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  1. Alolan Persian has a head so fat it makes snorlax look thin hahaha #TeamAlolanVulpix<3
  2. blame game freak no alolan growlithe ;(
  3. alolan meowth isn't cute :c vulpix ye it is <3
  4. IGN: DarylDixon u can too Daryl Pogeymon: Vikavolt shiny and Luxray ( if u can't shiny do the normal ty) Background: meh one perfect for that poke if you can. Donation: tell me if u want
  5. can be too September 2017 or September 2030 hue
  6. i tought u chuff chuff so hard train thomas
  7. hello guys, i want to uggest implementing a system that makes BP trading possible, to help preventing scams. You could implement another box in the trading window where you Can set the amount of BP you want to trade And an indicator that show how many BPs you have, near the money indicator, in the upper left corner of the game screen. here some examples let me know your opinion and pls staff don't close the thread :c (sorry for my bad english too)
  8. inb4 spanish npc also it's happen at me too.. paralized + 5 times in a row static and horn drill 100% x2 times
  9. smeargle, linoone,jolteon,linoone,weezing those 5 me
  10. welcome back perry the platypus! ^^

  11. tthat's Torinnnnn vs Lazaro or Gazelli
  12. live direct meme battle http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-gen7ou-535985257 me vs theplebmike