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  1. Me vs aerun 6:30 PM GMT thursday/friday Edit:busy on Friday so thursday
  2. I think your inbox is full or something :)

  3. i swear he bribed me in the end
  4. me vs walp soon
  5. rng

    i agree with op
  6. Me vs walp Thursday or Friday 6:30 pm gmt
  7. Wrong thread
  8. The best team is just the one that has the highest probability of winning, not the one risking less
  9. blazikens winning on friday while most of psl players havent even played :) kudos to dnites for not being scaredy cats and playing early
  10. The stall god :D I had no doubts
  11. 10 months?
  12. me vs spart startin soon
  13. No u
  14. Me vs spart 15/06 6pm GMT
  15. Was so op