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  1. Too obvious, you were more creative once
  2. Seriously why is everyone joining rise after I left?
  3. Lmao just saw all the posts for my birthday xD thank you all! I love you all <3 I'll come back someday >_>
  4. You didn't think you would have when you were screaming at me I'm a failure at this game and I should never come back again Idek
  5. Bil mod? Now I remember why I liked this game
  6. Mfw i play a stall match for once but am not allowed to
  7. If only frags had half the skill sparkie has
  8. You don't have union attack?
  9. Use labirynth builder if you have dimension gate, it's fuckin awesome
  10. I think your inbox is full or something :)

    1. Aerun



  11. Woooo grats @Coge, was only a matter of time :)
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