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  1. Team Name : Souu's project and his mates IGN: LuisAnderson CAPTAIN IGN: Souu IGN: EmmaCACHJ IGN: we dont know yet
  2. You live in the past. You must live in the present and/or the future. Also I want to clarify that it is not that there arent good players nowadays. What happens is that nowadays is more difficult to win tournaments for each person than in the past, because the number of good players increased a lot.
  3. I thought OG were old players who won tournaments on 3rd gen. And NG new players that are winning tournaments now.
  4. That looks more like an old school players tournament. Less interesting than facing old and new competitive players. Also think the OG players must be active. If not some of them are going to play OU with a team like this: Charizard Belly Drum, Forretres, Tauros, Umbreon, Swampert, Modest Crobat with no Nasty Plot or Roost :v
  5. Hello "I'm hosting tonight a 4v4 doubles tournament coz Im bored", I'm Hector.
  6. It is possible that many people do not pay attention to details and do not know that UU/NU PVP exists by the way the PVP window is designed.
  7. Personally i dont think its a good decision. Since we have talked a lot about this topic and since Togekiss doesnt have good checks, only 2: Dragonite wall haze and Jolteon Wall Wish. But talking seriously both arent such good in general situations. I sold my Togekiss trusting on a good decision by the tier counciels but this looks like some of them like abusing the RNG so thats why Togekiss is not banned...
  8. Plis dont let hosts pick all the managers. Shitty decisions were always made. The community should vote.
  9. No more 128 players tournaments with no shiny prizes please. 128 players is long even for shinny prizes, so imagine the demotivation that causes that bad prizes to competitive players.
  10. Oh I didnt expect this was true :c I knew Andrea since I was newbie. She was the most patient person I've ever met here and the only one that accepted every time I asked for a duel. She had a pure heart and that is how I going to remember her. I have more thoughts about her, but I dont know how to express them since it would be dificult for me to do it even in my native language. I will pray for her.
  11. But you started answering to my reply genius lol
  12. i was answering razimove. And i was talking about 0 iv sp attack con physical pokemons, foul play and confusion are not related to this.
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