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  1. Darkshade

    Question about vanities

    No problem, this will be fixed in a coming patch.
  2. Darkshade

    Question about vanities

    Yes, to both.
  3. Darkshade

    Proposed rework to the Shiny System.

    It's dead? What makes obtaining a shiny a satisfying experience (as with any other commodity that fits into a similar category) is a mixture of monetary value and rarity. If you take these things away, that reward/satisfaction is gone - it's not special anymore; which is their purpose in design.
  4. Hey aren't you that one guy

  5. POKE

    Edit not bold enough: POKE

  6. Darkshade

    System of auction

    Non-money offers are honestly too much of a mess to even try and handle when we already have a working global currency that everyone requires.
  7. Darkshade

    obedience level

    If you were reading it from general online sources for the vanilla game, that would be true. However here, we require you to beat the E4 to fully unlock your obedience levels.
  8. He is normal in that area, just rare.
  9. Darkshade

    Proposed rework to the Shiny System.

    You have to incorporate systems like this with a better sink, and then implement them at the same time.
  10. What makes you think that dungeons are going to ruin the lore?
  11. Darkshade

    Lowered Shiny Chances?

    You're right, and whether the increase of players is always going to be proportional to the demand is unlikely, since unlike many other commodites, 'shinies' are an entirely optional and inconsequential (being vanity only) thing to hunt or collect. If you then take into consideration that one of the things that makes shinies attractive is their rarity, and that the current system effectively is just leading to a permanent increase of each species, less people may be inclined to take an interest in them anyway.
  12. Darkshade

    Earning money from killing wild pokes

    I know, that was the point of my post.
  13. Darkshade

    Earning money from killing wild pokes

    Slayer is a specific skill though (much like regular NPC re-battles in this case), and not your everyday mob kill. I don't disagree at all that there need to be more options available for making money (and we have dungeons on the way as one of them), but what is effectively passive income is not really the way to go about it. All of the examples given do reward you with benefits other than money, but they're being disregarded for not being the focus of the topic.
  14. Darkshade

    Earning money from killing wild pokes

    It's simply not though. Maybe some of the better money making methods, but general rematches are not out of scope for the 'Non Elite' (Although I think Elite is a strong term here). Not to mention other mechanics such as berry growing, which only requires a little bit of time on behalf of the player and can then be used to turn a profit if desired, while allowing them to help boost the economy. Not true. Although said player is investing their time into something that is naturally going to sink their money (They're being rewarded in the form of new species), the passive form of pickup will supply them with items they could sell. In addition, if they're going out of their way to complete the 'dex they're going to be catching many different species, a large majority will have a chance at holding items that can also be sold or used. The passive form of pickup applies here too, as does being rewarded with a better team and having EVs applied. And again, the passive form of pickup and the chance of obtaining held items to sell also apply here. It absolutely should be with any reliable amount of $, giving a reliable amount of $ for just actively participating in the game would be a deteriment to the economy and cause a large amount of inflation. Take your concept and apply it to real life; if I could earn a decent amount of money for cooking myself dinner or taking a shower etc. that would be great for me, but it wouldn't be good for the overall economy. Inflation would ensue as the average amount of money each person has goes up - and in the case of PokeMMO, so does the amount of money that exists in the world. Prices will rise to compensate, and we'd have to change the amount that we're sinking in each area as well as the prices of things within Marts just to keep up with the amount of gold being generated. Take a look at any other MMO and name one that gives a 'reliable' amount of money for the time you spend killing mobs. I know you're personally familiar with Runescape so I'll use it as an example. While the mobs in Runescape drop very small amounts of gold, none of them drop anywhere near enough for it to be worth the time invested, or for it to really be usable in the general buying/purchasing of goods or services. This is because if they did so in any meaningful way, you'd have the problems mentioned above; this applies to pretty much any MMO in existence, which I'm sure you'll find also have designated gameplay mechanics for making reliable amounts of money. What they do give is common items that drop from monsters that you kill, alongside the occasional rare drop - both of which can be sold to other players or NPCs or used later to save themself some gold. Both of which we already effectively do.

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