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  1. Staff and Ex-Staff Appreciation thread

    How has nobody mentioned @Fudnud by far the best we ever had. We did not deserve.
  2. Dusty's leveling service and shiny(s)

    Bump, added more stuff and deleted some stuff
  3. SHINY Shiftry Lottery! ~ Showcase/Wishlist

    I will take #42 & #99
  4. Dusty's leveling service and shiny(s)

    bump just need water and ground hat now
  5. Dusty's leveling service and shiny(s)

    Bump- Added shiny bulba :D
  6. Yo, we dead as fuck, been 2 weeks since the last post. In game and forums Is there anyway to make us active again? also still no eevee :c
  7. Dusty's leveling service and shiny(s)

    updated Still looking for that 1 last goodie bag, and looking for some elfbots
  8. [PSL9] Player Registration

    IGN: SirDusty Timezone: CST Fluff: I guess you need this thing called "experience" to be a manager? weird concept, so I'll get some Also I'm not good at DPP OU but I have been learning it the last couple of weeks. I faced gunthug like a year ago and killed 1 of his pokemon and thats a successful victory to me. Small battles win big battles? Most Preferred Manager: toast Least Preferred Manager: toast
  9. Guess I should added a /s at the end, but yeah I see your points I would like to be a manager eventually, doesn't have to be this season, but maybe sometime? I kind of doubt it but I'll still sign up. @fredrichnietzeI don't have much besides for the only win I remember and it was in 2014 versus jayfeats and I beat him with a fire blast machamp
  10. That doesn't mean I can't be the best manger to ever do psl, experience is overrated
  11. Fuck you, gonna go refund that steam game I bought for the you. </3
  12. [PSL9] Manager Sign- Up Thread

    IGN: SirDusty PokeMMO Team: SASS Experience: absolutely nothing Motivation: I suck at battling so hence never did psl, but I figure I can be a good manager Fluff: I am not fluffy. Literally copy pasted my entry from last year, maybe this is the year? Also don't pick toast, he's dead in game. Myself and @Deadwind keep sass alive right now. I pledge to buy good players and bench them. You can't have a good team without the bench being better.

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