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  1. Hey! Some may know me, most do not! IGN:JohnWayne (Main) Timezone: Central Europe (Germany) Why you want to join: Iam lurking around alone for a while already and looking for a casual and friendly Team. I know this Team here is around for a quite a while which seems promising. Additional info: I've been around since late 2014/ early 2015 and would describe myself as an Allrounder. I like portions of every aspect; Hunting, Breeding, Social Aspects, Events and Competitive and casual play. I grew up with Gen 1 and Gen 2 but also like the Gen's added in Pokemmo. People generaly dislike me for playing exclusively Wall 'n Stall which is resulting in long matches and a lot of tears. Apart from that iam kind and allways up for stupid jokes and fun.
  2. Hey, if i wanted to change the Pokemon sprites, where i would need to start? I just want to alter the default sprites a bit but got no clue what tools/programms/IQ i would need and where to start. Any help is appreciated
  3. Well, Sir. At least you know how to write in the Forum. Time will come where u learn how to read it. Iam sure!
  4. 2 hours download. (literaly) Change upload pls, Mediafire recently sucks balls
  5. As someone who is nearly exclusively playing Wall 'n Stall i apprecciate no chat. All the tears gonna soak my hankys tho... At least in ranked.
  6. Pah! Little is known about the habitats of Chatot. Rumors tell Chatots natural beeing is a doormat.
  7. "Ban Each Poke on Each Month and after 2-3 years we will have only Bidoof left." - Atomic Been there, seen it. Its a Hamster Wheel without HA's and Legendarys imo :( Endless cycle of Balancing. #freeGarchomp #BanHydreigon #release HA's #freeLegendarys
  8. Holy moly, this looks friggintastic! Awesome! Next should be cofagrius ofc.
  9. https://imgur.com/a/8bPsrp3 This, Sir, makes ma' Balls tingle. Cant believe what i see. Thank you kindly dear Dev-Team! Finaly my motivation is back to its peak!
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