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  1. IGN : EYL Country : South korea Tiers : doubles, cheerleading(main) Note : good luck have fun
  2. IGN: EYL Reason: cuz of team motto 'sign up or get kicked'. Ok its joke just for fun Preferred Tiers: doubles and scouting for teammate Competitive accolades: sorry im not competitive Discord contact (optional): Other random stuff: little busy in this year cuz of work but want to play or scout for teammate
  3. dubs eyl vs angelosred sunday 10:00 AM (10:00) GMT-5 = 0:00 AM (0:00) Next Day GMT +09
  4. omg.... i cant look for this man's intention to join the worldcup. what is ur purpose of joining world cup with disrespecting teammate?
  5. IGN : EYL Country : Korea Tiers : Doubles / lc
  6. gg redav bro i won. leggooo Machoke!!!
  7. me and sween on Saturday 1:00 pm GMT
  8. yeah but i made this acc long time ago, i have just watched player's text with no log in state <3
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