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  1. Some nuclear warstrike against kyu. Apart from that they just end it. Just like any other game deciding to shut down.
  2. 6m for Dragon Mask seems legit ... At least iam finaly rich. However; there is a lot o ping ping with the prices rn especialy Eyeball Mask while Dragon Mask just rise and rise... A lot of other vanitys climb, too. Seems like RP value overall is increasing.
  3. My 2 Pennys: There where _too_ many runs where i ended up with like 7-9 str charm and just two or three evo's if even. Heck i couldnt even use all the str charms in many runs. Berrys also feel friggin annyoing. There are enough useful items to spread with RNG, honestly no reason to bring berrys on the table, too. The difference you have while getting a evo stone or useless berry is way too big; Rng had bit too much impact and ended up not beeing entertaining but frustration if you have a few good first rounds, invested already 2 hours to suddenly get fkd by rng. With
  4. Guys, it would be aprecciated if you write additional how many you opened. Example: 10 Red Envelope: xxx Amount of Stuff here xxxx 5 Lucky red Envelope: xxx Amount of Stuff here xxxx
  5. i second this. At least the approach. Dunno how balanced these amounts of charges would but it's better as current Situation anyways
  6. If that ever happens. Till that you can just log out and relog. Client will ask you if you want to continue with the battle or something. Click 'No' and you are not in battle anymore
  7. Yea, somehow, it ends up beeing the same as already mentioned above. ^^ + the occasional money and pkmn transfer/mail. After all, it ended up less comfortable as i thought
  8. The changes to coin amulett made while ago, somehow, stop me from playing frequently. And in general kinda stops my motivation. Look: If i just wanted to make 1-2 Gyms, i don't do them anymore because i know i would need to use a coin amulett. I can't realy do something other next to grinding the heck out of gyms for an hour, can't make a break for events, catching or whatever - or at least it would have been burned money. I can't realy do anything else next to grinding (playing other games next to it, going afk or whatever). It would always require a log out. You will also miss ou
  9. Hey! Some may know me, most do not! IGN:JohnWayne (Main) Timezone: Central Europe (Germany) Why you want to join: Iam lurking around alone for a while already and looking for a casual and friendly Team. I know this Team here is around for a quite a while which seems promising. Additional info: I've been around since late 2014/ early 2015 and would describe myself as an Allrounder. I like portions of every aspect; Hunting, Breeding, Social Aspects, Events and Competitive and casual play. I grew up with Gen 1 and Gen 2 but also like the Gen's added in Pokemmo. Peop
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