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  1. Hello PokeMMO Community, those who know me will maybe remember that in the past I liked to host tournaments for cash prizes all by myself and now that I am back in the game with enough time for it, I was thinking of once again hosting some of these to provide y'all with some options of competition and the chance to make some money on the side. My only concern was if there still was demand for these kinds of things, seeing as the staff is providing their own share of tournaments on a regular basis. The tournaments would have no entry fee, see all sorts of tiers be p
  2. Heya, the tournament is tagged as OU ingame, should probably fix to avoid confusion.
  3. Heya, most out there probably don't remember me, but I decided to come back to the game after a lengthy break. For those who do remember me and anyone else really, do come say hello. Find me in game as Kurodashi.
  4. Back I guess?

    1. Bestfriends


      Welcome back, your PokeMMO Autumn Showdown 2016 Playlist is still available on the Roy Rogers News channel.

  5. Good sir can you tell me where I can change my name to have such a nice light blue color like you?


    jk, congrats man

    1. Bearminator


      Why would you change your name, light blue Kurodashi sounds good :3


      Thanks a lot buddy!

  6. Let me join team! IGN: Dimitri How long have you been playing: since morning What tier(s) do you play: AWP Age: 34 y/o russian man Past team(s): VDKA Why do you want to join this team? : I heard you need new entry fragger
  7. I bet moderating KO thread 24/7 made you do it

    1. Kurodashi


      Haha, not really, I can handle spam for myself, I really don't realy have the time to commit into being Staff. Maybe I'll become the new Frags and win something when I have the time kek

    2. RysPicz


      Maybe when you will join a dank comp team, maybe ;v)

  8. >get promotion

    >throw it away soon after

    dafaq is with you

    1. Kurodashi


      2 busy irl, not like I wanted to leave

    2. Moetal


      I want you to leave 

  9. If you want to suggest an event please refer to this thread, I'll be locking this thread.
  10. Yo I can play when ever you want, would prefer asap though. let me know when you're free

    1. Tranzmaster


      I'm sorry but I can only play in weekends.

    2. Kurodashi


      Aye that's cool, I'll be there all weekend so let me know what time's fine for you

  11. E: I was not disappointed by Reddit tonight
  12. Gz on promotion. Youre still bad tho.

  13. i want be modertaor im gavilanmaximo and when i can say me

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