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  1. Looks like you dont have answers vs others rain teams. For this kind of teambuild in my opinion is better Ferrothorn than Forretres. Also Superpower instead Aquajet on Kabutops would help you to defeat Ferrothrns, because withouth that adjustment it stops all your attacks. I mean your Scizor has Superpower but its strange that people stay with Ferrothorn on that situation, people usually switches. Also can you explain me why Bulky Scizor? Scizor for rain team is usually ofensive, because rain can also help your oponent on some circumstances (for example Scizor vs Milotic on rain, the Scald would hurt you a lot and you couldnt take adventage of U-turn momemtum confortably)
  2. Yeah Daddy Yankee's songs during PVP op
  3. Curselax evs spread depends on personal preferences/calcs you did on Showdown Pokémon Damage Calculator. Some people spread its evs between Ps, Def and Def esp. Personally I like Curselax with almost all evs on Ps and Sp Def and some evs on Speed. I recomend you to look for pokes you want to bread on Smogon so you can have and idea (our metagame is not the same as BW Smogon, because we dont have legendaries and we have also some diferent moves/tutors and diferent damages on some moves, instead of that Smogon could help you a lot). You only have to write for example "Snorlax Smogon BW" on google (BW: Black and White, 5th generation).
  4. Clasics Timid Nasty Plor or Adamant Swords Dance works really good. Evs: 252 speed and 252 sp attack or attack respectively. Dont forget the egg moves, Vacuum Wave for the Timid one, Crunch and Bullet Punch (only if you want to use it instead of Extreme Speed) for Adamant Lucario.
  5. If they release the PTS supposedly they should release sinnoh in less than 1 week. If not the PTS is absurd.
  6. I think we should wait until sinnoh release. New pokemones will have impact on the composition of all tiers.
  7. soyhector


    Prices of goods are regulated by demand. +Cash -----> + Demand -----> Higher Prices.
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