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  1. Hi, so there is a good explanation for this. Almost all hats have something called a 'Hair Mask' . The Hair Mask is made up of magenta colored pixels surrounding the hat. Any pixels of hair underneath the mask is told to render as transparent - this is done to maximize compatibility among all hairstyles, and to make things look 'clean'. By 'compatibility', I mean that players are able to equip the hat without the hairstyle they are using needing to be swapped out due to pixels being cut off, or things looking particularly messy etc. Here is an example of a hair mask: As you can see, it has a particular cut off point around the ears, and also cover the face. This is also the case for the Jester Hat you are using above. The issue here is that the Cursed Mask is categorized as a 'Hairstyle' rather than a hat. The reason for this is because in its initial design it was much larger, and when the player faced forward, if it was categorized as a hat its pixels would have overlapped the hair when facing forward (which would look very weird, because of course if the character is facing away, the hair should be in front of a mask on the characters face). As such, it is being affected by the Hair Mask on the Jester Hat. In the more modern revision of the Cursed Mask, it has been consolidated down, and it's now possible to categorize it as a 'Hat', as intended. However I have been requesting this change for some years now, and it seems it has been lost on the backburner, so I'll try and poke the relevant people to get it changed.
  2. Hi sandronejm, sharing a screenshot unfortunately isn't a very good way to share your night time visual experience, as it will appear differently depending on the settings of each persons monitor. In the same way, this is also the case for how each player will perceive night time in game. Night time has been designed with a standard monitor calibration/colour scale. As others have pointed, I believe your display settings may be a little on the dark side, as a majority of players have not reported having any issues with the brightness of night-time. It could of course also just be personal preference.
  3. Hi, please try selecting "Repair Client" from the title screen, and see if that resolves your issue.
  4. It is intentional because the afo is so big and doesn't co-operate with hat layering very nicely. What actually happens is that the afro gets cut off without a border and looks like it's half-vanished into thin air. Because of this, it gets swapped out for a smaller default when a hat is equipped.
  5. I understand this may come as a disappointment for some, but after much discussion it has been decided that Little Cup will be removed from the tier list next update. We don't believe that it's in the best interest of the game to try to keep it alive in an official capacity anymore. It is unlikely that the tier has any significant growth potential, due to its gimmick-y nature and the difficulty of building for it without a guide or stat calculator, it stands little chance of gaining a large enough player-base to keep matches running consistently if given a matchmaking slot. We also believe that at this point in the game, the tournament slots it is occupying are better spent on other tiers/formats that players are more likely to invest in. We often see 16-man tournaments failing to fill, and when 32-man tournaments at more favorable times of day do fill, the people in them are often the same. To give it proper send-off, we'll be having one final tournament for it with a nice prize, but after its conclusion and the tier's slot in the January team tournament, there will be no more. For the players who enjoyed the tier, with the ability to set custom level scaling, it can still be kept alive unofficially as it largely has been already; as well as in our hearts. Thank you to all those who have shown their support and put effort into keeping the tier alive over the years, we hope to see you in the other tiers too!
  6. Could you elaborate more on this? Which vanities are you making a comparison to from previous years compared to current, and which suggestions in the vanity thread do you think would make good limited releases?
  7. Well I liked drawing them, if it counts for anything; they were unique.
  8. The point of the makeover kit is to provide you the ability to change your base items, which is why only those are visible in the preview.
  9. Buck teeth would be more centered. Anyway, I'll lock this thread as it seems the question has been answered.
  10. That's correct. I'd assume the price is lower because they're less visually impressive; I don't believe the rate for them differed in any way, but we're talking many years ago now so I could be wrong.
  11. You'll have to purchase it from the GTL specifically, those items were not included within Goodie Bags.
  12. It was pointed out in the original post - it damages the current market by making available more breeding fodder in a shorter period of time. It also further damages the market because several rarer species appear in hordes as a group, meaning if they were all obtainable their value would also diminish.
  13. Hi MasterRaika, please make a post here and hopefully our support team will be be able to assist you: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/47-support-request/
  14. This is correct, they're for the glory.
  15. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pareidolia
  16. Since the UI doesn't currently display what you're playing for, I will grant your request: Gold Summer Crown: Silver Summer Crown: Bronze Summer Crown: Good luck to all participating!
  17. It's been ready to be moved to the hat slot for about 3 years, eyes would require adding default eyes to the mask. I'm not sure what the reaction to this would be.
  18. What are your thoughts on Limited Vanity items without a night glow effect?
  19. No, it isn't possible to replace player characters.
  20. No I completely understand, but you're taking a shortcut by sharing 'mons between your team members each time; it's not unreasonable to pay a small fee to up the happiness each time. If you want to avoid doing that, make your own party members and you'll only have to pay up until the point that the monster is finished. Why is it an outdated mechanic? You're missing the point, I can make as many accounts as I'd like and use them to get the happiness bonus just as many times daily.
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