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    Pokémon GO

    kinda lazy to show my pages of shinies rofl
  2. well that a defo rip hahah, wanted to continue
  3. so i have to wait devs to fix that thing to me or?
  4. how t to resolve that thing i alraedy tried to go at veilstone ggym
  5. i lost a match vs my rival then when i was going back to rechallenge him it doesnt let me fight him again, and he say : im out of look blabla gym leader is gone to make a practice match vs the fight type gym leader
  6. well im kinda pissed because the 3rd gym 1hko everythign with her mismagius, if someone canhelp me to borrow me a pokemon to destroy her i will reward who help me. ign: toxicroak on pts
  7. not yet. but on island 5 saw alot of chineses farming amulet coins
  8. yea yea sure staff didnt hint chinas lel.
  9. @Matoka before ima do more posts of asking what pokes hold it pls can a staff tell us whut poke hold that item instad to tell only to chinas thx
  10. as titles just answer me pls thx.
  11. so how to farm small eggs
  12. i should stop selling revival herbs to devs damn
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