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  1. tmorrow @DoubleJ will open the doors on the first psl XIII match vs chuikincho i think
  2. yeah , spxter is a nice cute slave <3 uwu
  3. ill give you all info on discord, fine?
  4. can you make signs for me and my mans in psl? might you can start one for me if possible ign: zdaryl other stuff: sailor lunatones manager psl XIII Character: lunatone and sailormoon love u <3
  5. Dubs: Titoooo - Rendi LC: Urquidi - Baneadito M-OU: ZacMorales - Kiwikidd @nicollassiittoo i didnt betted on em, i just added all week 1 lineups on the betting thread that everyone can see it over going on the psl week 1 thread x) you have to find my bets on by going far on the page
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