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  1. 22 to 25, and 27 i mail u now or i catch u in game
  2. eh you wished shiny onix x) anyway better than graveler!
  3. #EggplantGetaway-careAlways#1
  4. another chary and dis guy have 5 days in dis game i bet when we get unova in 1 month we already have tepig,oshawott,snivy,chimchar,piplup and turtwig,axew,gible and other really rare shiny in newbies nabbs hands....
  5. nah is just all in devs hand to giveaway superrare shiny free at plebs later or quit or sell them for 1-2m like someone with shiny beldum sold for some milion
  6. what do you think? you're not a newbie easy to scam for this is fleed if you was one of those nabs pretty sure u would caught it.. but devs trick so much the shiny rate especially in safari so that's the result rip you man.. pls don't try again my favorite poke bro haha do for totodile or chiko at least
  7. so good luck ! im just waiting 5 gen to nerd for shiny sandile to evolve in to krokoodile
  8. guys rare shiny safari only newbies easy to scam can catch em so easy rip u godkawai who isn't nab to get easy scam a rare shiny = fleed rate 99,9% #ShinyRateTrickedHaFuck
  9. Not today, Not tmorrow but the day later tmorrow you gonna back active -Rick. Ok no jk. Good luck for u future man|
  10. Gratz BR BR BR huehuehueuhue cheater xd <3
  11. lmao still salty for that iron tail miss and sure TJ im gonna be happy to battle against u in TT i like get strong players against i learn so many things.
  13. Remember when VVVV players lose is always for haxx xd1!!!11 VVVV#1
  14. im so disgusted how staff gave the easy shiny starter catch rate at those newbie rofl
  15. challenge me