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  1. I want to say that DPP should be replaced this season. At least for BW, the reason why im saying this is beacuse previously (before the update) DPP was quite a "future tier" and that mades it really entertaining. But now that we have 5th gen on Pokemmo DPP has nothing for surprise people. If its replaced for BW for example, we could see how could be Pokemmo if all items and pokemons were implemented (including legendaries) and that should be really intresting.
  2. soyhector


    https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/37-ban-appeal/ Si no hiciste nada malo hace el reclamo ahi, tenes que hacerlo en lenguaje ingles. Si no tiene tiempo de finalizacion significa que estas baneado permanentemente. Aun asi depende de que hiciste (si es que hiciste algo) podes hacer una nueva cuenta y seguir jugando o no jugar mas si te banean de IP.
  3. soyhector

    se NECESITA una nueva tier

    Actually a lot of pokemon from that list can be used on NU. For example Primeape, Nidoqueen, Ninetails, Dodrio, Ambipom, Gligar and Masquerain have posibly high % of usage. Other can be used without problem, it depends on you using them. Also some pokemons from that list are now Lc like Nosepass, Lickitung, Murkrow, and i dont know if i forget something. Personally i like NU a lot, maybe if a new tier is created it could make boring NU because would have less variety. So in conclution i dont know :v
  4. soyhector

    WTS Bold Eevee Male

    Future Vaporeon or Glaceon Male Evs: 0 Lvl: 1 Ivs: 30-x-31-29-28-30 Egg Moves: Wish, Protect. Price: 450k SOLD, TY!
  5. soyhector

    I can't trust people

    I suggest you not to breed 6x31Scizor. 31 Sp Attack will be waste of money and will be useless, just 5x31 + nature if you want it perfect.
  6. soyhector

    12 Turns, Weezing was frozen solid... -_-

    "exploiting bugs...i've seen people banned in other games for doing this" so you are trying to threaten people...he didnt insult you or another wrong thing, he only had luck, and its only a duel. Dont be a ratkid please...
  7. soyhector

    Quick Wishlist

    Put all the MTs on every market, its really annoying to look for on all of them only to buy 1. Also MTs are hard to find because on the upgrades were moved.
  8. soyhector

    Hurricane is bugged

    I dont know if its only my bad luck but every hurricane confuses my pokes on the 1st hit, and also 100% times my pokemon hit itself. That Happened me more than 10 consecutive times.
  9. soyhector

    Competitive Tournaments

    Dont forget about the leftovers bug please. Its the biggest issue on competitive scene nowadays. Have passed like 3 upgrades without correcting this big problem.
  10. Yes, plis fix the leftovers bug. I asked for that like 10 times yet :/
  11. soyhector

    A Player you will never forget.

    diOxproo, he was so pro like his name told it :'v
  12. soyhector


    Please fix the leftovers bug D:
  13. soyhector

    Make Tournament Brackets Flexible

    Or they could do 2 or 3 tournaments of 32 spots at the same time.
  14. soyhector

    nikeboy's alt

    Badboy Geezyboy Starboy Yeezyboy CarolinaHerreraboy Boludoboy
  15. soyhector


    if you breed a porygon 6 x 30-31 with dittos I regret to inform you that you are sick of the head.

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