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  1. Darkshade

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    Who are you and what have you done with 4F?
  2. Darkshade

    hidden abilities

    Yes, it will not have Unaware - nor would it in vanilla under the same rules.
  3. Darkshade

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    I would love to say yes, but we still have some other features/parts of development we need to get out of the way. Dungeons are fun to work on, so believe me - it's not for lack of enthusiasm.
  4. Darkshade

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    As I pointed out in a post a few pages back: And given you that you were one of the people actively complaining about a lack of a Christmas event before we released one: I don't understand how you can sit there and claim that it doesn't make sense.
  5. Darkshade

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    No, I'm saying having them re-breed would be a boost to the economy, whether it would be good as a mechanic for that specific purpose or not. Please do not attach connotations to my statements that aren't there. EDIT: We will assess the shiny situation though. Speaking personally again, Hidden Ability pills for Gift Prizes specifically may not be a terrible idea. I'm specifically referring to bred-shinies exclusively.
  6. Darkshade

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    I'm not saying your complaints are invalid, but you're using 2 extremes that aren't relevant to both a majority of players or the majority of 'mons bred and obtained within the game. And yes, unironically even in your example it would be a boost to the economy due to more shinies sunk. (I'm neither saying it's 'good', but your passive-aggressiveness is actually correct).
  7. Darkshade

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    We're only working on 1 dungeon at the moment, I don't know whether we'll have a PTS for it. As pointed out, unfortunately it's still on the side. Nothing is entirely set it in stone yet. Unpopular opinion, but speaking as an individual on the subject, I personally think it'd be a waste of potential (both economically and in terms of content) to go with the pill option.
  8. Darkshade

    hidden abilities

    Not yet, no.
  9. Darkshade

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    It depends on how you're asking that question. If you're asking how far into the first dungeon Hidden Abilities will be made available - then that's not something that has been fully decided yet. If you're asking whether they'll be made available at the same time as the dungeon itself is, then yes - that's the intention.
  10. Darkshade

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    Alright, this is getting a little ridiculous, so let me just set a few things straight. I'm going to do a mass-response and hopefully it should encompass the answers to most of your questions. We first mentioned our intention to create dungeons a long time ago. Why? Because legendaries are a very hot topic, and we received many questions about why they were not introduced. We knew that we did not want to make them available in the traditional sense, and instead make them a little more prestigious - so after a talk among the development team, we decided that dungeons was the best way to handle them. So the question comes up; "Why can't I capture a legendary?" and the answer becomes "Because we're saving them for dungeons". That's a lot more satisfying answer, because it shows our intent to make the game more interesting instead of just withholding legendaries for no reason. So, naturally over time the next question becomes "When are you releasing dungeons" And we didn't know, I think the first time we mentioned them publicly we hadn't even reached Hoenn - there was a lot to think about. "Eventually" became a round-a-bout answer. Cue summer 2018, we decide now is a good time to perhaps make a start on fulfilling that dungeon promise, We've just released Gen V, and that should be a decent amount of content to keep players happy for some time. We discuss concepts, design maps, sprite tiles, draw maps, make a decent start. But let me tell you - this is no easy feat, we want these dungeons to last. We want to bring you content that is probably (at least in the planning stages) going to take at least an hour of your time to complete, built entirely from the ground up. We're talking fully custom large-scale maps with brand new overworld aesthetics, proper boss fights, interesting puzzles, 'the whole shebang'. It's quite the task, but we think we're capable of it. We announced that we started work on the first dungeon a little after this time, and that the first one would be tied to the Kanto. However, some things came up - RMT issues, other features, holiday events. We had to put our work on dungeons aside for a little while, because we wanted to give them the attention they required, and not rush them. This is nobodies fault, but I think a lot of our players would have been unhappy if these things were not dealt with. So there seems to be a few common questions here: Why not give us an ETA? Because we don't have one at this time, I'm not sure if we've ever actually given one - and if we did, at this stage it's incorrect. Why don't you show us what you've got so far? We want it to be a surprise, showing you what we have would make it less exciting on release and also give away which legendary we have decided to build a dungeon around, which (at least at this stage) is not something we want to do. Are you making this all up? No. We're not crazy enough to tell our players that we started working on something just to keep them on the hook. We don't stand to gain anything in that scenario except distrust in the long-term. Look, we're just as excited about dungeons as you are. We've had a lot of fun discussing the concepts and building something fresh. It's the first time we've really been able to put our collective skill-set to the test in an attempt to create something new. As for when this first dungeon will its eventual release, we don't have a satisfying answer for you yet unfortunately, but I'm fairly certain we're all pretty eager to want to begin building it again.
  11. Darkshade

    Vanity | Particle Suggestion Thread

    A custom one that is unlikely to see public release, sorry.
  12. Darkshade

    Nice Capture Rate&Pokemons

    Try checking the 'dex, it's more accurate to the learnsets and based on a different generation.
  13. Darkshade

    Nice Capture Rate&Pokemons

    It has a catch rate of '45', which is reserved for rare or evolved species, this is not the case for most others. Can you give some examples?
  14. Darkshade

    "Event" items are limited?

    Honestly, this is as accurate as of an answer as I can give: Whether or not selling the item is a good idea is dependent on what your current goal is (money or hopes of re-obtaining it in the future).
  15. Darkshade

    Catching rate system.

    That's hardly surprising - it's not often that people complain about something that works in their favor.

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