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  1. Hey! Title pretty much. It'd be somewhat nice to have more character slots, may it be with a buyable ticket from the Gift Shop such as the PC-BOX Expansion Ticket. For all those which wanna have their toons sorted on one account instead of creating a whole new account if you feel like doing the story once again. Its easy win-win.
  2. It doesnt matter if you one (or in case of passives or item) two hit them either with groudon or with typhlosion. It just doesnt matter. Its overkill anyways
  3. I dont second this. Literally everyone is able to breed a cheap Blastoise and a Typhlosion with Sprout and Erruption. And thats it. Gym Runs have become effortless. (They already are) And they prolly doing better than most of the leggys could. It needs 3 Pokemon for a Gym run rn. Tho, i agree that the way how you obtain them could be a bit more special and challenging.
  4. Somehow true even if i really, really like the idea of having somewhat like a wild-caught only scene. However, adding another actual bracket would be pointless. Already mentioned that randoms where too much to give UU and NU some time to breath and rise. But if people actually come up with tournaments here and there, minor events or whatever - i'd totally love the idea of having wild caught matches!
  5. Is there any chance of this getting updated? I have no clue about that and wouldnt even know where to start
  6. Johnwaynee


    After playing for YEARS this problem has solved, for me. And many other playing for years. However, iam totally on your side that especially for completely new player the grind for 20-30 (meta)comps must be a LOT, starting at zero. If you then want to try some off meta build ands mons its probably the motivation break and causes quite some player to leave. I think they tried to 'fix' it with implenting Randoms for new player to get into PvP right ahead. However, all it did was killing 3 other Formats (NU/UU/DB)
  7. This + waiting for legs and HA's. Check once in a year, log out, repeat. Pretty much.
  8. Yea, but the potential outburst of spam then would probably kill every remaining and serious discussion. Not to mention advertise spam and stuff.
  9. Thats already the answer. Randoms was already one format too much. Allthough, i like the idea for private tournaments. But in that case you can set the rules by your own or encourage mates to do so.
  10. 1/32k Shinies are alread pretty low regarding the price. That low, catching them is basicly a waste of time compaired to stuff that would make you cash instead. add 1/8k shinies and they lose all (remaining) exclusivity they have.
  11. No clue mate. There aint any cards on the GTL.
  12. This thread was dug up from the deepest place on earth
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