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  1. Text: Nimali Pokemon/character: [spoiler][/spoiler] Animated: Yes Donation : 50k
  2. I like the game as it is at present and that's why I am here. I don't want something more hard. But feel free to laugh at me if it enchants you.
  3. If everything becomes accessible for those who play 30 minutes a week, it will be the total mess. I stop answering on this topic, it serves has nothing anyway. My opinion is given, PokeMMO is simple as game for me. Edit : I have never said that everything was perfect, but certain modifications proposed are stupid.
  4. To have played games which ask for hundreds of hours to have a hundredth of an objective.. PokeMMO is an extremely simple game. I have not really desire that this game becomes even simpler than it is it already
  5. I have the bases of PokeMMO, even if I am new. I have some comps already and I have already up rerolls and Pokémons to obtain some objects. I see no problem and I does not understand how it can bother you. PokeMMO have any difficulty. You just have to be a little patient. Up a reroll, really simple and free. Your proposal would remove the tiny remaining difficulty =/
  6. I am new and I have a lot of fun to play I reassure you. In fact, all that I see, it is that you want to have everything quickly and easily. There is no difficulty on PokeMMO then, if you to wait a little to have certain items, I do not see the problem. The prices which you quote are inaccurate, some are lower, even if others are actually higher.
  7. Sig / Other : Sig A Picture / Screenshot of your character: Your Character's Name: Nimali Your Team / Others: SNOW Your Favorite Pokemon: Cacturne Donation: 50k
  8. I already have an interview with Bestfriends, so no :P
  9. This tricky question! I will answer only in the presence of my lawyer :rolleyes:
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