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  1. depend on the items it can go from 5 to 10% too iirc, it can be even low than that like example the lucky egg on chansey
  2. if i'ts something about destroying the carbonara , i wont forgive that from you remember <,,<<<
  3. Ign: zDaryl Showdown name DarylDixontwd Tiers: Nu mmo, OU gen8, UU gen8 oh wait isn't psl XIII SIGN UP F
  4. mandibuzz,skarmory,hyppowdon,ferrothorn smh, maybe umbreon too, what else can wall it? also who tf uses outrage on salamece to, also hydreigon doesn't have access to draco meteor pretty sure, don't see any problem with em
  5. team: garchomp garchomp gabite gible ?
  6. even machamp should be banned nothing else aside of spiritomb walls it
  7. just some pokes will change, the very big update will be with h.a mons, which gonna happen in 20 years prob
  8. stahp complain, garchomp uber direct for august or gbwead cant stall more :v
  9. id see you are the only who complain about garchomp because you can't handle it cmon
  10. banning garchomp would be a definitive idiotic stuff, you just want ban it cause you guys want to make every tiers possibly stallish like especially the ou
  11. i don't even comment about absol , just that thing is so idiotic, id just think since only some of sia members are active as tc they are doing whatever they want and what they like unfair af also there are even inactive tc, and munya seems like to no give a F to that thing... ok, it's true i don't know how does work tc stuff, just congratz to who let the 2 sia tc doing whatever good, job, see ya in august tier change might we will see new idiotic stuff sorry my bad english
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