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  1. ayo come back bruv i miss u


  2. I voted for trump also, sorry amigo
  3. Blessed be our New Founding Fathers for letting us Purge and cleanse our souls. Blessed be America, a nation reborn.
  4. bro why does my post keep getting deleted? yall need to chill tf out and get off my case holy shit

  5. @RacheLucario I wasn't begging dude, I asked if anybody was nice enough to help out, there is a difference 

    1. Rache


      Asking for free things is still asking for free things, regardless of what it's referred to.

    2. TsunamiWaves
  6. U made a new acc and u get banned again? Oo

  7. 2nd account got banned lol fuk off staff


  8. @Noad your DNA make up is cringe uguu

    1. DiDi


      gosh leave noad alone =(

    2. TsunamiWaves


      @DiDi fuck these people fam

  9. Who snitched on me?

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    2. TsunamiWaves


      I told that oookingooo uguu, that his parents should have died in 9/11 bc he was spamming and thats what they popped me on 

    3. DiDi


      lol petty 

    4. TsunamiWaves



  10. bye :/

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    2. Anniika


      I'd be fired for it.

    3. ragstal


      dunno what to say honestly, i was not there :( didn't fully understood the reason tbh... listening sad music.

    4. TsunamiWaves
  11. Well I just got perm banned,

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    2. TsunamiWaves


      @DiDiayyy  @DutchAqua idk it just said "another user logged in" i wasnt doing shit but having fun

    3. DutchAqua


      This is so messed up man, Some asshole with power thought it was funny to ban you for no reason!

      Hope you can settle this as soon as possible. 

    4. TsunamiWaves


      thanks fam @DutchAqua, they didnt even give yuh boi a warning kek

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