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  1. This is the single best update pokemmo has ever put out. You can change poke balls on Pokémon, this is huge. All these terrible shiny Pokémon and incomplete comps that I own can now be transformed into the best poke ball in the game, which is the premier ball. This was a great quality of life update.
  2. I hatched this lovely Pokemon today. 4540 eggs. Mr Rares>>>>>>>>>>
  3. I've been thinking about this, and I think heracross should be moved from A+ to A. Heres why I think that: Going off the definition set for A tier "Reserved for Pokemon that are fantastic in the UU metagame, and can sweep, support, or wall significant portions of the metagame. These Pokemon require less support than most others to be used effectively and have few flaws that can easily be compensated for when compared to their positive traits." Heracross suffers from lack of priority, which to me is a flaw, because its speed tier is kind of meh compared to what else outspeeds it. Those being jolly arcanine/crobat/alakazam/staraptor/typhlosion/timid yanmega/siglyph/timid rotom heat, I'm sure I'm forgetting some, but you get the point. Now those are not great direct switch ins on heracross, however they all work well to revenge kill it, or at the very least make it switch out, something heracross does not like doing, even more so if there are hazards on the field. I'll break down the 2 most used sets I see currently, which is scarf and flame orb Scarf-It suffers from the same thing every scarf pokemon does, and that is if you don't predict well, it can get hardwalled. However, it still puts in some work against a lot of walls, nearly always forcing a sack or a switch. With that being said, you can still outstall it with jelli/vaporeon Flame orb set- This set, is like any other heracross, if brought in correctly will force a switch, but you get the added bonus of potentially getting a swords dance off. The downside to that is if the opponent switches in a faster pokemon, you have to either sack or switch out. Heracross also suffers from a lack of reliable recovery, and after a while the flame orb ticks start to add up, enough to the point where most priority users will be able to kill it With all that being said, heracross is still a great pokemon, and it does it's job well at being able to force switches and sacks, but it has its flaws, most notably being it doesn't like to switch in often if hazards are on the field, because the combination of flame orb and hazards adds up after a couple switches.. Ontop of all that, UU is pretty hyper offensive right now, with sun teams/screen teams running wild, there is a lot of priority and faster pokemon floating around that make it difficult to utilize it to its full ability. I don't believe heracross is a 1 stop shop kind of pokemon, and should be bumped down a notch, maybe even in the current UU climate, A-, but I think A is fair.
  4. I still don't see any past broadcasts listed, it could be enabled but set to private? Not sure, but i enabled notifications now so hopefully i wont miss ya edit:im dumb, it was enabled after the stream ended, so it wouldnt show up, srry
  5. IGN-SirDusty Reason- I just wanna battle some people and get some more experience. Preffered Tiers-UU Competitive accolades-Overrated criteria.aka none. Discord-Sirdusty#4306
  6. Hey, you should enable vods on your twitch stream, I would love to watch you play doubles, so it would be nice to be able to watch it Incase I miss your stream.
  7. Good guy, buy his comps
  8. We’re so inactive, somebody help us
  9. @fredrichnietze get any swords?
  10. I encountered a shiny slugma tonight 5 minutes into a shiny charm with a donator on. Not sure on encounters.
  11. Thank for Fry for the wonderful suggestion that got implemented and your sacrifice to our community. You truly were selfless in your acts and will be missed. F.
  12. There used to be a Cult formed around Bills house back in the day, that was a good one. held a service and everything iirc Bills house is currently not being used, as far as I know for cult purposes, so I think that is a fine spot to begin your cult adventure. Good luck!
  13. This is the best suggestion I have read in a long time. At long last I could be able to change these disgusting perfect comp Pokémon I buy that have these terrible poke balls, like Luxuryball. Pokeball choice in final breeds matter. I have skipped on Pokémon that don’t have the right poke ball. If I’m using it, it’s going to be perfect and what I want and with this suggestion I can make everything how it should be. Not sure why this isn’t getting more attention, this is the perfect money sink for people like myself.
  14. Lost cave has been completed for me! I am gonna miss that cave, it was a good cave, some would say even the best cave, it was a wonderful cave. I did not catch the shiny live, but I did catch myself catching the shiny Murkrow, so here is my shameless plug if you want to see me catch it. I also now have a microphone. https://clips.twitch.tv/TentativeExuberantBanana4Head 33,500 encounters and some change, about 20k of it was with a 7 day donator, but i found this Murkrow without a Donator or any charm boost. Shout out to @awkways for the screenshot
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