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  1. Bro, are you stupid? When did this turn into Live vs Lava?? It was only Mikasa vs me, nobody else. You are trying to offend people that didnt insult you. Also they are not going to respond to you, because they are polite and mature person.
  2. Now say that without crying lol. Literally this is you: "I have not proofs of you avoiding Krillin but I have the reason. Also im not going to answer your points because I dont have arguments. Instead of that you are newborn baby and I am a mature person" I will never avoid nobody, thats why I bet on week 4 saying "no matter who my rival is". Because I didnt care if It was Krillin or other. Also if you think that I'm not a good player and that you can win against anybody feel free to ask me for a duel. But let me guess...you will avoid saying "I'm not gonna waste
  3. How is that? How you suppose I avoid him if: 1) I didnt know what tier he would play, 2) I'm not the manager of Team Live, so I dont choose if I go NU 1 or NU 2. 3) Why must I have fear about dueling Krillin? 4) And finally...Are you understimating Wally? Because in my opinion Krillin and Wally are same level.
  4. You should change your nick to MikasaArrogant instead of MikasaAckerman.
  5. It sounds arrogant anyways. Also the "no matter who my rival is" were my words before week 4, but it was different...in my case that words dont look arrogant because I'm super pro and the most common is me winning my matches. Nevertheless, I stoped saying that words for respect to my opponents.
  6. NU: JasonSparrowX vs Souu 600k on me winning
  7. Souu (Live) vs Wally (Lava) in 15 minutes Tier NU
  8. 300k on me winning my duel of week 4, no matter who my rival is. Paid by LimbowRed ty!
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