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  1. Also Cursed Mask be Face change, not hair change...
  2. Can we get new hairstyles and new load of Vanity merchandise in pokemarts, pls? Thank you.
  3. Will consider rebattling all trainers to get exact payouts, thanks for suggestion
  4. Hello. Lets keep it brief, shall we? You want to know where to find battles in Hoenn, you cant find a good guide. Well, here is one organized by route. Will update more in time, thanks for suggestions.
  5. Do you mean EST as in Eastern Standard Time?
  6. Lately a lot of people have been mentioning things over PokeMMO like making trades using "Paypal" and "LF CASH OFFERS"... so ... as a person with a brain I interpret "LF CASH OFFERS" as "this person is trying to make cash trades in game" Trying to reason with them doesn't prove effective so the next best thing would be to censor the word and various terms altogether, as Cash trades are prohibited; should be reflected better as a rule. http://puu.sh/pCXRs/19f43757c5.png Sorry if i come off as "bossy",
  7. So, do i only bring 1 pokemon in my party and use it the entire tournament? uhh... wait, 6v6? it said 1v1
  8. I never seen this really as an issue but recently I typed my screen name in a search engine and my entire pokemmo info was displayed as the first search item. Can you please make it so personal profiles are not displayed by users outside of PokeMMO? Thanks.
  9. I have a thing for hair vanities. I would love to see female character avatars with this hair-over-the-eye style. Its soo hot and trendy
  10. Alright... after long and careful consideration, I believe I am in need of this Vanity item. It is not created yet and my art is not really the best, but I feel we need a long colorable hair vanity that looks like this Know what I'm Saiyan?
  11. http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb57088/dragonball/images/c/c8/YamchaCellSagaT.png A Face Scar like this character, instead of ugly rockstar
  12. The benefit is so that i dont have to keep running to my PC to empty my party every single time, derp
  13. Hi, im the type of person who has an empty party when i go into safari zone, but im always hindered by having to travel all the way to the pokemon center just to use the PC and then having to come all the way back to continue. I would really appreciate if there was a PC at the entrance to the safari zone, before you pay the $500 entrance fee. Thank you.
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