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  1. Starting Region

    SoulSilver is not actually available as a region to play - but yes, you can travel between regions at any time once you have 4 badges. Contact is available at all times, and you could also choose to start in the same region as him if you prefer.
  2. Vanity Item Suggestions

    It's colourable - I just like the colour red, so I use it a lot for previews.
  3. a possibe fix to lvl cap issue

    I feel as though a system such as this would be unlikely to achieve the goal that you're aiming for. Instead of having them play through 1 region without a cap and then staying on to play an additional region with one, I think it would instead set them up with unrealistic expectations for the further regions/the rest of the game, and then leave them disappointed once they realize it is not as easy as they first thought - thus causing them to leave, again. I think that the reality of the situation is that while we do try our hardest to make this game accessible to all players, we sometimes have to put certain design elements in place to help further the game that we're trying to create - which in this case is an MMO. And that might not be to the tastes of every player. As Kyu has stated previously (in another topic), we don't wish to create a game where players are able to constantly Earthquake their way into victory without any thought; and we definitely don't want to give the impression that this is how people should expect the game to be played. I do however admire what this suggestion is trying to do.
  4. Really not liking level caps

    There is currently a bug with one of the AIs checks regarding switch-ins. We aim to fix this in a later patch.
  5. Really not liking level caps

    I'd like to try and clear up some confusion, as this isn't the message we're trying to get across. The design philosophy behind the level cap is to teach players about how to counter certain strategies and help them improve upon their current battle knowledge. The base game does this on some level, by teaching players about some of the more basic mechanics , such as type advantages. However, in vanilla, the jump from simple storyline battles to slightly more in-depth knowledge, such as simple strategies used within competitive play, or planned later end game content is rather huge. This is a problem for the design of the game, because instead of encouraging players to 'climb to the top' where the game increases in difficulty as players begin to overcome earlier obstacles; the difficulty remains the same throughout and players are then thrown off when it comes to anything past that. We'd like to prepare our players for the content that comes after the main storyline is finished, and the way we've opted to do that is by creating this 'slope mentioned above. One of the early ways we did this was with Artificial Intelligent or 'AI'. The way the AI is designed is that it is only as good as the team given to it, it is equipped to use strategies at hand, but if it does not have those strategies available to it there is very little it can do. You can see this in the difficulty difference between standard NPCs and Gym Leaders/Rivals - with the latter naturally being harder. More recently, we looked at redesigning our important storyline battles with this difficulty slope in mind, with early Gym Leaders having basic strategies, and later Gym Leaders getting slightly more challenging. It turned out rather well, although in the testing phase, we quickly realized that players were able to arbitrarily bypass this level of challenge by simply overleveling the Gym Leader. This posed a problem, as it encouraged some to spend more time grinding to overcome the challenge of the gym leader, rather than identify their strategy and use this knowledge to beat them. This is where the level restriction came into play, and we decided on 'caps' for each badge level, which ranged from about 6 to a couple of levels above the gym leader, depending on how far into the storyline a player is - by this time it is expected that players will have picked up on some the core strategies to battling, such as being able to switch at the appropriate time, and potentially predict what an opponent might do, thus we chose a level cap closer to the gym leader. We don't want to push players away with any of these changes, but rather try and prepare them for what it is to come. We want to help build the PokeMMO community and the game further, and we are unable to do that if players who go through the storyline by overleveling their opponents are faced with later-game content and decide to leave due to a spike in difficulty that we hadn't prepared them for. We're always open to feedback - and if you're struggling with any battles in particular by all means let us know which those are. I hope this helps to clear up some of the misconceptions regarding this decision.
  6. Obtaining Hidden Abilities

    That's the intention, yes.
  7. The only issue I have with that is that it might be confusion to some in the current way that it is presented.
  8. Vanity Item Suggestions

    Someone guessed this years Christmas vanity.
  9. Fighting hordes with more than one pokemon

    But that's the entire purpose of this game mechanic - you get rewarded with 'more' (higher shiny chance, more EVs and potentially more held items) for a 'harder' battle. If you could send out as many of your party as there are members of a horde, it would not longer be more effort = higher reward - it would just be 'higher reward'.
  10. Obtaining Hidden Abilities

    Why not use them for the breeds required for obtaining a Hidden Ability?
  11. Obtaining Hidden Abilities

    Thanks, I thought of it myself.
  12. Obtaining Hidden Abilities

    I'm afraid you'll need to gitgud without your quick chicken. We're aiming for balance here. I'm going to assume you mean 'male', since females get it through this method already. For genderless - provided the species with the hidden ability is the same as the child, it will pass. For passing it via males, we may do the same thing - i.e allowing it to pass provided the child is the same species as that of the Hidden Ability mon, although we have not reached a decision on this one yet. I covered this above, it's an ass way of handling it - but yes, this isn't the primary reason we're not introducing a Hidden Ability pill. Adding value to dungeons on an individual level and to 'the whole thing' rather than at the end is a huge positive for the gameplay and design of these dungeons in both renewability and reward - it isn't 'just stubborness'.
  13. Obtaining Hidden Abilities

    I'll try and give a more in-depth explanation as to why we're handling Hidden abilities this way: By implementing Hidden Abilities this way, it allows us to release them at our own pace, rather than all at once. There are some Hidden Abilities we do not want to release at all, due to them being 'too strong', being able to determine which species are available with them allows us to make sure these abilities are never released at all without needing to put a confusing and arbitrary "You can't use this item on this 'mon!" on something like an ability pill. Most importantly, introducing them this way adds value to dungeons as a whole, rather than just the reward/legendary at the end. Now you are encouraged to sink balls on your way to the end, explore the dungeon in full and re-enter even after you've obtained a prize. We've toyed with the idea of limited bag space within dungeons, meaning selecting enough room for balls (and resisting the urge to use them on Hidden Ability 'mon) will play a factor. To add to the above - it encourages exploration of/adds value to different dungeons; rather than just running the one you feel most comfortable with/is easiest. If you want an electric Hidden Ability species you'll need to visit an Electric-type dungeon, if you want fire then you'll need to go into the Fire-type dungeon and so on. In addition to this, as I've pointed out in quite a few threads already - while it is of course 'more effort' to rebreed, it isn't wasted time, since your current comps will save you a huge amount of time with the re-breeding process. Apologies if you're not happy with these answers.
  14. Teleport+Dig Ocarina

    I know the purpose behind opting for Leppas from a design perspective, but why on earth would you specifically require Leppa Berries to be able to play an Ocarina? It would be about the only way to balance such an item, but it doesn't make sense logically. Maybe next time you should read the post before replying in such a rude manner. Kizhaz was showing his support (or lack of) for such an idea, it's not a confirmation of anything.
  15. Teleport+Dig Ocarina

    I'm pretty sure nobody said that. Also it makes absolutely no sense aside from a purely mechanical standpoint.

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