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  1. Welcome back to PokeMMO! Im sure you will enjoy a great time with us!
  2. lCatanic


    Welcome to PokeMMO, I hope you will enjoy! (Im kidding) xDDD
  3. lCatanic


    Welcome to PokeMMO! Enjoy!
  4. Welcome back! Im new so I can tell you some changes xDD
  5. lCatanic


    Welcome to the game!
  6. Welcome back to the community!
  7. Hi!   Soooo ... I just somehow landed here, in PokeMMO!   Me and 3 friends were like dreaming about a Pokemon Online, then one of my friends looked if there existed a Pokemon Online and ... Im here!   What about me ... Im a very experienced Pokemon player, I played Pokemon Yellow Version, Pokemon Gold, Pokemon Emerald, Pokemon Platinum, all the Mistery Dungeon Pokemon, and Pokemon Soul Silver, being this last the one which I played more hours!   In Pokemon Yellow Version I completed the Pokedex and had all my mains to lvl.100 Im very competitive so ... Maybe you se
  8. Name: Catanic Team (optional): 4Gamers Background (optional): Maybe a forest, or a battle field, or whatever, the better you think it fits with the character, you choice. ^^ Render (Pokemon/Character): Big Boss from Metal Gear Solid Additional information (optional):  [spoiler][/spoiler]   Donation (optional): 50k
  9. What is it you would like see customized/made? I would like to see all the attacks effects be like in the Pokemon games. How would you like to see it customized/made? Maybe, like in the SS/HG games.  
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