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  1. For me it was a surprise. I thought the female titan was Krista Lenz lol
  2. Lvl 1 Sassy Ivs: 31-30-30-13-28-0 Evs: 0 Ability: Levitate 570k IGN: Souu
  3. Why Grisha Jaeger was the "beast titan" when he ate Frieda Reiss? Eren Kruger inherited him the "attack titan". And after that Grisha Jaeger inherited his son Eren Jaeger the "attack titan", and Zeke Jaeger is the "beast titan" WTF
  4. Ferligatr Jolly lvl 50 Ivs: 28-30-27-x-31-31 Evs: 248 attack, 6 def, 4 def esp, 252 speed Moves: Waterfall, Ice Punch, Crunch, Swords Dance Egg Moves: Aquajet Ambipom Adamant lvl 50 Ivs: 27-30-25-x-30-31 Evs: 4ps, 248 attack, 6 def, 252 speed Moves: Return, Fake Out, U-turn, Fire Punch Egg Moves: Beat Up Simisear Modest lvl 50 Ivs: 28-x-29-31-31-31 Evs: 6 def esp, 252 sp attack, 252 speed Moves: Flamethrower, HP Rock, Grass Knot, Nasty Plot Stunfisk Calm lvl 50 Ivs: 30-x-28-27-30-31 Evs: 248 ps, 4 sp attack, 248 sp def, 10 speed Moves: Discharge, Rest, Stealth Rocks, Muddy Water Zangoose Jolly lvl 50 Ivs: 26-31-25-x-30-31 Evs: 252 attack, 6 def, 252 speed Moves: Return, Fire Punch, Quick Attack, Swords Dance
  5. Anyways nobody would vote him becuase he is a ratkid
  6. me vs kiwikid on 10 minutes I won. gg was a really good duel
  7. Souu vs Schuchty in 10 minutes
  8. There is something called kindness. Nobody has the autority to speak this badly about someone, specially if you are a crybaby that complains when someone kick your ass on pvp or when you want a psl host to change his decisions.
  9. Agree with all. But also move Togekiss to ubers. Today or yesterday (i forget the day) I got flinched like 40 consecutive times by 2 Togekiss.
  10. Please increase the prize, 650k is too low for a 64 players tourney with no shiny pokemon. I mean you get an invite but that's not such an amazing prize and it isnt enough.
  11. Not only for android. This would be appreciable also for computer.
  12. because that duel is the best of the week
  13. jajaja ctm. go to the bathroom forro :v
  14. Dynamic Monkeys (0) Vs The Raging Noctowls (0) OU: enchanteur vs ZDfire 60k Taken by Kamimi(paid) UU: xluneth vs Mkns 50k Taken by Dioxpro (subs) OU: pitzzin vs Kiwikidd 50k Drako.. Dracarys! (0) Vs The Beefy Bouffants (0) Doubles: Lluvia vs RealDevilLegend 60k OU: Titooo vs Hallen 100k Taken by Plata (paid) 1 per bet
  15. @Marifran If you unfortunately had internet problems that inhibit you to honorable paying your bet just mail my money to my IGN "Souu". Also i want to remember you that you owe money to my teammates diegoxpro (150k) and xLuneth (500k). If you dont send the money its scam and i would ask for putting your name on blacklist. Surprisingly zigh also was scammed by a girl characther player. Finally i want to recommend people in general not to take bets with people they dont know. People told me this "MariFran" is you @KarifuraMMO.
  16. Krafty Krooks (Win) Vs Munya's Kecleons (Lose) 100k Void tie. Only 1 bet :)
  17. Best team. We will to win this shit :)
  18. WTS good team names: Machine Flygun Kelly Ur Mom In Tangaskhan Arca10 Messis Chorizords Grandes Yansuper Ultra Gigas 100k each one, if im not online send the money by mail :)
  19. x4 pokes with weakness to fight type, and nothing to stop it. Also you can do nothing against gengar. Finally Blissey Bold>Calm.
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