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  1. Yellooo :3   I think i will ^_^   free rent?   yo boi, thank yu for tha welcum bruh   forf... sounds like fork.. I already like them... @forf :O   I'll take a squiz :3
  2. Well now that I have your attention, I'm Aulterra.    You can call me Brendan if you'd like, i'm 23 and and Australian. I have red hair, i'm chubby, but I'm definitely not lazy. My job is a 38 hour per week job as a Night Filler and Load Splitter at Coles.  I mainly joined the forum to get an introduction in and inspect to see if there is a graphics forum section, but apparently I can't see it if there is 1.  So yeah, I love my games, my pokemon and can't get enough of technology, etc.    (If there is a graphics section, please let me know ^_^ thank you)
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