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    Where’s the comp box update?
  2. I’ve noticed a distinct lack of phanpy, can I get a shitty doodle of a phanpy? give it a hat or something thanks
  3. IGN: SirDusty Country: U.S.A Tiers: NU Notes: You should purchase me, here is my NU record
  4. SirDusty


    Guy got the shiny charizard and then closed up shop Respect.
  5. What’s the value on a desu color? asking for a friend
  6. I found a shiny pikachu, No donator or shiny charm, in fact I had just bought a donator ticket 15 minutes before finding this, but never used it. It's a scam, don't listen to anyone but me, its a fucking scam dude. Shoutout to @awkwaysfor the picture
  7. Thank you to everyone for participating in our team event, We had a record setting prize pool and turn out, with a whopping 25 entries! Shout out to DrayoWolf for finding a shiny Phanpy during the Phanpy event, Legendary. 1st Place Prize + $5,000,000 Nakkura - 157 - 12:53:05 2nd Place Prize + $3,500,000 RedHoooood - 155 - 12:22:23 3rd Place Prize 3 Shiny Charms + $3,351,751 Martirino - 152 - 12:34:46 4th Place Prize 5 DAMP ROCKS + $2,000,000 SirFall - 26 - 12:54:54 All the event information is in the spoiler below
  8. @Sethsenwhat about putting an explanation in a spoiler? I would have never guessed in a million years that gasaiyunosan’s was from an anime until I saw the explanation picture. Now that I see the reference picture it’s a pretty solid cosplay With that being said, I have no clue what the hell is going on in cali’s picture, someone please explain the plane thing
  9. SirDusty's Phrantic Phanpy's Catching Event (This event is for in-game Team Mr Members only) Date- -Sunday May 23rd Time- 1pm EST/12pm CST/5pm GMT Location- -Kanto Canyon Entrance Below Island 7 PC Duration- -1 Hour for Catching + an additional 10 minutes to submit Scoring -Total Sum of IVs + Nature Bonus = Total Score Pokemon accepted as valid entries -Phanpy only Nature Bonus -Brave +7 -Jolly+5 -Serious +3 Rules -To win 1st-3rd the Pokemon will be sorted by high to low, you need to submit an entry that scores the highest -To win 4th place the Pokemon will be sorted by low to high, you need to submit an entry that scores the lowest -If anyone finds any shiny during the catching event they will receive a covid elbow bump high five and 1m from Awkways. Note, this is independent from the prize pool. -If team [Mr] is not your main account's team you must donation at least $1,000,000 to eligible for the prize pool winnings -You can only submit one entry -All Pokemon must be caught within the event time at the event location -All pokemon must remain unchanged (Untrained/Unevolved) -You must be the OT of the pokemon -You can link your entries to me, Sirdusty, via whisper Host: Sirdusty Prizes Note- Prizes are subject to changes as the prize pool incrases (Donations can be sent to Awkways Via in game mail) First Place +$5,000,000 2nd Place +$3,500,000 3rd Place 3 Shiny Charms + $3,351,751 4th Place 5 DAMP ROCKS +$2,000,000 Donations: SirReezy- 4m+Shiny heracross + Shiny sableye Awkways- $2,000,000 Ohji- $2,000,000 Sirdusty- $2,000,000 Cacot- $1,000,000 Hopechan- $1,000,000 KiryuMoeka- $1,000,000 Mayushii- $1,000,000 Zakkosauros-$1,000,000 xAiEnmax- 3 shiny charms Redhoooood-$501,751 Drayowolf- 5 DAMP ROCKS and $150,000
  10. Yeah, this guy deserves to be unbanned if what he’s saying is true playing this game and not getting depressed is unheard of
  11. Finally after over a month of searching I found a shiny wooper 13th OT at 45175 encounters Would have preferred female/better nature but it's good enough Special thanks to @PinkWingsfor the shiny charm
  12. I can't wait to see a shiny in global and then a little dot or a small sign that tells me the player is new :)
  13. SirDusty


    Missed the boat for this week, but sign me up for next week. Thanks quakkz
  14. You must have read Donald trumps famous book “art of the deal” to come away with a huge profit like this!
  15. I don't want or need money, I only care about Damp rocks. So I will be betting in Damp rocks UU:InuYashaL vs Parke Dubs:Zorazones vs Nuzlocked 50 damp rocks each on the bold players winning their tier
  16. Success=shiny phanpys Failure-logging in
  17. @fredrichnietzeget any new swords? also have you ever thought about branching out to spears/crossbows? Possibly a trebuchet? I would rock a trebuchet in my front yard, it’s art.
  18. this theme is dope, does bring back some memories, but it would be way more complete if you somehow got rid of the gen 5 unova legendary and put in the old boot up screen
  19. You could theoretically make 6 boxes in an hour. My personal best time for a box is 9:34, and I think I only had 1 gender mistake during that, so nearly perfect. However, I’m not going to test this because I don’t want to catch 4 more mudkip boxes. and breeding eggs for an hour straight would be hell
  20. Yes it has been a while
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