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  1. Name: HoonDini Team: [FìRe] Background (optional): I trust your artistic eye. Render (Pokemon/Character): Honchkrow Scenery or Abstract (optional): Whichever's better. Additional information (optional): Came back for more cus the first one was great. Plus I want to be edgier and have a dark type poke.
  2. Name: HoonDini Team (optional): FìRe Render (Pokemon/Character): Rampardos or Honchkrow Scenery or Abstract (optional): I trust your artistic eye. Additional information (optional): You can choose between doing Rampardos or Honchkrow, maybe even both it's up to you. I don't want you to do anything you don't want so whatever floats your boat mang. 100k sent in the mail as well. Can send more if you see fit.
  3. Haven't seen the leaked episode yet, gonna wait to see it on the TV, Sunday. I'm starting to dislike Arya tho. She just shows her immaturity when she confronts Sansa about how she "let" the lords bad mouth Jon. "wHY dOn'T yOu kiLl tHeM FOr bADmouThiNg jOn?"
  4. I can't believe this was a big enough problem for you to make a post about it.
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