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  1. Good sir can you tell me where I can change my name to have such a nice light blue color like you?


    jk, congrats man

    1. Bearminator


      Why would you change your name, light blue Kurodashi sounds good :3


      Thanks a lot buddy!

  2. Let me join team! IGN: Dimitri How long have you been playing: since morning What tier(s) do you play: AWP Age: 34 y/o russian man Past team(s): VDKA Why do you want to join this team? : I heard you need new entry fragger
  3. I bet moderating KO thread 24/7 made you do it

    1. Kurodashi


      Haha, not really, I can handle spam for myself, I really don't realy have the time to commit into being Staff. Maybe I'll become the new Frags and win something when I have the time kek

    2. RysPicz


      Maybe when you will join a dank comp team, maybe ;v)

  4. >get promotion

    >throw it away soon after

    dafaq is with you

    1. Kurodashi


      2 busy irl, not like I wanted to leave

    2. Moetal


      I want you to leave 

  5. If you want to suggest an event please refer to this thread, I'll be locking this thread.
  6. Yo I can play when ever you want, would prefer asap though. let me know when you're free

    1. Tranzmaster


      I'm sorry but I can only play in weekends.

    2. Kurodashi


      Aye that's cool, I'll be there all weekend so let me know what time's fine for you

  7. oh no no the only fossils that are not breedable and tradeable are those you obtain through storyline, every fosil you can buy on the gtl or find from wild pokemons will be breedable.
  8. You can get fossils (in both regions) by using thief on a graveler or Geodude you got from using rock smash on a rock. If you don't want to use thief you can just catch the pokemon. It is not guranteed for every graveler/geodude to have a fossil, you can also get hardstones/everstone or in a ot of cases nothing. In Kanto you can get the fossils for Aerodactyl/Omanyte and Kabuto where as in Hoenn you can get Anorith and Lileep.
  9. E: I was not disappointed by Reddit tonight
  10. Gz on promotion. Youre still bad tho.

  11. i want be modertaor im gavilanmaximo and when i can say me

  12. "feel free to have a little *decription* of the protagonist if it is your own character) " heads up also thankyou for running this program.

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