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  1. added some fun new stuff :))
  2. Diano

    hi, how are u? u can double left-click your sig in in the sig settings to change its size :3

    have a nice day sweetwoman

    1. doll


      oh wow thank u!

    2. Diano


      np, nice choice of character tho :p

  3. Name: doll Team Tag: Character(s)/Pokemon(s): isabelle (animal crossing) Render (Optional): Theme Colors: same color pallet as isabelle Type of Artwork: reg sig Animated?: pls Donation: 200k Additional information: idk lol
  4. - Template1 - Name: doll Team: Render: can i dm Text color (optional): same color pallet as artwork Stain color (optional): same color pallet as artwork Donation: 75k (My IGN is Bryen)
  5. omg i didn’t even see the scarf i’ll fix it up u don’t have to give me anything yee i can fix it
  6. preview! send payment to doll via inbox and i'll send you the final versions. if you'd like any changes let me know!
  7. if you want any changes lemme know,, if ur happy with her send payment to doll via inbox. and once i receive payment i'll animate for you!
  8. sure just place ur offer
  9. yeee i’ll work on it soon! can’t wait to draw that kyu hat ye ofc just offer on what you’ll pay for it
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