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  1. Team Name: Little VeteransTeam Tag: LiveRegistered Players: zAnderson, ZDFire, Mlhawk, Souu, Crisscy, RayUwU, Yaritan, awaLLz, IKillua, SkullDeus, Brianattackpro, Oscarfail, MataTodoTeam Captain: zAnderson
  2. You don't speak for me. I don't want to complete another region story if it doesn't provide new competitive content.
  3. UU: zanderson vs jasonsparrowx 100k 1st duel. Taken by Cali. I won this one @calidubstep NU: ZDFire vs Tawla 100k 1st duel. Taken by Drayton ZDFire was subbed so this bet is canceled @drdray One bet per duel Cali PAID. Ty
  4. i said don't comment noobs i said don't comment noobs x2. 150k it's not even what it costs to breed it
  5. P.S: please dont offer noobs.
  6. I will take this as an offense. Serious offers please.
  7. Lvl 50 Adamant Ivs: 27-30-28-x-30-31 Evs: 248 attack, 252 speed, 10 def Set: brave bird, u-turn, defog, roost
  8. its dificult becuase there would be so much swaps to do. I recomend you to focus on "cores", examples: fire + water + grass or psy + dark + fight or other. And put a swampert, gliscor or jolteon for anti-voltswich. After that, complete de next 2 spaces with pokes for utility/coverage purposes. Thats the way i build. or you can use the classic rain team if you dont want to teambuild :v . Peliper + kingdra + kabutops + ferrotorn + mixed dragonite + conkeldur (or somethig like that)
  9. put an anti-voltswich pokemon there, because jolteon or magnezone could be a lot problematic for you.
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