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  1. Kingdra Modest 340k Set: Muddy Water (egg move), Ice Beam, Dragon Pulse, Protect Ivs: 27-x-28-30-30-31 Evs: 10 Ps, 248 Sp Attack, 252 Speed Audino Sassy 330k Set: Protect, Wish (egg move), Heal Pulse, Simple Beam. Other egg moves: Sweet Kiss, Yawn, Encore Ivs: 30-x-28-x-30-0 Evs: 248 Ps, 14 Def, 248 Sp Def Torkoal Quiet 340k Set: Earth Power, Flamethrower, Protect, Eruption (egg move) Ivs: 27-x-30-30-26-0 Evs: 252 Ps, 248 Sp Attack, 10 Sp Def Lilligant Timid 320k Set: Leaf Storm, Sleep Powder, Helping Hand, After You Ivs: 27-x-27-30-31-31 Evs: 4 Ps, 248 Sp Attack, 6 Sp Def, 252 Speed
  2. zanderson registered befor me. with this information: Team Name: Little Veterans Team Tag: [Live] Registered Players: zAnderson , ZDFire , Souu , Mlhawk , Wiriketchup , RayUwU , CrissCy , lkillua , yaritan , Mansterix Team Captain: zAnderson
  3. hi, if u want to pay 375k its a deal. also the hitmonlee has maxpp on HJK and Stone Edge so u you dont need to spend on that.
  4. Hitmonlee JOLLY Lvl 50 Ivs: 28-30-26-x-31-31 Evs: 248 Attack, 252 Speed, 10 Def Moves:High Jump Kick, Mach Punch, Double Edge, Stone Edge Excadrill CAREFUL Male Lvl 50 Ivs: 30-28-27-x-30-31 Evs: 248 Ps, 248 Sp Def, 14 Speed Moves: Earthquake, Rock Slide, Stealth Rocks, Rapid Spin Slowking BOLD Female Lvl 50 Ivs: 31-x-30-26-28-31 Evs: 252 Ps, 248 Def, 10 Speed Moves: Scald, Flamethrower, Toxic, Slack Off Durant JOLLY Female Lvl 50 Ivs: 30-30-28-x-31-31 Evs: 248 Attack, 252 Speed, 10 Sp Def Moves: Iron Head, Stone Edge, X Scizor, Hone Claws Offer! Here or ingame (IGN Souu)
  5. I explained it previously, it would centralize and perjudicate offensive playstyle. Please read carefully what I wrote before if you are not going to add new information or discuss something new, so you dont make me waste time.
  6. Oh god. Why i lost my time explaining?
  7. U-turn punishers are not generally unhealthy, im talking about Garchomp like a particular case. By the reason of its type it would be Voltswitch and U-turn punisher at same time, and thanks of its movepool and versatility neither steel pokes have free switch against Garchomp (Fire Blast). I talked about centralizing because using U-turn wont be realiable like now, and for example Darmanitan, Physical Infernape, spinners and probably some other pokes would be harmed.
  8. I saw it like this: It would centralizate the teambuilding. It would be an unhealthy u-turn punisher. Wally playstyle boosted, more 2 hours duel ---> tourneys of 1000000000 hours.
  9. Rough Skin Garchomp would be ultra hyper Cancer.
  10. I support the idea that Zoroak would be a problem on NU. I dont see good wall options to stop it, and it has a really good wallbreaker movepool. I think it would force players to play more ofensive teambuildings than they usually do, and duels would depend a lot on luck (fear of Dark Pulse flinches).
  11. if it doesnt bring new content wont be implemented. and sorry for me why? you are taking this too much personal, its only a game friend. im not triggered lol. it looks more like you are triggered. i mean i only said my opinion and a bunch of random players started to contradict me. Your commentary was too long so i didnt read it all. Calm down man. Dont take it personal. I didnt read your commentary sorry, was too long.
  12. i dont know if its relevant for future calcs but we only lost 1 duel. On the final round
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