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  1. SirDusty

    GxNø Team thread

    i think we need more reserves tbh
  2. SirDusty

    GxNø Team thread

  3. SirDusty

    GxNø Team thread

    Members Boss SirReezy Executive BlindBluff SirDusty Hyperchaser Commander Pandabuba Stairway DrChansey Officer EazyDog xRest Gilan Lightningvolt JakiroMax Xenocider PoseidonWrath HernanWolf ConanJoestar Member Spectral Ghartark Ulricas AurumPegasus HexManiacClippy Riesz Panahs Anzar OnicDrakZz Endlaves Articein Hiimkyra Grunts danydon
  4. SirDusty

    GxNø Team thread

    Welcome to GxNø! *Insert need a banner here* We are a Team of mostly shiny traders and competitive players. We are a fairly large team with a great atmosphere of cooperation and support. Most of our higher rank players can help u in shiny values , what deals to take. As far as the competitive scene goes, we get in about one team tournament per month with sometimes a shiny as the prize- Easy copy paste from old thread We do not tolerate cheating, scamming of any person, constant annoyance, negativity, or condescension on any other team member. Doing any of these will potentially get you kicked. We also have quite the bit of comp activity going on inside, as of late there seems to always be 1 or 2 people wanting to battle If you are interested in joining, just PM @SirReezy additionally any executive or commander would be glad to help you out As per usual there's a not enforced at all mandatory dress code of Team rocket outfit.
  5. SirDusty

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    LF @awkways made in America shiny
  6. I give up, I tried, but nobody stuck around even the randoms. Feelsbadman.
  7. SirDusty

    Dusty's shop- Selling a lot of vanity

    bump sold some shirts and a plump pumpkin
  8. SirDusty

    DrChansey ☞Shop/Service/Lottery ☜

    Good enough for me, would recommend.
  9. fixed, my bad was bad jouk
  10. are you happy now? i put you on a list
  11. I'll invite @fredrichnietze if you don't give me this.
  12. dont worry, this is probably going to be short lived, just give me my moment pls
  13. why? Just because youre on the inactive list? Well that can change....

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