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  1. While it is certainly counter-able, we don't believe it's something that should be encouraged. It's an incredibly cheap strategy and not something we want to encourage as a way of learning to climb the ranks. Nor is it particularly fun/rewarding to lose against, especially as an inexperienced player. This is not the only reason that lower levels are discluded from participating (standard playing field etc.), but it has been a topic of discussion in the past.
  2. Unlikely, one of the reasons they're disallowed in the first place is to prevent use of the F.E.A.R strategy, as you have outlined. I understand your frustration, but the game is intended to be designed for more than just battles, having to make that decision in the first place is what gives a lot of things merit and value.
  3. I don't know, it was only released for a very short period of time for reasons I don't recall, although it wasn't intended to be time limited. (And I don't believe it was listed as such, either). Seasonal, perhaps? Maybe it will make a return.
  4. I think perhaps, if this where to be added as an option, a sub menu under 'vanity items' which would allow you to select all vanity flags to search under (Extra animated, colourable, time limited, event etc.) would be the better approach
  5. "Lighting effect" has always meant that it glows at night.
  6. Generally speaking (i.e for a majority of hats) , all of them except the following: Pony Tail Flat Top Electric Storm Afro Disco Afro Pony Tail, Flat Top & Electric Storm are compatible in all cases except throwing in battle, where they defaults to a standardized hairstyle. Afro & Disco Afro are not compatible with any hats at all, and default in all cases.
  7. Right now there is a definitive 2:1 exchange per breed, something we implemented specifically to counteract inflation and help balance the concept of breeding. (refinement for cost) Any movement in a direction that is "More than 2 for 1 exchange" is a risk of sorts, to the point where the question becomes "Is it worth creating such a gimmick at all, given how it defeats the purpose of the way we've adapted the mechanic in the first place?" Nothing wrong the idea of giving small RNG bonuses here and there under certain circumstances, this just [probably] isn't the right one.
  8. To clarify; The vanities provided by players as a suggestion are subject to change. It is unlikely that this point that the player sprites themselves are going to undergo a redesign.
  9. Hi @EikoBiko Thank you for your interest in player suggested vanities. To answer a couple of your questions: - I'm fairly reluctant to release an entire sprite sheet for PokeMMO's characters, nor is it probably necessary, as it's unlikely that vanities will remain exactly the same as the one provided by the player, to the one that ends up in being finalized. - Hair is coloured in the game engine (as is anything considered 'colourable'), and it does use grayscale as a base, you can find the respective colours here: - As far as additional information for suggestions go, there is a 'Non colourable layer', in the above example this would be the pink hair bands, and a 'night time' layer, used for making certain parts of an item glow at night. If you wanted to give an example of how an item is animated, note that most animated items follow the movement of the player sprite, which uses this animation pattern: Frame 1 (Standing still) > Frame 2 (First step) > Frame 1 (Standing still) > Frame 3 (Second Step) and repeat. Some items have separate animations that are independent of the character movement, however due to how these are coded, they're usually reserved for Limited time items (such as the recent Plague Doctor Masks). I hope this information helps.
  10. The economy plays a vital role in all of the above, providing worthwhile reward for players and ensuring stable prices for the commodities they obtain and sell, hence it should not be be disregarded.
  11. Given that there is not a point during any storyline where it's possible to level 14 levels above your opponent [and have your party member obey], I have some doubts.
  12. It means that it's non-static, it either moves/sways with your character or has an animation by itself. Glasses sit on the characters 'Eye' slot, while a helmet goes on the 'Head' slot, so they can used together. You can preview all items within the Gift Shop to see before you choose to use your reward points, most things are compatible with one another. Items can be equipped/unequipped at your leisure.
  13. How you've described it here is how it's currently designed, with overlays for each vanity - you're correct in saying they'd need to be redrawn for each pose, which has a significant effect on the time required for each vanity.
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