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  1. All those times are fine for me
  2. mfw i'm in semis without ever playin team scandinavia op
  3. People saying 8 tiers is better because of activity decisions, but most of the activity decisions were about people that would be in the top 64 players. So in my opinion 10 tiers is way better: I'm not a great player but ou seemed really competitive to me even with ou3. About activity decisions and people behaving like asses, I think the problem is somewhere else, like leaving so much about rules on activity decisions open to interpretations. I think working on better rules leaving less grey areas as possible is the way to go.
  4. We don't even get to play 6vs6 nu/uu too much in this game, why play something else?
  5. I'm letting the autoduel play it XD
  6. i did D:
  7. Just watched 6th episode... Holy shit
  8. I'll be your breeding slave after the 11th
  9. Hackers
  10. I agree Monaco was great, but I don't agree jive played bad. Dybala did some great plays, one of them is that amazing pass before the first goal. Only player I didn't like was pjanic, he was kinda walking the whole match. And the yellow cards were stupid as well
  11. Me neither D: I'm doin over 8k every time and just get shit from both lvl 30 and lvl40
  12. Got one too xD
  13. Juve too good :D
  14. Could as well call this "thread to shitpost" xD
  15. But I have union attack xD BTW I'm erayne there too so add me guys