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  1. Heyo, so I am raffling a shiny Magmortar & more It's being held by @Revz TICKETS LEFT -196(200 total tickets) LIST BELOW Buyers: x4 - Kupokun Each Ticket costs 120k and should be mailed to EverDaryl Prize 1st Place: Shiny competitive magmortar Lvl 100 Nature: Modest Ivs: 27,31,24,31,2631 Moves:Thunderbolt,Psychic,FireBlast,FocusGuarenteedMiss Particles: yeah got limited halloween on e from pumpking and some others. Prize 2nd: Red Eyeball Mask Prize 3rd: Comp Ferroseed lvl 1: 31,30,31,x,31,0 with egg moves. and 5 premier balls
  2. @MathewMat hope u get ban
  3. gimme something to do guys plz
  4. up, lvl up and ev service back until xmas event will come
  5. one day you will know when something is broken on a certain tier
  6. LC: KiiritoX vs AurumPegasus a free win for kirito
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