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  1. For example moves like drain punch, who's tutor is in a city unavailable to us, or are they going to be kept out for the moment due to implementing them or impact on the competitive scene?
  2. Vanity Item Suggestions

    Can we possibly get the huge backpacks for the backpacker npcs from unova? They would be a pretty nice back item to have on, they may object some space behind the person but the wings object quite a bit themselves.
  3. NU group

    im in, a bit tired of ou atm lol.
  4. Add Damage Percentages

    Your example here seems like you are in favor of allowing baton pass. I wish we had the move for its uses other then status boosting, just makes people so scared to try and counter play it.
  5. Soon™

    They have actually fixed a few bugs from before unova, one being the own tempo and flatter bug where using flatter on an own tempo poke made it unable to get the spa boost.
  6. I disagree with the E4 statement there, mostly because you need to spend millions on perfect pokemon in order to have a chance to get up the higher tiers in the E4s. I have been trying for around a year now (with the now older, considerable easier set up) and have won maybe 1 E4 run every 2 months. That equals far far less then the "per hour yen rate" they want/try to accomplish.
  7. PokeMMO Nostalgia

    I legit found that out like a few days before the berry update.
  8. Vanity Item Suggestions

    Is it possible to have like a pajama design as apart of a new outfit, or something similar to a cape with a hood. I can see this going well with some pokemon like dunsparce or dratini. I'm no pixel artist so I can't really make a rough design but I hope it throws the idea out there :3.
  9. Shiny Hunting

    Cant stress the patience of patience enough
  10. ~30 Days to go until Unova

    Gotta have my regis, first thing im doing if we get them off the bat.
  11. Regards to new region

    I reported it in feburary, but its an interaction with own tempo and flatter, where if you use flatter on an own tempo poke it doesn't get the spa boost. I can see why they haven't touched it much really yet cause flatter is kinda useless atm in our current meta, but I can see some useage out of it when we have the update. I'm sure there are other small bug hidden somewhere though as well, this just happened to me after I breed 2 comp pokes to do it lol.
  12. Regards to new region

    I know the dev team is working really hard on the addition on all the new moves we will getting, but I also hope that they are able to rework some of the current minor bugs in the game with our current moves :D.
  13. Regards to new region

    At least taunt will be relevant when we get that meta, it has such low useage now.
  14. Regards to new region

    Damn that is a FINE ass set, sounds like something Im down to try out X3

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