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  1. The problem is, even with an OT limit the additional regions you partake in sort of become altogether redundant, because then you could just use the same fully-leveled up teams you've used in your first region to just steamroll everything without even needing to level.
  2. That's not the issue, the point is that the reason they're considered 'legendary' is because they're rare. There are multiples of many legendaries - or even many legendaries as a whole, but you don't see every trainer with one.
  3. If anything it's doing everyone a favor and not wasting their time halfway into a match when they quit after realizing they have a wall team.
  4. Which of course is exactly what Star Wars needs after they promised Rian Johnson a trilogy. I was pretty amused by this small clip of a set designer in the trailer for the documentary they're putting out on Season 8 (Specifically 18 seconds in): Which I think sums up the attitude Benioff and Weiss had to writing it.
  5. Game of Thrones season 8 is like setting up a game of dominoes, except that once you're done setting them up, you decide to jump into the middle of them, knocking them all over at once. It's entertaining, but it probably would have been more entertaining if they were knocked over properly.
  6. That's correct, to add to this (so we're entirely clear here) giving braces to a parent to hold effectively ensures that the one of those three 'directly passed' rolls is the stat you wanted.
  7. This doesn't apply to all legendaries - just those that would normally fit into the 'ubers' tier. It's these ones that we likely won't be making obtainable, but those that aren't in this tier will be.
  8. Diano seems to have answered this sufficiently.
  9. Yes it does. As you've pointed out here: Using these legendaries makes the game significantly easier. Which means that the baseline for time and effort required to earn anything via battles (such as money) goes down. Which means that more money floods into the game, which means that prices begin to inflate across the board. It affects absolutely everyone's gameplay, you should expand your scope.
  10. Its encounter rate is not affected by game time.
  11. No, only items with the 'colorable' tag can be dyed.
  12. Hi MosesBrenner, The Detective Cap is not a limited vanity, however the -20% sale on the Overcoat is only available for a limited time.
  13. This isn't meant as a jab, but you're likely correct, I'm not sure why problem is in quotes. I thought I'd quote this part of your post to make a general statement. But we're certainly aware this is an issue, and [in my opinion] it's very likely due to a disparity with both amounts of items and yen coming in and going out. We plan on developing ways to analyze these numbers further and come up with solutions based on our findings. I'd love to speak more on the issue but I wouldn't want to put a definitive on it beforehand. In regards to the point brought up in the OP - the mechanics behind stacks in the GTL are not very friendly to the average player looking to sell their loot, and might be something we focus our attention on improving.
  14. That's the idea, but we're responsible for both the supply and (on some level, in terms of utility) the demand.
  15. The better solution would be to try and fix the inflation/deflation accordingly, as the NPC vendors themselves are supposed to be 'balance point' if you will. If we're having to adjust them, that means we messed up somewhere down the line.
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