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  1. DarylDixon

    Pokémon GO

    kinda lazy to show my pages of shinies rofl
  2. well that a defo rip hahah, wanted to continue
  3. so i have to wait devs to fix that thing to me or?
  4. how t to resolve that thing i alraedy tried to go at veilstone ggym
  5. i lost a match vs my rival then when i was going back to rechallenge him it doesnt let me fight him again, and he say : im out of look blabla gym leader is gone to make a practice match vs the fight type gym leader
  6. well im kinda pissed because the 3rd gym 1hko everythign with her mismagius, if someone canhelp me to borrow me a pokemon to destroy her i will reward who help me. ign: toxicroak on pts
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