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  1. talking with a chinese friend, he told me the lunar year in china will start the 1st february, so most probabl the 31st night or in the evening of 1st feb will happen the update
  2. Yeeessses its overrrrrrr finallyyyyyyyyyyyy i got my bear!!!14k+ encounters with non stop Hunt get Rekt with Your donphan curses!! @Rache
  3. so if taunt or imprision , they will forced to struggle , and not to rematch? incase we remain like 1v1 or?
  4. DarylDixon


    hi, are you a girl?
  5. i just realized those servers names are jojo references, who made em you or desu

  6. @Kyu bruh, that's unfair , i want a like from pls
  7. Step 2 looking for shiny ursaring, failed again 19k+ encounters total. @Bearminator u can't dodge me for long
  8. i wonder how you let him get all those boosts kek
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