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  1. Oh that's cool, I hope you are having a ton of fun working on that part! I can't wait to see how they all blend together in the final product :D!
  2. Hijacking my collective's computer to send out an SOS, ie hi everyone I miss you all, my electronics are still all dead me sad to not be able to play lol
  3. Like I said this isn't something that every player would use, and you arguing this point proves that, which is ok. Every feature in the game doesn't have to appeal to everyone, but does it really effect your playing experience if they add a feature and you chose not to use it? No it doesn't and for the people who do use it are very grateful to have such a tool available to them.
  4. I wasn't saying I believe those things, those are just examples on what makes people within the game different.
  5. Well you can compare this to other points in the community like, not liking to breed pokemon, not into the comp community, preference for the story, wanting to berry farm. It would be another small tool to show how diverse and creative the PokeMMO community actually is.
  6. That still falls in the same boat as the ivs, great to have in most cases, but due to the uncertainty of wilds you cant use these tool to pinpoint that accurately.
  7. A little first world problem question, the current GTL search system is well done in may regards but at the same time it makes it harder to find good iv wild pokemon. This is mostly due to the fact the current search system depends on exact ivs, and exact ranges of ivs, which doesn't help us at all when it comes to how random wild can actually be, and sifting though 44k pokemon doesn't seem like anything anyone want to spend all their time in PokeMMO doing haha.
  8. For example moves like drain punch, who's tutor is in a city unavailable to us, or are they going to be kept out for the moment due to implementing them or impact on the competitive scene?
  9. Can we possibly get the huge backpacks for the backpacker npcs from unova? They would be a pretty nice back item to have on, they may object some space behind the person but the wings object quite a bit themselves.
  10. im in, a bit tired of ou atm lol.
  11. Your example here seems like you are in favor of allowing baton pass. I wish we had the move for its uses other then status boosting, just makes people so scared to try and counter play it.
  12. They have actually fixed a few bugs from before unova, one being the own tempo and flatter bug where using flatter on an own tempo poke made it unable to get the spa boost.
  13. I disagree with the E4 statement there, mostly because you need to spend millions on perfect pokemon in order to have a chance to get up the higher tiers in the E4s. I have been trying for around a year now (with the now older, considerable easier set up) and have won maybe 1 E4 run every 2 months. That equals far far less then the "per hour yen rate" they want/try to accomplish.
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