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  1. DarylDixon

    NU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    it is ^^ Stop saying MaKe A CaLm sLoWkInG, RoCks BeAt HiM GNEGNE , rocks are everywhere, no one use calm slowking, not even altaria. just ban that broken poke
  2. @DemonicDax if i win can i get harvest as ability? :v
  3. DarylDixon

    Villa Gathering II (Saturday, Jan. 19th)

    this guy doing better prizes in TT than those bad gms good job boy
  4. 25,25,25,0,25,0 xdddddddddddddddd 25 hp atk and def jaja
  5. DarylDixon

    in case of 2 tourneys

    if you sign up for a tournament you are ineligible for a window pops up telling you you are ineligible for entry (that's incase there are 2 tourneys in same times) srry my english
  6. DarylDixon

    What you think about doing a World Cup?

    come on, its your favorite tier
  7. DarylDixon

    What you think about doing a World Cup?

    me, wanna triples?
  8. DarylDixon

    WTB Shiny Steelix female or Aggron

  9. DarylDixon


    350k bouffalant
  10. DarylDixon

    Valentine's Day

    as leg one lit
  11. DarylDixon

    UU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    UU Dnite or mence leggo
  12. DarylDixon

    WTS Some Comps ( LF Ground&Fire ElfBot Set )

    450k jolly rhydon

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