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  1. Do whatever you want. I'm not playing/working on any of my projects anymore. Just let me know if you need something.
  2. Yes, it does work for me. Don't click on the HP Bar. Hold your mouse for three seconds on the bar.
  3. Billla

    Happy Birth day

    Happy Birthday
  4. Last time I was thinking about this tool was last year. But I'm sure it does still work. If not, maybe you could tell me where your problem is, so I can fix it?
  5. Billla

    [MOD] Generation 5 Follower Sprites

    Like every other mod. First download the mod. Then open the mod managment (you can find it on the login screen), select the mod and activate it. Yes, it does also work on android.
  6. Billla

    Unova E4

    The 120 atk fighting type move with 85 accurary or smth. Don't remember his name exactly.
  7. Billla

    Unova E4

    Medicham did the e4 almost solo for me. With choice band and power punch.
  8. Billla

    Value Advice

    Around 10m, not caring 'bout IVs/nature
  9. Billla

    [MOD] Kalos+Alola Mod Update 6.0.0

    In my opinion it works better on PC.
  10. Billla

    Does Volcarona respawn?

    You can catch Larvesta in Relic Castle.
  11. A team member hatched this yesterday (new one)
  12. Billla

    [Tutorial] How to edit GUI

    Not sure yet. I'll take a look at this tomorrow.
  13. Billla

    [Tutorial] How to edit GUI

    For these wondering how to change the login screen, after Unova update: Step 1: Add these text blocks to the following files: main-widgets.xml <theme name="logingui"> <param name="background"><image>login-background</image></param> </theme> gfx.xml <images file="res/background.png"> <area name="login-background" xywh="*"/> </images> Step 2: Put your custom background into the res folder and name it "background.png"

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