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  1. Name: Alphie Team: SÄSS Background: Something red Render: Asura from Soul Eater
  2. When u almost choke. http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen4ou-453324968
  3. This is a good idea imo, would make looking for breeders easier too
  4. well that was quick. http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/smogontriples-453154177
  5. it's not hard to click 4 times.
  6. xKito

    Trainer Sprites

    Something id like to see in this game is the ability to change the trainer sprite in battle. So for example, in any battle verses a wild poke, NPC, or in a competitive battle the trainer sprites are Red by default so I think you should make it to where we're able to select our characters sprite from trainers from the original Pokemon games. So like Red, Brendan, Gold, and also some sprites for the female characters.
  7. Name: xKito Team; None Background (optional): Black and White Render (Pokemon/Character): Hugh from Pokemon Black 2
  8. btw is your ign is Startear right, wanted to donate but not to the wrong person
  9. i have alot accounts lol think im past 20 at this point.
  10. • Theme About: Code Geass R1/R2 • Your In Game Name: Raidy • Your Team: Hønør • Note: Premium theme this time
  11. • Theme About:Blue Exorcist • Your In Game Name: xxKito • Your Team: [ KSEM ] • Theme Login: up 2 u
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