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  1. Something we've definitely discussed in the past, I don't believe it's out of the question - just not likely too soon. Some of your buffs are somewhat unrealistic however.
  2. Seasons are likely to be available on the release of Unova. However, you'll need to be playing for a little while to be able to experience all of them.
  3. It's pretty un-bell-ievable.
  4. I'm not entirely sure what answer you're looking for here but: When I first started designing character customization, I had no control over what options were provided to each gender. When I initially designed the hairstyle I intended for it to be male. One of the problems raised (aside from the not-so-great artwork) with the previous iterations of Character Customization was that you were unable to tell apart males from females. Aside from this hairstyle, which is now called 'Shaggy' (It received a rename after actually consulting with a real hairdresser), males do not have any long hairstyles, so they needed one available to them. Thus I was able to fix all of these issues with Character Customization 2.0 (the iteration we have now). You'll find that none of the hairstyles from either gender are available to the other - this is because hairstyle is the primary design choice that sets males apart from females, as they share exactly the same base sprite. If the question is whether you should use a Gender Swap Ticket or Makeover Kit to achieve this hairstyle in your situation - then a Gender Swap Ticket is the item you're after as I have no intention of making this hairstyle available to females. I hope that helps and I've been able to shed light on some of your questions!
  5. Gimme the files, I no longer have 'em. Also the side view is a little squished.
  6. I can't seem to either, but I'm pretty sure it was with this update:
  7. Nerd

    1. Moetal


      Your name is much closer to Nerd, Noad.

  8. 'Blue Frog Hat' is
  9. Unfortunately I don't really have the time to continue the discussion in full as much as I would like to. However, I can just as easily use "Or that your standards and sense of prize scaling is too high." as a response to this: And it would be equally as much of a valid point. Because, as the point has been made multiple times in the past: The entire purpose of this game is to raise monsters. Your competitive monsters do not disappear after you win a tournament, you are able to continiously use them in future tournaments. You can still use them for anything else in the entire game. Yes, it does take a lot of effort to win a tournament - and yes it does cost a lot of money to make a competitive 'mon. However, you can continiously use them afterward, for both PvE and PvP: that's the point of the game. And yes, it does take some time out of your day - hours perhaps, but that is not equal to the prize you'd hypothetically obtain based on what you're requesting. It was, because it was objectively the best way way to tackle the problem we faced of giving away prizes of too much value into the economy, whilst also keeping them special in their own right and not turning the game into just a PvP sim. I once posted in another thread in the past (possibly this one), where people were talking about how the IVs of competitive prizes were too little and needed an increase and that the 'shininess' of a prize was just pointless vanity. So when the point was raised, I asked the members of the competitive community who were complaining in that thread whether they'd consider a non-shiny prize with better IVs to be better. That's not to say this was something that we'd change, but just to gauge the opinions of those wanting to voice their opinion. The tone quickly changed, and the shininess of a prize seemingly was something that was to be desired. Over the years that I've been here, and especially since we made the move to make Official Event prizes untradeable I've seen the same tired arguments. It almost always seems to come down to this: I want event prizes to be tradeable I still want them to be shiny I want their IVs to at least 5x31 And given the value a prize (tradeable or not) that would exist if a combination of any of these two bullet points were to be given out - it would be too much. It's really as simple as that. Do I think there are exceptions to this rule? Absolutely. But I also think the level at which you wish to raise the standard barrier is too much.
  10. This wasn't supposed to be the case. Staff are not meant to be editing signatures to add in additions unless the additional signature is related to an official event. The reason this was meant to be the case was so that staff wouldn't be bothered by people requesting additional signatures be added to their forum account As Munya has pointed out - the image cap is in place to stop people from being obnoxious by using multiple huge signatures at the same time; which is an inevitability with a system that allows an unlimited amount of signatures.
  11. But it's just not true. Take LifeStyle's quote from a page a go: We're still getting at least the required amount of players actively participating in PvP Tournaments - automated, I might add. I'm not going to pretend that the prizes given out are more valuable than some of the ones we had back in 2012, or that the community dialogue during tournaments is at the same level that is used to be when everyone was huddled into one room. However; for the former, that's the entire point - the prizes given out were overlooked, and we did not have a full plan back then on how we wanted to distribute them. And thus it was discovered that we were giving out too much. To help stop the large amount of value being pumped into the economy on a weekly basis, we made these prizes untradeable. To compensate, we allowed them to have largely competitive IVs - something you cannot get elsewhere without spending millions and millions on shiny breeding. We gave players the option to select Egg Moves (though currently not relearnable, something we're aware of). Hidden Power selection is also something we plan on implementing. Being able to turn your 'mon shiny is a ridiculously good prize. Too good of a prize, especially for those species of which few or none exist - not to mention you then bypass the already high IV limitations we set in place for Gift Shinies. (No, you should not be able to potentially obtain literally the most valuable 'mon in the game by winning a seasonal, untradeable or not). It would be highly unlikely that anyone would ever be able to obtain something of this quality even if they sunk multiple shinies and millions of gold into the system when breeding. When compared to our baseline, it's obviously too much. As for the latter; we'd like to introduce a tournament chat (as I believe we've noted before). And I know, we've said these things a lot, and nothing has come of them. Well that's largely been due to working on Unova, which also adds a lot to the PvP environment. Could you elaborate on this, or give an example? So, maybe you personally don't find tournament as exciting as you used to. And in some cases that may be a fair critique - many of which we're attempting to address in the future. But the sign ups are still happening, the prizes are clearly appealing to some; and if not the prizes, the PvP experience itself. If your complaints each time stem from "I want to either earn millions for winning a tournament or get a prize that a player sinking ludicrious amounts of money couldn't achieve without being incredibly lucky". (Which I'd argue the latter is already somewhat the case). Then there isn't much I'm able to do for you unfortunately.
  12. Yes, because we removed all of our competitive features. 9 of the 12 currently posted events are not PvP-based. We also definitely don't already have exclusively good prizes for PvP players, alongside automated tournaments and a council comprised of members of the community who actively exist to bridge the gap between PvP players and the development team. Maybe a bit of an over-exaggeration Jovi?
  13. Yes, but better than none also. I don't think it has walking frames. Could you give me an example of where this might actually look good?
  14. Well we've already noted the sprites that do exist, they're just not implemented yet.
  15. Never - that hat was a deliberate joke because it's so obnoxious.