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  1. Lets check battle chat, rip Misdreavus phase 9, but im happy for my PIX, wanted since 2016
  2. 19 OT Phase 2 rip murkrow/misdreavus 122k encounters
  3. not mine my team mate, other person :P TEAM ORPE ! !
  4. I always thought that for the pvp, they could have made seasons with the ranking, which could last from 2/3 months at most to then reset each time, and as a first prize put a title like that, Champion, Or Gladiator like world of warcraft and not only, to better incentivize from the first place to the fifth place other prizes, example: end of season first price OU = A Shiny comp, Second price chosen by you, your third and fourth prize choice. Instead of doing tournaments exclusively, the OU ladder is undervalued, and these I believe would be the best ways to encourage her to play more Ranked.
  5. I played world of warcraft 10 years of my life, I know how it works, I support the idea even though between world of warcraft and this game there is a big difference :)
  6. SIMONEP THE KING OF SAFARI , TEAM ORPE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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