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  1. @Havsha can pay for me
  2. If you want you can pay those 200k to lazaaro since I owe him
  3. tbh bakura event is becomin boring af
  4. Thank you @DarylDixon :) I'll log in 1 hour
  5. I won't be able to participate 99% D: should sub me with coge
  6. take 1-2-3-4-5 i'll pay tomorrow when i log
  7. IGN: erayne Country: born in Sweden, living in Italy (so which one?)
  8. please... anime related posts belong to rise thread
  9. Seriously guys, personal attacks won't make your statements better
  10. At least this proves golem is not THAT centralizing and that meganium's usage isn't only due to golem's presence, but again, what I say is pure theory since I don't play uu
  11. I don't know much(/anything) about uu but what about relaxed claydol? Doesn't it perfectly counter golem's standard set?
  12. gems are gettin hard af to farm tho D: