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  1. ur about me page really hurt my feelings, i dont know where to fuck off too, like do you want me in the corner or down the street? I need answers

    1. fredrichnietze


      ok i'll change it. someone was stalking my profile for a bit

  2. Well the dream was a live for a little bit, and then it came crashing down. I am looking at this as an opportunity to change the future of this great community. Maybe not today, nor the next day but hopefully someday. With this new like button, I see it as one step closer to abolishing this horrible monarchy that we, the residents of Pokemmo have to put up with. This should go without saying that WE need a dislike button, if there is a stupid thread made, the OP of the thread should deserve to get down voted because it was a bad idea, and they should feel bad. FIRST THE DISLIKE BUTTON, NEXT THE LIKE COUNTER! I'd also like that mention that this is my most liked thread, which is about disliking...
  3. IGN: SirDusty PokeMMO Team: SASS Experience: absolutely nothing Motivation: I suck at battling so hence never did psl, but I figure I can be a good manager Fluff: I am not fluffy.
  4. i want a picture of this beast before i buy tickets
  5. Just my thoughts and an idea, I like the GTL, its nice for Pokemon that are not worth spamming in trade chat, yet at the same time don't warrant being deleted. With that being said, if I recall correctly someone made an "Auction house" thread a long time ago? If not I think its a good idea, could be something every week/month where you can put your pokemon up for auction. Could even have buy ins for like different tiers of auctions like "Shiny only" "Comps only" ect. Not sure if its doable but it would be nice to have another way of selling your items/pokemon.
  6. I've only posted in like 3-4 of your threads not including this one I want 1 "over" and not 2 please.
  7. Finally got something correct, because I haven't. Also you're telling me you spend weeks of planning to post on a forum you that you called "dead" earlier? Nice I like it.
  8. I never said you can't speak your opinion, but some of the ideas you have in your head are just dumb. At least put some effort into your suggestions because I've never seen one out of the 100s get accepted. Prove me wrong tho.
  9. I'll agree that forums are sometimes dead, but they get used. Also the reason you get hatred towards you is because some things that you suggest are better just left in your head. Might be VR, but there are real people behind that monitor, no matter what you do they have opinions and will share it.
  10. I really need a dislike button right now.
  11. Either this or give me back my like counter. I wanna express myself, but whenever I leave comments they seem to "vanish"
  12. That's pretty cool, did not think you would even do it to be honest I'll mail you money
  13. wasnt fast enough RIP
  14. @fredrichnietze sign up so @TJXD can get one step closer to figuring out where you live