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  1. Looool So, apparently you can get a mystery box, From a Mystery box. :lol:   Got a lucky drop tho :3   [spoiler][/spoiler]
  2. Advance Search would be really nice, to help out buildin a team & to look at the Eggmoves :DD
  3. I agree on buffin the league...   I mean a lil of Exp and None of Money 1 time each 6 hours............ specially Hoem..............   :(
  4. Hmmm, Well now we have Mail System... BUT what about a Single Box on PC(OR brand new Common Storage Section) which is Link to all your Accounts, Of course you will need to Pay a Fee to Store your stuff. This also can be Buffed via VIP with Reward Points.   I've seem this on other games, Maybe this could Fit in here too :)
  5. i noticed in a while after the post, still i got a lovely lucky loot 7w7
  6. What about a Hunter With Thief? It has levitate, its ghost type and is rly fast. (not enough to walk on the grass tho, but still you can go till rock #5 and reset the rocks)
  7. XxRoussxX

    Quick Wishlist

    Pretty much what i've come to suggest. xD well i'll try another ones...   Be able to take items from pokemons on the PC directly. Be Able to Switch Moves by just Drag & Drop while Battling (just holding the click and droping) . Add Advanced Search on Pokedex.
  8. A friend of mine got 25 Premier Balls :o   Im about to take the gamble too i'll edit when the gamble it's done.   :)   Tsss, Got the Same Price as my Friend :C [spoiler][/spoiler]   I Still love the Premier Balls Tho :D
  9. What about Drag and Drop option onto that menu too? xD
  10. I Agree with you My friend, the Actual Advance Search filter just feel uncompleted to me.   Because the actual make you do too many manual things that can be done automatically with some improvementes or features, I am a little new playin PokeMMO but i still know some things of programin and GUI desing.   They could Add fields like the one you said and anothers like: Find a pokemon By their Hability, Moves and EVEN one to know the Hidden Power...   Just Why not? xD   like i said in another post... This ONE   Just forgeting about another crucial factor... Must be HANDY, OPTIMAL make your life IZI PIZIER :DD
  11. You're right didnt think of that, well i said a mail because you always see the notificacion "When you get a mail and how many"   then i'll correct myself on making a new notification, like when you got mails BUT for the WTS. So you can know when your sh*ts got Selled and how many of them you have to claim.   sry 4 my english isnt my main language tho :P
  12. should be a Mail, since you always can see how many mails you have unread and when someone buy your sht u cant do anything but get your money from the PC.
  13. Ah, Ok it's because of that. Well how can i put this... with this you can always play with the values, sometimes it will comes handy because you can save money and if both of your pokes have like 3*31 you could get a perfect pokemon and those ones Worth 1M or above if i'm not wrong. it also will become more easy to breed pokes like pikachu.   Then again this method would be optional, to use when it comes more handy than the oldone.
  14. sry, can you give the reasons Why would be terrible? :o    Look:     If the Father Or Mother of the Child has the happiness to the maximum Level then the child will inherit X% the highest IVs Father, although it'll be randomly inherit to any statistics...
  15. From breelom♂ Docil with this ivs: 25HP Look it like this way... if bot pokemon have 100% of happiness take all their Ivs rearrange them from the highest to the lowest, then take 6 and ramdonly put each of them on each stats.
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