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  1. Lost cave has been completed for me! I am gonna miss that cave, it was a good cave, some would say even the best cave, it was a wonderful cave. I did not catch the shiny live, but I did catch myself catching the shiny Murkrow, so here is my shameless plug if you want to see me catch it. I also now have a microphone. https://clips.twitch.tv/TentativeExuberantBanana4Head 33,500 encounters and some change, about 20k of it was with a 7 day donator, but i found this Murkrow without a Donator or any charm boost. Shout out to @awkways for the screenshot
  2. If people ditch this game because of an update that’s been barely out for a week, I really don’t see any loss in that. have some patience
  3. @Desu What if we don't get all the points for the vanity this season, will the points be kept for when the vanity is reintroduced again?
  4. i started my livestream to stream some UU matches, gonna be doing it every night for a while, i hope. i now have a microphone too https://www.twitch.tv/sirdusty22
  5. Does this mean that if I only complete 250/1000 points towards the vanity that it will keep my 250 points for next year when it is reintroduced?
  6. So, let’s break it down, because this is ridiculous. Your argument against exclusive hats for competitive people that spend hours grinding money and farming breeders so they can play tournaments or matchmaking is “snowflake stuff, why can’t I just be lazy and buy it” Seeing as you have no real argument, there is nothing more to debate here. Either learn the tier, or provide an actual reason as to why this is a bad idea. UU is not hard, I picked it up a month ago and I’m doing perfectly fine in it. Incentives are nice, and for endgame players that have waited so long for something new, something special, and something that shows people: “Hey, I did this feat of competitive challenge and hardship” is amazing and I love it and respect every single person that wears one of those exclusive hats.
  7. I caught a couple of shiny pokemon over the past few days, just been too lazy to post them. The first was a shiny ponyta, I caught 4 days ago, it took me 8923 encounters, no donator only +5% from a shiny charm Shameless plug, I caught this one on my livestream and here is a clip of me catching it on the first premier ball, full hp no sleep. https://clips.twitch.tv/LivelyRealNightingaleCoolStoryBro The 2nd is a shiny Golbat I got last night, which took me 7,072 encounters, no donator on, only +5% from a shiny charm. shiny rate is fair.
  8. Didn't even get me in the picture :( Congratulations to @PinkWings!!
  9. Never dreamed I would hatch my favorite shiny pokemon, I've always felt kind of cursed in this game, I know longer feel that way. 1820 eggs hatched, 45k encounters, this is the result. Little shameless plug, but I started streaming on twitch.tv/sirdusty22 in hopes of capturing a shiny live and also to have some fun and interact with people, unfortunately I don't have a microphone but I can assure you I said some stuff... So here is the clip of me hatching it and seeing it https://clips.twitch.tv/DepressedSpoopyMouseUWot
  10. 10/10 services, I have bought at this point 15~ pokemon, all bred to spec and in a short and orderly manner. You can't get any better.
  11. F, were did we all go?
  12. i paid my debt and because of @DaftCoolio losing all my money i am now poor and living on the streets. help
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