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  1. https://imgur.com/a/8bPsrp3 This, Sir, makes ma' Balls tingle. Cant believe what i see. Thank you kindly dear Dev-Team! Finaly my motivation is back to its peak!
  2. +1 (+a note what they do right now just as discord does!)
  3. Heya, i gonna refer to this Dev Blog over 9000! First off: Much kudos for the changes, especialy to encourage UU and NU. Thats something many of us dreamed of since it is hard to get frequent UU/NU Matches. Glad to see its on the radar. However: I and probably some other PvP Player realy want to make sure it turns out well, that we finaly get frequent NU and UU games. My Suggestion would be something that is used pretty common in MMO's. Just a simple daily or weekly reward for specific pvp format just as other MMO's would do it with Battlegrounds or similar. If People would get some BP extra for the daily win in lets say UU it would surely encourage ppl to play the format. (I dont know what "exclusive Rewards" are, as kyu called it. Maybe its exactly this - but if not you may consider this suggestion, too.)
  4. i think there are dozen of mods to change or add sounds; even a tutorial. I have no clue if this works for battle songs tho
  5. Chansey! - can wall n' stall - you can feel the desperation of opponents when you just switch chansey into his sp.a 'mon over and over - can troll - can heal - takes care of everything - allways fresh breakfast eggs - Chansey is the defintion of a partner in Pokemon - little sister of blissey while beeing much more superior - a pink blob. - sister Joy may eventualy add more reasons
  6. Heya. First of all: Iam not a native english speaker. Excuse me for grammar. Recently i stumbled upon the discord-functions which show where player are and what they do. (Route 12, Kanto or whatevz; Sinnoh Some City PkmCenter and so on.) I thought its pretty nice but would be even cooler to have it ingame within the Friend- or Team-tab - as many other MMO's already do for good reason. Overall i like stuff that could help interaction between players even if its just little. For those which like privacy (in online games...) a button would be an option. "Disable this to not show where you are" maybe.
  7. u lost me razi yes or nah. thats all about here but thanks for the advice i guess
  8. +1 our team is always on the border, too. Member getting kicked after 1month inactivity to allow new member to join. iam in my team since 2015 but have been kicked several times because of this. :(
  9. Dev's/Moderators life in a nutshell
  10. Sometimes a bridge is just a bridge.
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