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  1. [VVVV] Veni Vidi Vici Vixi

    The update is already looking good
  2. Off Topic

    @Parke @OrangeManiac I'm well on track
  3. [VVVV] Veni Vidi Vici Vixi

    @Parke help pliz
  4. Proposed Temporary Update Tiers Discussion

    I screen capped it from a gen 5 game actually, if the 33% chance confusion that effectively solves that problem for now too.
  5. Proposed Temporary Update Tiers Discussion

    I was wondering about potential clauses the TC was thinking about implementing, I took a screen of smogons gen 5 clause list and was wondering which of these you were thinking of adopting (afaik first 3 and evasion move clause are already in the game)
  6. Proposed Temporary Update Tiers Discussion

    I personally don't think too much of Krook, even tho it has moxie and intimidate, the menace of it to me was always a knock off sweep in ORAS, which isn't so scary here, eq can be prepared for much more easily. Top tier UU, don't feel so much OU. As for Jolteon, I'm not 100% claiming that its OU material, but despite all those reasons you've mentioned its still managed to remain a top tier threat all the way through get 1 - 5, it loses in gen 6 due to the addition of way too many fatties (Florges/Shaymin/Celebi/Blissey), and competition with Heliolisk. Using focus sash dug trio is a poor argument for a counter -> implying stealth rocks and spikes don't exist, and needing focus sash to be the counter (with that logic I'm gonna bring focus sash Wigglytuff as my bird check), ferro is a check could run hp fire meme, but I'll accept that majority of big grass types can do a decent job in stopping jolteon I would personally like sand veil to be banned, and hopefully after testing you guys will have evidence on why shadow tag is pretty uncompetitive but yeah, I do like the "defined" temporary tiers maybe there'll be some changes when innovation arrives but shouldn't be too different to what you guys have put.
  7. Proposed Temporary Update Tiers Discussion

    I only quoted that team as a proof of concept to be annoying as hell even without permanent weather, the idea itself came from gen 5 before the age of Showdown but I'm not gonna sift through the histories to find it.
  8. Proposed Temporary Update Tiers Discussion

    When water absorb and scald isn't enough in a rain infested meta apparently You know, trick room although more niche is also a viable play style May I introduce you to this amazing team called Wilsonernon http://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/sandstorm-isnt-the-only-thing-that-is-raging-peaked-1-on-suspect.3539069/ pliz
  9. Proposed Temporary Update Tiers Discussion

    Was more talking about wobb, just there in Goth for its possible debut Didn't feel like I should be too negative, I like the look of most of these suggested OU, they feel pretty close to the right viability imo, I have a few further suggestions not on the list, would be good to see the Tier Council's opinion on:
  10. Proposed Temporary Update Tiers Discussion

    Are we seriously considering shadow tag (Wobbuffet + Gothetelle) to be OU, even if you're trying to let as many things stay off Ubers, its such an over-centralising and unfun mechanic to play with and restricts all types of team building. See: http://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/gothitelle-shadow-tag-suspect-test.3549908/
  11. [VVVV] Veni Vidi Vici Vixi

    @Aerun if someone lends me mons I gotcha
  12. Pokemon as a Pet

    Rather than be a chore and money sink, would it be better to have bonuses like the gen 7 poke amie which can have positive affects like extra critical hits and surviving 1hp (not included in PvP ofc).

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