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  1. [MOD] Generation 5 Follower Sprites

    You have to activate 1 of the mods. Move to the login screen. Then click on 'Mod Managment' to activate the mod.
  2. [MOD] Generation 5 Follower Sprites

    Just ignore the format and put it into your mod folder.
  3. [MOD] Generation 5 Follower Sprites

    Like every other mod. Download -> Open Mod folder -> Paste -> Open PokeMMO & activate the mod at the login screen (Mod Managment Button). Gonna try to change some sprites this week.
  4. You make panda cry.
  5. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  6. [MOD] Generation 5 Follower Sprites

    Just put it into your pokeMMO folder -> data -> mods and activate it in the login window.
  7. Update Discussion thread 27/2/18

    I want panda costume. :c
  8. [MOD] Generation 5 Follower Sprites

    As I already mentioned before I am not the creator of any sprite. I just couldn't find a prettier sprite then the current. Could you please post a screenshot/video?
  9. [MOD] Generation 5 Follower Sprites

    Finally I finished the final version of this mod. Hope you'll have fun with it! :) Quick Changelog: - Made the thread prettier - Added a option to download the jumping version or the classic version - If you use the classic version no follower sprite is jumping. If you use the jumping version every follower is jumping
  10. Hi there, to be honest I am just too lazy to add a fix for this problem, at the time. Another reason is that I currently am working on a few other projects (regarding PokeMMO, I prefer to work at mods instead coding, so be prepared for some new mods/updates on my current). But there are several ways, to fix the issue, which I didn't knew about, when I was working at the counter the last time. But maybe I won't have something better to do once. Of course I'll let you know.
  11. Resolution Problems

    Please post a screenshot. Next time you should use this topic instead, btw.
  12. Why were these resized?

    Yes, but it wasn't in 2014. It was just previous the unova update, which was in 2017.
  13. Why were these resized?

    The reason is the new possibility to edit follower sprites and their sprites are bigger then 32x32. In the old system 64x64 were 64x64 ingame, now they are scaled down to match the same size. With the new system it may be possible to create high definiton follower sprites. But I think the devs can add a feature to create a exception for these two sprites, when no mod is used. Don't worry, I'll add sparkles to these 2 sprites when I got some time. And just if anyone is curious, here is how I fixed this issue: How it currently is How it should be
  14. You can remove the follower sprites by your own. Open the .mod file with WinRar (or a other archive programm) and delete them.

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