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  1. Region based is completely fine, the devs of this game should not have to cater to people that seem to be to lazy to even finish the story line. Also I'm satisfied with this event already so knock that 100% down to like 99.999999%
  2. This conspiracy’s bigger then I thought
  3. I tried doing that already, it didn’t work
  4. 1 percent, living on the edge i see nowadays
  5. SirDusty

    What do you like to do while playing PokeMMO?

    I've been asking myself this everyday I log on, still have not figured out an answer
  6. One year, 5 days and a thousand hours later, goal has been achieved. Thanks to everyone who helped me along the way, as far as I'm concerned I have beaten the game, so not sure what to do next, probably afk in vermillion for a couple thousand hours is the plan now.
  7. SirDusty

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    LF @awkways made in America shiny
  8. I give up, I tried, but nobody stuck around even the randoms. Feelsbadman.
  9. SirDusty

    Dusty's shop- Selling a lot of vanity

    bump sold some shirts and a plump pumpkin
  10. SirDusty

    DrChansey ☞Shop/Service/Lottery ☜ LF Candy Cane

    Good enough for me, would recommend.
  11. fixed, my bad was bad jouk
  12. are you happy now? i put you on a list
  13. I'll invite @fredrichnietze if you don't give me this.
  14. dont worry, this is probably going to be short lived, just give me my moment pls

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