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  1. How dare you people disrespect @Crimar He is by far the most famous.
  2. I wish the marriage a smooth one!
  3. SirDusty


    Where’s the comp box update?
  4. I’ve noticed a distinct lack of phanpy, can I get a shitty doodle of a phanpy? give it a hat or something thanks
  5. IGN: SirDusty Country: U.S.A Tiers: NU Notes: You should purchase me, here is my NU record
  6. SirDusty


    Guy got the shiny charizard and then closed up shop Respect.
  7. What’s the value on a desu color? asking for a friend
  8. I found a shiny pikachu, No donator or shiny charm, in fact I had just bought a donator ticket 15 minutes before finding this, but never used it. It's a scam, don't listen to anyone but me, its a fucking scam dude. Shoutout to @awkwaysfor the picture
  9. Thank you to everyone for participating in our team event, We had a record setting prize pool and turn out, with a whopping 25 entries! Shout out to DrayoWolf for finding a shiny Phanpy during the Phanpy event, Legendary. 1st Place Prize + $5,000,000 Nakkura - 157 - 12:53:05 2nd Place Prize + $3,500,000 RedHoooood - 155 - 12:22:23 3rd Place Prize 3 Shiny Charms + $3,351,751 Martirino - 152 - 12:34:46 4th Place Prize 5 DAMP ROCKS + $2,000,000 SirFall - 26 - 12:54:54 All the event information is in the spoiler below
  10. @Sethsenwhat about putting an explanation in a spoiler? I would have never guessed in a million years that gasaiyunosan’s was from an anime until I saw the explanation picture. Now that I see the reference picture it’s a pretty solid cosplay With that being said, I have no clue what the hell is going on in cali’s picture, someone please explain the plane thing
  11. SirDusty's Phrantic Phanpy's Catching Event (This event is for in-game Team Mr Members only) Date- -Sunday May 23rd Time- 1pm EST/12pm CST/5pm GMT Location- -Kanto Canyon Entrance Below Island 7 PC Duration- -1 Hour for Catching + an additional 10 minutes to submit Scoring -Total Sum of IVs + Nature Bonus = Total Score Pokemon accepted as valid entries -Phanpy only Nature Bonus -Brave +7 -Jolly+5 -Serious +3 Rules -To win 1st-3rd the Pokemon will be sorted by high to low, you need to submit an entry that scores the highest -To win 4th place the Pokemon will be sorted by low to high, you need to submit an entry that scores the lowest -If anyone finds any shiny during the catching event they will receive a covid elbow bump high five and 1m from Awkways. Note, this is independent from the prize pool. -If team [Mr] is not your main account's team you must donation at least $1,000,000 to eligible for the prize pool winnings -You can only submit one entry -All Pokemon must be caught within the event time at the event location -All pokemon must remain unchanged (Untrained/Unevolved) -You must be the OT of the pokemon -You can link your entries to me, Sirdusty, via whisper Host: Sirdusty Prizes Note- Prizes are subject to changes as the prize pool incrases (Donations can be sent to Awkways Via in game mail) First Place +$5,000,000 2nd Place +$3,500,000 3rd Place 3 Shiny Charms + $3,351,751 4th Place 5 DAMP ROCKS +$2,000,000 Donations: SirReezy- 4m+Shiny heracross + Shiny sableye Awkways- $2,000,000 Ohji- $2,000,000 Sirdusty- $2,000,000 Cacot- $1,000,000 Hopechan- $1,000,000 KiryuMoeka- $1,000,000 Mayushii- $1,000,000 Zakkosauros-$1,000,000 xAiEnmax- 3 shiny charms Redhoooood-$501,751 Drayowolf- 5 DAMP ROCKS and $150,000
  12. Yeah, this guy deserves to be unbanned if what he’s saying is true playing this game and not getting depressed is unheard of
  13. Finally after over a month of searching I found a shiny wooper 13th OT at 45175 encounters Would have preferred female/better nature but it's good enough Special thanks to @PinkWingsfor the shiny charm
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