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  1. soyhector

    World Cup week #4

    .... Sos de mi equipo idiota
  2. soyhector

    World Cup week #4

    Me (Argentina) vs Mhkaserz (Africa) Tier Nu In 10 minutes
  3. soyhector

    [OU Discussion] Togekiss

    big difference, now you can see your future flinches before they happened
  4. soyhector

    World Cup week #3

    ?????????????????????????????????????????? what kind of answer is that? im not from spain, and im not appropriating merit of teammates (like you).
  5. soyhector

    World Cup week #3

    how many duels did you win for contribute to that?
  6. soyhector

    World Cup week #3

    I won. gg
  7. soyhector

    [World Cup] Bets and prediction

    Venezuela vs Argentina A NU: Nekroskulldark vs Souu 150k. only 1 bet :v (PAID)
  8. please someone do that with the leftovers, they are expensive.
  9. soyhector

    World Cup week #2

    Souu (Arg) vs Mkns (Belg) in 10 minutes. Tier UU
  10. soyhector

    [OU Discussion] Togekiss

    Why is that "your point"? that was one of the points that started this discussion. You said without the RNG ability people would still use Togekiss, and that was the argument I refuted.
  11. soyhector

    [OU Discussion] Togekiss

    lol yes it is. 90% of the reason to use togekiss is exactly that.
  12. soyhector

    [World Cup] Bets and prediction

    Spain A vs Argentina A Ou: KiiwiKidd vs ACZINO Uu: Joalza vs Wiriketchup Nu: xMago vs Walerito Lc: Zigh vs Nagahex Doubles: Navetas vs Titoo 100K ARGENTINA A WINNING THIS WEEK Only 1 bet Ign: souu
  13. soyhector

    Villa Gathering II (Saturday, Jan. 19th)

    Team Name: Little Veterans Team Tag: [Live] Players: ZDFire, MlHawk, CrissCy, LuisAnderson, Wiriketchup, Nahwel, xLuneth, Oscarfail, Brianattackpro, dIOxpro, Gioxon, Souu Team Captain: Wirikepchup

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