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  1. When will hordes be added to the new region? At release? If so, which pokemon are we to expect to see in hordes? Shiny hunters would love an answer to this. It is okay if you guys are not thinking about this yet but please do so. Thank you.
  2. Name: FirestormJL Team (optional): Gløw Background (optional): Anything that you think would fit best. Render (Pokemon/Character): Shiny Charizard Scenery or Abstract (optional): Abstract Additional information (optional): Will mail you 100k in game as soon as the sig is ready. Thanks in advance. Feel free to whisper/mail me in-game if you have any questions or concerns.
  3. Text: FirestormJL Team (If you want it added): WOLF Character/Pokemon: shiny spheal and shiny marowak Background: black and silver Animation: yes plz Donation amount (If there is one): 200k maybe more if I really like the sig :)
  4. Item (Signature/Avatar/Both): Both Size: Whatever you think is best Render: Shiny Spheal and Shiny Marowak Color Scheme: Black and Silver Text if any: FirestormJL (on the signature only) Team: WOLF (on sig only)
  5. Name: FirestormJL Character: Shiny Marowak and Shiny Spheal Team: WOLF Animated Black and silver background/design
  6. I totally agree with this thread. The Shiny encounter rate should be the same for all of the accounts that people are playing on. It makes no sense that one account has the chance of encountering more Shiny Pokemon over another account. No one is complaining in this thread, but is rather promoting the idea that the Shiny encounter rate should be more fair to the current community base. New players/accounts should not have the benefit of encountering more shiny Pokemon, but instead should have the same encounter rate. Otherwise people can just keep making new accounts until they find one that they feel like they are encountering more shiny Pokemon and could abuse this sort of system. All about equality and fairness for all players. This really can let down veteran players and is not fair for them at all.
  7. Name: RedSoulz Team: VCO Background: Field/Dragon/Dark/anything that might fit in with theme Render: Seviper (If possible, shiny)
  8. Name: RedSoulz Team: VCO Render: Red from Pokemon anime
  9. Character: Red from Pokemon anime Name: RedSoulz Team: VCO
  10. I love it man. Thank you so much. If it wouldn't be too much to ask, could you possibly try doing a similar one with the Pokemon Seviper (Shiny if possible) for me please? I would really appreciate it if you could. Thanks once again. <3 You can change theme/background to whatever you think would work best. I am not too picky. Just put VCO and RedSoulz in there just like the one you made for Ho-Oh. It looks great.
  11. ♪ Background: Anything to match with Ho-Oh. <3 ♪ Colour theme: Prob Red/Orange/Yellow. Whatever is best for Ho-Oh. <3 ♪ Character(s): [Character name // Character picture] RedSoulz ♪ Text: [VCO] ♪ [Animation on the Text Yes] // [Animated background - Yes please.] Really appreciate you man. Thanks for helping out and supporting the community. <3 Let me know if you have any further questions. Thank you.
  12. I think adding a hotkey type feature for sweet scent etc... would be a great option. It would really help and require less clicking and moving around with your mouse. Some people like myself like to shiny hunt, and adding a feature such as this would really enhance the game play for the community in my opinion.  Thumbs up for this suggestion. 
  13. This guide definitely is helpful and thanks for putting in the time and effort for making this to help out the community. Really appreciated. Keep up the good work. 
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