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  1. Darkshade

    Johto Starters

    The point of putting them in the Hoenn Safari Zone in the first place was to make them available (since they were pretty much the only Johto species not-available) but keeping them at a rate that didn't detract too much from their eventual implementation in Johto itself. "Well, you can get them here for now, but they'll be hard to obtain." Some things are rare, and that is okay.
  2. Darkshade

    What time does event end?

    I personally agree. But, primarily for the reason that there are only so many holiday themed items you can create without really needing to stretch for concepts. We may as well bring back non-limited items.
  3. Darkshade

    What time does event end?

    That's sort of the point. It's the one vanity you can own that outright says "I attended this event". If anything, we should've brought back the tradeable ones. (Some however would not like this either).
  4. Darkshade

    What time does event end?

    Not this year, no.
  5. Darkshade


    It's not something that has been actively worked on for 6 years though - and it's likely that if they were, in the time it would take us to develop in comparison to new regions with much more content, we'd probably have a lot less of a playerbase. In addition to the legendaries themselves, Hidden Abilities give a large incentive for players to explore and and re-tread different dungeons. Without support for Black and White, this particular benefit would not be possible.
  6. Darkshade


    I'd like to say that there is a good chance that we will, but as with anything in-development, it's hard to give any kind of reliable ETA. In addition, there are other things that are being worked on, so I'd have to go with either a "hopefully" or a "maybe".
  7. Darkshade


    Is worth a read if you're interested in more information on Dungeons.
  8. Darkshade

    gen 2 hm Whirlpool move missing

    When we have an HM/TM that supports it, we will.
  9. Oh from the GTL? It's not currently an option, but if the vanity is available in the Gift Shop, you will be able to view it from there.
  10. Yes, you can click profile checkbox in the preview: and it will display a preview of the profile sprite.
  11. Darkshade

    What comes in each goodie bag?

    Happy Halloween!
  12. Darkshade

    What comes in each goodie bag?

    As far as I'm aware, the Rare Candies/Vitamins are non-tradeable, is this not the case?
  13. Darkshade

    Hide other players

    I actually came in here to mention this particular point, so I appreciate you considering it in the suggestion.
  14. Darkshade


    Real actually - we plan to introduce legendaries that fit with the balance of the game as well as Hidden Abilities through dungeons. [Which will come at a later date]
  15. Darkshade

    Heal Ocarina

    Which is actually the point. In an effort to keep the economy stable, we require players to spend in-game currency on items that can be found in shops, so that some of the money in the game can be taken out of it as new money is being brought in by players doing things such as Pay Day or winning battles etc. What you're presented with here is a choice: Either: Run all the way back to a healing center to heal your party, which you consider to be annoying. or: Spend money on some healing items, so you're able to heal on the go. That's the sacrifice you make for convenience. Implementing a Healing Ocarina would completely undermine that, and only result in many players using this Ocarina at all times instead of ever purchasing any healing items again. This is also the same reason that many of the colored flutes have not yet been implemented, and likely will not be in their vanilla form.

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