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  1. i run heracross and linoone
  2. liar, i wrote born
  3. a new Jonulo/chesar is born guys...
  4. LF those Nu: Timid Exploud Modest Exploud Impish Qwilfish Adamant Granbull Jolly Granbull
  5. I'm Evtraining For: -
  6. Banner: cooming son. Hello there and welcome to my EV shop! My IGN is DarylDixonTWD PM ME: - By Forum Mail - By Ingame Mail - By Ingame whisper Rules: 1. Do not spam or harras. 2. I have the right to decline any offer if I'm busy so please do not PM me every 5 minutes asking if I'm done. 3. I will do everything in order so please wait till your pokemon(s) are done. -When you want to pm me on forum tell me your: IGN, Pokemon Name, Evs and Moveset. EV TRAIN PRICE: HP: 20K ATK: 20K DEF: 20K SP.ATK 15K SP.DEF: 25K SPEED: 15K Thank you , for using my Ev Service :) reserve
  7. can you all stop finding shiny ponyta plz i have like 50k encounters in that place and still nothing ;/
  8. what happened @Torinnnnn? i see u cry
  9. but she never win at least 1 of his favorite
  10. lmao u collecting only spearow and cubone family
  11. jaja not charmander get rekt
  12. the real dragon is charizard 111!!!111 oh, wait.....