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  1. I have nothing else to say about your comment... but I wanted to say that your signature is addictive to look at lol... especially the bounce XD
  2. LOL... WE WANT OUR TRICK OR TREATING... jk, but this and the Christmas event is a good way to make money for those willing to put in the work... I was looking forward to a good payout.
  3. Now this is something that I cannot condone... Different from the rest of the vanities, these untradable ones cannot be sold and therefore ARE a great way of determining who is an odler player... Not only that, but who was a SKILLED player in the earlier days... I WOULD be angry if they repeated the untradable vanities. That's an ENTIRELY different situation...
  4. That's not true at all... New players have the ability to BUY those older items... so it's not an accurate way of determining who is an old and who is a new player. Honestly the best way to determine that would be the dates they "met" their pokemon from the earlier dates, or when they joined their team (assuming they haven't been switching constantly), and (though this one isn't a perfect measurement) number of hours played slightly shows that... unless you're a kid who spends 24 hours during summertime playing...
  5. I only said what I said as a form of compromise. Of course I would PREFER new ones, but if they don't have new ones and Halloween is in a week then new ones wouldn't be possible... revisiting just a few old ones would be better in my opinion than no event at all...
  6. In addition... I think the 1 or 2 vanity from each year solves it because even though you're reusing and making it less exclusive, it's somewhat like a revisitation of previous years favorites... kind of like when an old video game is re-released with better graphics. People love nostalgic crap...
  7. I was looking forward to the Halloween Event... Even if it's the same. I mean it was the same between 2015 and 2016, with the only difference being the items... The year exclusive vanity issue could be resolved by either just including specific vanities from each year (like maybe 1 or 2 from each year) and the rest being other items; some very useful (everstones), some not as useful (underpriced TMs)
  8. Could you make me a signature consisting of Mudkip, Cloyster, and Starmie. Underwater with the name NefasDomin... Grazie
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