xMago Evs Training Service + Mini Shop!

    best service ever fast cheap and goop #WeAllLoveMago
  5. Starmie 30/x/25/31/30/31 Modest Scald/Tbolt/IceBeam/Psychic price ?
  6. Hi im Rockefeller im a ditto catcher and i sell and buy dittos also selling breeders and comps go offer COMPS flygon naughty 30-31-30-31-30-31 lvl 100 950k flygon naive 31-31-26-31-25-31 lvl 50 650k weezing bold 31-20-30-31-31-31 lvl 50 with 2 atack pp maxed 800k forretres careful 31-30-30-x-31-30 lvl 50 650k zangoose adamant 26-31-26-26-24-31 lvl 50 300k skarmory imphish 31-30-31-x-31-30 lvl 50 700k swellow jolly 31-31-20-x-20-31 lvl 50 230k medicham jolly 31-31-31-x-31-31 lvl 50 850k Heracross jolly 31-31-30-x-30-31 lvl 50 750k swampert adamant 30-31-30-x-30-31 lvl 52 800k ryperior adamant 31-31-31-x-31-31 lvl 50 with 3 pp max 950k Hydreigon 31x5 modest lvl 64 1,1m GENDERLESS metagross adamant 29-31-23-x-28-31 750k metagross adamant 29-31-24-x-29-31 1.1m metagross jolly 25-31-26-x-24-31 lvl 50 600k metagross adamant 21-30-27-x-23-31 lvl 69 450k metagross adamant 30-31-30-x-30-31 lvl 50 8m Dittos sassy 30-28-17-30-11-27 135k lax 31-30-30-27-19-26 650k rash 23-29-30-5-30-9 250k lax 30-30-1-26-24-31 280k brave 13-30-31-27-1-31 400k rash 25-29-15-5-30-30 250k adamant 24-31-7-5-18-31 590k gentle 4-31-25-30-28-30 800k bold 9-30-30-30-14-31 2,5m BREEDERS Magikarp imphish 2-30-18-12-31-30 Deino mild 28-20-28-7-29-29 Magikarp bashful 31-24-30-31-27-9 Spinda timid 20-29-28-25-30-28 Ponyta careful 26-31-28-31-30-21 Drifblim sassy 22-30-29-10-29-31 Gurdurr brave 17-24-31-28-29-29
  7. Dittos & Breeders

  8. Dittos & Breeders

    Adamant 27/30/20/0/20/31 b/o: 290kk
  9. Selling lots of comps n cool stuff

    also info on ludicolo
  10. Selling lots of comps n cool stuff

    got an hp fire tentacruel ?
  11. Quick Wishlist

    this so much

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