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  1. Name: GigglingPenguin/Giggling Penguin IGN: Pichigoose as username (feel free to add me!/Sir Flygon in game name c: Favorite Role: Transporter/Consig or Invest Least Fav Role: Arso Joined since : A year and a half I think o3o Best Win/Moment: So many, lol. Best win personally was being vet, only using ONE vest (but not killing). So the mayor died early, but then got revived towards the end. There were a total of three maf left, a mafioso, disguiser and framer. We lynched framer, I whispered to the mayor that I was vet and he's just all "okay tell me outside of the whisper that you'll protect me," so I did. I killed the remaining to mafia and town won, it was easily the most memorable game xD Best moment, hm. I'll have to say the best moment was this one time I was trying to win as jester. I have no idea why these people lynched me, lmao. Day 2 I told everyone I was mayor, looking for the acheivement to be put up on trial, but voted innocent, which requires you to not be a revealed mayor yet. I also, from the very getgo was cursing about lag issues before I asked. Soooooo, they put me up on trial, they voted inno (so nice), they got angry when I didn't reveal as promised, I kept putting up that I was lagging and got lynched Day 3 xD Town is fun <3
  2. I'm ridiculously excited about Rowlet. I think it's the cutest damn thing ever. <3 Also, there's now starter birds for fire, water and grass~
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