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  1. Frequently asked questions.

    Registrations will open a few days before the TT starts. You can find the registration date and hold-dat in the original post. A registration post looks like this: Team Name: Team Tag: Registered Players: Team Captain:
  2. Yes. You need to set both 3 and 5 horde types.
  3. Tips To be a Good Player :D (Up-Date)

    Please tips
  4. Tips To be a Good Player :D (Up-Date)

    Hi Maxi, I am very bad player and I don't know improve. Please tips.
  5. You can use the increase and decrease buttons, which are already given, for this. I don't think I'll implement something like this (way too much work).
  6. New things since i came back yesterday

    Hi there! Feebas is obtainable though the same game like the original games. Johto will most likely never be released. But we already had 2 PTS releases for the upcoming region, Unova.
  7. Client Customization Index

    It isn't possible to edit PokeMMO's source code, as a normal player.
  8. Client Customization Index

    I'm sorry to tell you that it currently isn't possible to add attack animations to the game. Attack animations will be added within the next updates. Have a nice day!
  9. Event Suggestions & Feedback

    The Absol tournament series is just a mini-series to fill up the time. The year isn't over yet, be prepeared.
  10. We already fixed his problem using private messages. Thanks anyway, buddies.
  11. Hi there! Of course it is legal to use and it also works yet. Here are two instruction videos, on how to set the counter properly. And a spanish version: Feel free to ask me if there is something you need help at. Have a nice day!
  12. Event Suggestions & Feedback

    It's not easy to find a nice Doubles Shiny Prize. But I'll try to implement your suggestions.
  13. next one (not mine).

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