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  1. EazyDog

    Comp Yanmega 5x31 Natured LOTTERY

    That copy paste fail though xp I buy 3 tickets, will message when i get ingame
  2. EazyDog

    Selling Shinies/Dittos/Nice Male-only Comps

    I was hoping for like 2.5 - 3m for it.
  3. Shinies for sale / trade: Female brave Scrafty Lv. 39 - IV: 8,2,0,21,20,30 Male timid Durant Lv. 35 - IV: 30,11,5,23,4,10 Female careful Ferrothorn Lv. 50 - IV: 31,28,31,14,31,3 , with eggmoves spikes and leech seed. Male-Only Comps (untrained) for sale / trade: Jolly Rufflet - 30,31,30,x,30,31 Impish Tyrogue - 31,31,29,x,31,31 Bullet+Mach+Rapid Careful Tyrogue - 31,28,30,x,30,26 Bullet+Mach Impish Tyrogue - 31,30,30,x,23,30 Bullet+Mach Adamant Tyrogue - 25,31,26,x,28,31 HJK+Rapid Dittos for sale / trade: Adamant Ditto - 27,31,28,28,29,x Gentle Ditto - 30,27,31,x,30,30 Careful Ditto - 30,25,30,x,27,31 Calm Ditto - 31,x,25,31,31,x Modest Ditto - 26,29,25,27,29,31 Modest Ditto - 31,26,27,31,28,31 Jolly Ditto - 31,30,25,x,27,x Jolly Ditto - 23,31,25,25,27,27 Timid Ditto - 29.31.29.x.30.31 + Many many more, message me what you need Interested in $$ or things that i can sell for $$. Feel free to offer on anything in this shop ingame, via pm or here. If you need a certain breed message me. IGN EazyDog
  4. EazyDog

    Value Advice

    global trade link, check the pc in poke center
  5. EazyDog

    Value Advice

    just put it in gtl for 1.5m
  6. EazyDog

    Shiny Comp Steelix Lottery !

    @Bearminator You can choose the lucky winners now :) Thanks again for the help. edit: added number 25 and 26, forgot a teammate who bought 2 random numbers :^) now its complete
  7. EazyDog

    Shiny Comp Steelix Lottery !

    Added both, good luck :)
  8. EazyDog

    Value Advice

    Shiny Ferrothorn female 31.28.31.x.31.3 careful, with eggmoves spikes and leech seed?
  9. EazyDog

    WTB 4x31 Ditto (no special atk)

    you still buy??
  10. EazyDog

    Shiny Comp Steelix Lottery !

  11. EazyDog

    Shiny Comp Steelix Lottery !

  12. EazyDog

    Value Advice

    shiny bagon? like 5 of them found this month
  13. EazyDog

    WTB 4x31 Ditto (no special atk)

    whats your ign , i got what u need. 31.x.31.x.31.31 IGN EazyDog

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