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  1. damn, you guys are so cheap , tmorrow when il log back from work might ima send you guys something :D
  2. well that's not a ban , but it's kinda easy to know when someone is abusing of that, just check the low elo's, kinda impossible someone get less than 330elo points to.
  3. id would be happy even with 2x31 4x27 at least, especially wall mons with those 25 kinda useless
  4. well important i don't find myself, but i can battle with alt while im offline with the other, alrigh thx,
  5. so, people who's keep doing that type of thing will get banned, alright thank you. Also i can use alt in same time to playing it seriously? or i just have to playing with 1 main account? if i log off on my main and i play on the alt seriously , over using my main it's possible to do that?
  6. Hello guys, first of all, sorry for my english im not that good huehue. it's against the rules if i play nu ranked by using my main account + the alt? i mean, with the main i play seriously, with the secondary i just stall 5 turn to ragequit and farm the battlepoints or even doing serious matchess even with the alt. i see some players doing that type of thing because their elo is really really low (like around 300 or less). don't know if it's an abuse that type of thing, im just asking you if it's possible to do it, most people farm bp by doing that, and also if that is keep going since the update came out i wanted to ask you staff if it's against the rules or not doing that type of thing. i made the post just for this before doing that action which maybe can be against rules. as i said, sorry my english
  7. my heroes. tought they got you leaving home during quarentine damn id see an intruder hue
  8. also, why you guys decided to make the vanity untradeable one? is that about people gonna farm like mad with alts and grabbing money with those new vanities from pvp?
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