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  1. I miss the happy eyes very much, will it be possible to see them again?
  2. I had never played pokemon before, but the first day I started playing I thought it would be a good idea to leave a pokemon in the pokemon day care (route 5) to beat the most advanced gyms .. but I forgot, and I went to look for it 15 months later and I was surprised see it there, my sandshrew was 2x31 (21-31 before), and of course lvl 100 xD
  3. Terresa, you are a great person, always willing to help, I learned many things thanks to you and I am very grateful, I wish you all the luck of the world! <3 sometimes there are unexpected turns, who knows if you will meet again with your friends :)
  4. Pika no sabia que eras chileno :o

    1. PikachuKetchum


      Jajaja Si soy Chileno =)

  5. wow It's beautiful, but can I ask you a favor? It is possible to change the color green to dark blue how is the Rikoudo, I would much appreciate it later I will send a gift :)
  6. Choice of two colors: emerald? The one between the blue and the green, and black Name: PikachuKetchum Team: LØiS Render: Psyduck
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