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  1. I can't wait to see a shiny in global and then a little dot or a small sign that tells me the player is new :)
  2. SirDusty


    Missed the boat for this week, but sign me up for next week. Thanks quakkz
  3. You must have read Donald trumps famous book “art of the deal” to come away with a huge profit like this!
  4. I don't want or need money, I only care about Damp rocks. So I will be betting in Damp rocks UU:InuYashaL vs Parke Dubs:Zorazones vs Nuzlocked 50 damp rocks each on the bold players winning their tier
  5. Success=shiny phanpys Failure-logging in
  6. @fredrichnietzeget any new swords? also have you ever thought about branching out to spears/crossbows? Possibly a trebuchet? I would rock a trebuchet in my front yard, it’s art.
  7. this theme is dope, does bring back some memories, but it would be way more complete if you somehow got rid of the gen 5 unova legendary and put in the old boot up screen
  8. You could theoretically make 6 boxes in an hour. My personal best time for a box is 9:34, and I think I only had 1 gender mistake during that, so nearly perfect. However, I’m not going to test this because I don’t want to catch 4 more mudkip boxes. and breeding eggs for an hour straight would be hell
  9. Yes it has been a while
  10. When I first started pokemmo in 2013 I had one goal, and that was to obtain a shiny Phanpy. Eventually in 2014 after a year+ of searching I found and bought my first one. Ever since then I've been collecting Phanpy's but only recently started collecting shiny ones. At the very beginning my obsession was for a reason, I would level a Phanpy to 100 and give it as a gift to a friend for their birthday, but now I do it because I love tiny elephants. Finally, after all these years I have obtained the only shiny I will ever care about. Thank you to @TheFrenchiestFryfor the shiny charm bo
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