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  1.   He just wanted Electabuzz.
  2. Welcome to PokeMMO! If u have any questions feel free to PM me.
  3. idk i dont have problems with full bags porpably because i never spended money on potions and always sold the ones i found :p but yeah i dont really see a need for this kinda feature. (u have alot of items in ur bag i think u can sell and get more out of it then using them)
  4. I hope everyone enjoys the weeklys! Feel free to leave your Feedback!

  5. New Weeklys Hype!

  6. Welcome back! I hope you will enjoy your Time! :)
  7. thx to Nyas for my new signature!

  8. Hosting tmorrows KSEM OU tourney!

  9. Got my new signature thx to xvolvagiax!

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