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  1. Gbwead best manager
  2. Just ban it already
  3. Baguette
  4. lost gg
  5. mfw we have same w/l ratio as the 1st team (24/16) and we're third behind dragonites (21/19) we should manage our energies more wisely edit: ty @JIceJDragon for your posts :)
  6. Me vs mnemo friday 7pm GMT
  7. lf @Oltan to win so that all other teams tie this week
  8. Me vs pachi thursday 6pm bst
  9. It didn't matter anyway
  10. You don't have union attack?
  11. Stop living your life
  12. Use labirynth builder if you have dimension gate, it's fuckin awesome
  13. Me vs aerun 6:30 PM GMT thursday/friday Edit:busy on Friday so thursday
  14. I think your inbox is full or something :)