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  1. Shiny Watchog Lottery

    I'll take 42
  2. Dusty's leveling service and other crap

    Update: Bought a kyu hat! :D Now just need a shiny eevee, that might take some time tho....
  3. Dusty's leveling service and other crap

    I could do my shiny maril+ 1 mill or like 5 mill
  4. Hello Need some things leveled up? I am the person that can help you with that! Fairly simple, levels 1-50 are 1k per level Can also do perfect xp at 50, or whatever level you want but that costs an extra 10k Ex: a level 35 pokemon to 50 would be 15k Could also potentially level to 100, but have to see your pokemon and what not first and then we can agree on a fair price References Wishlist Kyu hat Shiny eevee 2015 Goodie bags Things I have for sale Shiny marill I have random nature and iv'd tyranitars for sale also and t-tars are 55k per A few breeders lvl 1 Calm Torchic 31/31/31/18/31/31 lvl 1 Jolly Murkrow 24/31/22/x/29/31 lvl 5 Mild Pikachu 21/x/24/31/11/31 lvl 8 Relaxed Eevee 25/31/16/27/31/29 lvl 40 Naughty Ditto 31/29/31/28/10/17 lvl 41 Sassy Ditto 3/31/31/12/15/8 lvl 41 Jolly Ditto 31/1/20/7/11/31 lvl 40 Jolly Ditto 14/20/30/31/31/24 I've also got a shit ton of 1x31 mudkips and 2x31s but too lazy to sort through them right now
  5. [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    congrats on the shiny but really, 52 unread mail? i cant imagine what you have in your real email account
  6. [Money Guide] NPC Rematch Payouts

    I could be crazy, but it looks like you have 2 pictures of route 110, not sure if its intended, still a nice guide and thanks for doing it!
  7. im not active enough for this shit stop updating the forums it takes me like 10 minutes to get used to it again
  8. @fredrichnietze 6 whole days, are you dead?
  9. Really late update on where I stand on the grind for the shiny eevee I went really hard for about 14 days straight with an average of about 2 mill a day (had 28 mill but bought some crap) so this is where I stand. I got really burned out from doing it for 14 days straight and haven't spent more then 5 minutes online, for a solid month until today. So in order to combat this I've gotta pace myself in order not to get burned out again. Not to mention work is a pain and the last thing I want to do is come home and play Pokemon. I'll get there one day, not today but someday.
  10. happy birthday Toast, congrats on turning 15 i never thought you would get this far, honestly.

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