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  1. i paid my debt and because of @DaftCoolio losing all my money i am now poor and living on the streets. help
  2. First bet, figure i'll go all in. LC - Lotus VS Elcoolio I got 1 million pokeyen on my boi @Elcoolio winning. I dont wanna go broke, so only one person can take this, also I am not mailing my money to a GM/whoever, I want to see my 1 million yen leave by mailing it directly.
  3. Is there a reason for displaying them on the wood like that? like if I walked into a 1500's armory would the swords be presented like that?
  4. why are we always dead?
  5. Found this lovely fella today, beyond happy with it.
  6. 10/10 would and will buy from again. Fast, easy, friendly, everything you could ask for.
  7. After such an exhausting hunt, lasting 20 in game hours with maybe over 1000 grueling encounters I found this.
  8. I would like to request a theme and signature change @mayuuuuu unlike some other people I can wait long times (ei:SASS Christmas gift exchange) I love my signature already and just want the SASS gone from it because lets face it I'm gonna be a team hopper till I die. Theme Character(s)/Pokemon(s): Shiny Umbreon Render (Optional): idk what this means Theme Colors: colors of shiny umbreon, that nice kind of midnight blue Type of Artwork: quality 10/10 artwork Animated?: can u do that on themes? Donation: i give good moneys Additional information: My only request is to get rid of that god awful gen 5 legendary on the start up screen, its driving me crazy and I would rather see the old pokemmo logo then that ugly thing. Thank you, I shall look forward to this next year :)
  9. Finally found a shiny, last shiny i found was a [email protected] hours, don't know encounters but a lot.
  10. I got the save this time @Gilan
  11. SirDusty

    Pokémon GO

    I was the same way, got it on launch day and played it about a month, then had to delete it because i foolishly bought a phone with only 8 gb's of storage... Anyways last year in June I downloaded it and I just recently hit level 39, so I'm making decent progress. My brother is level 40 and has been for a while and he tried to make a Pokestop but you have to be level 40 in Pokemon GO and level 10 in Niantics other game, Ingress(iirc). It also takes forever to level up in Ingress and it's also a very dead and boring game compared to Pokemon GO imo. Anyways, I'm pretty casual, but do play with the more hardcore raiders when there's an event like yesterday's suicune day, only got 21 raids in which is low for an event like that for me, but I had to start later then I would have liked. My friend code is 6865 4422 4662 I added you londark btw, my name is dustybunny250 in Pokemon GO
  12. Ok, so I went to bed last night disappointed that the thread got deleted, but I am glad it is back as we all have more to discuss. Going forward we as a community have some decisions to be made, those decisions are as follows: Do we go by real life election time or in game time? To me in game time makes more sense as the mayor is the mayor of the game. What will the term limits be? Do we go by two terms only? A solidified date, whether its every year or every 2. I think sometime in the summer would be appropriate seeing as PokeMMO was released sometime in or around summer of 2012? (Need confirmation, my memory is fuzzy on this. As for another election some people might chop up what Kyu said as gospel and call it good, but I am not. For the simple fact that the mayor role is and never was decided by the mods, it was by the people. I would like to get the above done first before going onto the election. I am open to all criticism/ideas/opinions/suggestions/memes anything that can be done to reach a conclusion that hopefully the majority will be happy with.
  13. My apologizes, I did a quick glance and noticed that most of your videos have around 500 views with the exception of the first four, this will not happen again. I think Senile covered it pretty well above. However, I am curious as to why you would not want me hosting an election, I have not been dishonest at all, I have typed what I believe in and what I believe should happen, but if you have a problem with that I have no problem going to another person. I just want to do it because I know I will do it right, fair, and most importantly correct. I have discussed my intentions with numerous people as to how voting should take place and I believe I have found a solid solution as to how it should happen. Also I am not going by real life election years, I stated very clearly in my original post that I used in game time for this, and it has been over 4 years in PokeMMO time since the last election.
  14. Alright, so the purpose of this was not to doubt your abilities to help the community, rather to spark the idea another election because if someone is in office for so long, at what point do they stop being a mayor and become say a dictator? With that being said, I have to disagree with you claiming that the poverty rate has changed has been directly changed because of your videos. At most your videos on how to make money get 500 views, taking into account people that watch your videos for fun and already know how to make money/random people stopping by, you are really not impacting as many people as you think. On top of that the overall majority of players nowadays seem to be Chinese, and I highly doubt they are watching videos in English on how to make money, so claiming anything about changing the poverty rate is absolutely ridiculous.Albeit this could all change if you translate it all like you have stated, but for now it's factually false information, there is no correlation. Also what is the poverty line in PokeMMO? Everyone plays the game differently and just because you can't afford to buy a new team of 6 comps or a new shiny every week does not mean you are poor. This is also far from a troll post, I am invested in this as I believe in fair politics whether it be in real life or on here, and the injustices are strong.
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