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  1. there were atleast 2 alos already though. both found via pheno
  2. someone hire this guy for his ideas. fuck the people who need to realize them though
  3. i mean, when this topic got brought up in the suggestion forum multiple times in the last 12+ Months and all of those topics vanish after a few weeks with no dev response at all whatsoever, it doesnt look like they care
  4. this topic was brought up a ton of times already but devs dont care
  5. i would like to add to this discussion: rerelease the goddamn halloween event vanities... you said you can do it. how can one justify people need to spend 50-90m on those items? i dont know.... oh wait i do, because devs didnt rerelease shit yet. thanks
  6. EazyDog

    Value Advice

    i just had flashbacks to 2014 value discussion.... good times xD
  7. no im telling you what this person told me
  8. wasnt it you who told me you make 70m per week with berries? if that was the case i would even welcome another nerf to prices
  9. you always needed own pokemons
  10. EazyDog

    Value Advice

    I sold a female for 8m like 3 months ago, as it is rare though i can see someone pay like 10-15 for it now
  11. It was once implemented but searching in boxes took up alot of performance and time on mobile so they disabled it the way it was. I dont know how they didnt find a solution in this 6 months now though Edit: right now it will take you to the box of the pokemon which met the criteria, its useless though if you want to find a specific ditto in a box full of ditto for example.
  12. Someone post the new scyther that hatched today from a lucky cn .
  13. EazyDog

    Value Advice

    Prices for: Skulls? E-storm? Knight helmet? Jack o lantern? Thx
  14. I considered it but no way im risking the 30 attack , wish that ditto came earlier though :p
  15. Where did the gtl tax money go major? I dont see any new region or cities or items. F these corrupt politicians putting the money in their pocket to buy some vanity instead of giving back to the community. Vote Eazydog 2025 for Johto
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