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  1. So I was playing the OU 128 tournament. Round 4 I meet this Bommo character. What I find suspicious is the moment I started winning (in a fairly guaranteed position), the server net cuts out for me. I was still using YT and everything, but I couldn't press moves, and I couldn't type to my friends, only able to use discord. It feels like I was ddosed, seeing as nobody else had internet issues and he used that to timer me out like the WC 2.0 game. It's not even like I'm in an area of unstable net (suburban Sydney), this was the only specific moment I had high ping count over 15000 here and it was the exact moment I was about to beat this guy. Is there anyway to check what happened here? That definitely wasn't in the spirit of competitive pokemon
  2. Wasn't actually expecting to catch, this was just very lucky. Also yes we already gave Aerun plenty of shit (used Masterball because afraid of DCing with poor net)
  3. Not to undermine your argument or anything, but I think the allure of Dragonite is to throw off a hurricane which can scare Conkeldurr off usually. That being said, theres no way I'd ever make that hard switch unless I had life insurance or something when that juicy ice punch or stone edge comes around next time.
  4. Nice method, I'll definitely have to try this. Thanks
  5. Ah yes when breeding a 4x31 and a 3x31 natured can somehow become a 2x31 with the wrong nature, truly a mystery that only Cheels can create.
  6. Keeping us relevant 139 days until c h r i s t m a s
  7. I feel like this is a rather useless/illogical method of moderating anyway because you are destroying somebodies hard work and trying to justify with personal opinion. Like @RakuenX if you still have the write up you should post in on a google docs and we can spread the work in other mediums (discord etc) if the forums are going to be unwelcoming of your effort
  8. A lot of games end usually very one-sided, but I felt this one was down to the wire all the way quick edit heres an example of a one-sided game
  9. To be fair you've never made mention of the nature of the alakazam what if you're running a sassy zam
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