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  1. Darkshade

    About the guild event

    Reasons for bans should be mentioned in the information given when the user is trying to log in. As for going into details, I believe that is at the GMs discretion.
  2. Darkshade

    About the guild event

    She wouldn't have needed to prove that you did it (since she would have the evidence to have already banned you), you would have to prove that you didn't. The burden of proof is on you. If you feel as though you were wrongly banned, you can make a ban appeal here: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/37-ban-appeal/
  3. roses are red violets are blue darksahde please add c.c hair

    1. Foersterr


      top 3 reasons for doing that

      1. will make me happy
      2. will make me exclusive
      3. will make me enjoy your work
    2. Foersterr


      also notable reasons

      • i will never bother you again
      • i will be able to dab on the haters
      • you will be able to be part of my friendlist
  4. Darkshade

    Why the exclusion of the 4th generation?

    Moved to General Discussion. This is the correct answer.
  5. Darkshade

    Vanity Item Suggestions

    If it any point I get the chance to add colours to some older vanities (while still allowing the existing ones to remain the colour they are) this will be one of them.
  6. Darkshade

    Focus Sash and similar

    So that they keep participating in gameplay and the influx of BP has a balanced outflux, meaning that the value of these items are not lost over time. It's not arbitrary, The best consumables are those which are desirable/required, because it ensures that they continue to be purchased/used. Also in vanilla, Focus Sash has always been consumable except in PvP and 'Battle Point' environments. This is obviously silly, as these scenarios are the ones where these items see the most use; but the vanilla single player games does not have any economy to speak of to take advantage of making them consumed this way. Imagine if none of the BP items were consumable, you buy them all once and then what? Never need to purchase them for yourself again, then sell them to other people who in turn, will never need to farm them for themselves ever again. Call it obnoxious if you want, it's good design and ensures economic stability.
  7. Darkshade

    Focus Sash and similar

    It's a bad idea to do it with any consumable, because eventually you reduce the amount of item sinks regardless of the price you set the 'permanent' version at. This seems like a good and convenient, although it might be a little spammy at times.
  8. Ok i saw the responce and the thread was close i saw the video but the problem to generate money right now is kindda complicated since it is a big deal GTL and there is much stock on items we the players farmed with the pick up method.

    Which made a devaluation on the items making pick up an useless method right now to gain money and decreased the prices to less than 9k at least most of them.


    As a  player this bothers me a lot since we have a farmeable e4 which is like spending 40k on items to farm it, berry farming which can take a long time from one day to 2, and last but not least gyms which the cooldown is 20hrs.

    I'm not counting NPC's because those were nerfed a lot and pick up too because of the devaluation caused on the GTL after the android update.


    I just wanted to ask if you guys have a solution on that devaluation on most of the items or pretty much what will happen to those large stocks etc.

  9. Darkshade

    Air ballon bug

    Yes I'm sure that once the standard value of money has increased, the economy will be on the up. As a player, it might not seem like there is a difference between getting your money from the GTL and getting it from selling to NPCs - but this makes a much bigger difference than you might think. Money obtained via the GTL is money that has already been generated and pumped into the system. Money obtained via selling to NPCs is newly generated and added to the 'overall' total of money on the server. If the average ratio of time:money in generated money increases beyond the current standard this will cause monetary inflation. So what you're effectively asking is this:
  10. Darkshade

    Switch mid-battle

    We don't want you to see which species will be thrown next, we would rather teach you to adapt to being able to handle potential switches.
  11. Darkshade

    Buy Pokemon over lvl cap

    It will stay at its level and be unusable til you get the appropriate badge count and increase your level cap.
  12. Darkshade

    PvP Time Limit Tiebreaker Feedback

    We're not looking for a manual solution, it must be automated.
  13. Darkshade

    Early tournament round changes

    Hi xXBlu3BreathXx, I've set up a thread for discussing this change, please take all discussion there: Thank you.
  14. As of the 20th August 2018, the following change was added for all tournaments rounds not included in Finals, Semi-Finals, or Quarter-Finals matches: As with many tournament format changes, this one has been controversial - so we ask whether the community has any alternatives that may also result in a fair outcome. Please leave your feedback below.

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