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  1. Vanity Item Suggestions

    This looks even better then my version! I would love to see this implemented.
  2. What happened with this player?

    What happened with TheMaxiPro? :o
  3. Saw he is missing on the list:
  4. [Free] Raederz 18th Shiny Lottery - Sableye

    First shiny tepig. Now this.... Whatever, Congrats. ^^ And thank you very much for the giveaway!!
  5. Well, to be honest, I'm too lazy to work on this. Feel free to tap the increase button twice when you encounter 2 pokes.
  6. [Free] Raederz 18th Shiny Lottery - Sableye

    Hi ! Thank u so much Baederz u are the best player around, here is my sableye :
  7. Shiny discussion rate

    Try to put yourself in the role of a game designer, which lives from a single game (like these devs do (most likely)). Why should you add a different shiny rate for different people? Obviously to avoid scripting. There isn't any other big positive arrgument for this, but it's a strong arrgument. And in my opinion this single argument is strong enough to implement this varying rate. So basically the only possibility for a normal user to rarely/never get a shiny is to be suspected to use scripts. But why would you, as a game designer, would want to annoy your community, which is your only income? I don't know. No possibility to get shinies -> Annoyed community -> Leaving community. And you succesfully destroyed your main income. I totally understand people being annoyed, cause they can't find a shiny. But it's still RNG, some people may be lucky and some may not. What would you do now, as a game designer? Put their chance heigher then other people's chance, just cause they never found shiny, a guaranteed shiny after X encounter? I think everyone can think himself, why this would be a stupid idea. PokeMMO is still based on RNG pretty much. With every pokemon caught, every executed attack, every encounter the cubes are remixed. RNG is still RNG, handle it.
  8. The bouncing animation was added from the source we got the sprites from. To remove the animation from around 1200 pictures would be a lot of work. I could add it to the normal gen 1-4 sprites aswell (or release a other mod which adds it to it to all sprites, distinguish between normal and shiny to make it work with this mod). A sparkling mod for battle sprites would be possible aswell, but technically it is only possible to add this effect over the whole battle, not just the begin. But I'm sorry to tell you that I got something else to do for now. Maybe someone else would like to create a mod like this?
  9. pretty banner following soon™ Hey there! Cause I got the feeling nobody realises my shiny deerling, I had to create this mod. It adds a sparkling animation to shiny follower (overworld) sprites. Small Showcase: Download (.mod) or download as .zip The mod won't work with my other Gen 5 Follower Sprite mod (Normal Gen 5 Follower Sprites are included in this mod aswell) Thanks @Mortedesu for providing game sprites! lf you are looking for the Gen 5 Follower Sprites in the classic version, check this thread: Hope you'll have fun with it! :)
  10. How Many?

    This got around 5,000 downloads in like a half month. And I think the most players don't really care about mods like this. But maybe this number alone does motivate you to come back.
  11. Happy New Year 2018!

    Yo, Maxi. <333 Happy new year, buddies. Cya then.
  12. General Hordes Guide

    Awesome guide, Mike! I would love to see these small icons to be added, just for clarity. Here you can find these under 'Miscellaneous' category.
  13. I have other things to do then collecting times, but feel free to post your times. I'll add them. You can also take this guide over.
  14. - Put all sprites higher by 2 pixels to match their shadow - Tamed sawsbuck's winter form
  15. Vanity Item Suggestions

    Maybe with a cute fluffy tail? :3

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