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  1. no, because gyarados is not a safe switch against conkel. if you switch and conkel hits facade or thunder punch gg gyarados. Also i want to say that i think choise scarf mixed mienshao is not a good idea, no lifeorb + no evs on special attack doesnt 1hitKO Gliscor and gives the opponent free turn to switch to special wall. Volcarona HP Electric can also put you on trouble if your mienshao died or miss stone edge.
  2. Carracosta, Archeops, Crustle, Armaldo, Magmortar, Marowak,Sawk and other good pokemons are Untiered. So its not like Untiered are pokemons with no competitive use.
  3. lol no please :v the game would be worst than it is now with all that changes
  4. anyways 9k is little money. And it takes too much time and now is not convenient using amulet coin.
  5. nah, they give like 6-7k
  6. Each gym gives like 6k, thats not a lot...
  7. Nature would always depends on moveset and your playstyle. Particulary i think best nature for Hitmonchan is Adamant. And 76 stat speed is not poor, actually it is really good for this wallbreaker role, poor speed is 50 or less stat base but also on this cases you have to study if some evs invest would give you some adventages. So my answer is Adamant 252 Atack and 252 Speed for Hitmonchan. About Hydreigon and Haxorus also depends on their sets so this are my answers for them: Hydreigon: Choise Scarf Modest, Choise Spects Timid, Taunt Timid. Haxourus: Choise Band Adamant, Swords Dance Jolly, Dragon Dance Jolly.
  8. Which items contains the PVP Mysterious Box?
  9. Yeah Daddy Yankee's songs during PVP op
  10. soyhector


    Prices of goods are regulated by demand. +Cash -----> + Demand -----> Higher Prices.
  11. soyhector


    It would affect the economy. Prices of all goods would rise up, and you would be obligated to farm gyms like a fucking slave.
  12. For me it was a surprise. I thought the female titan was Krista Lenz lol
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