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  1. It is not possible, however if you'd like a similar hair style to be created for the female gender, please post some examples in the Vanity Thread
  2. You can use both of them at the same time, they each bring an additional region of content to play in. None at all.
  3. If we're having to place them into their own tier list called 'Ubers' because they're simply too strong for traditional tiers, then they are defacto 'broken'. We don't wish to treat PvE and PvP as entirely separate entities - you can see this in our design with the introduction of mechanics such as level caps and lack of a 'switch' battle option, to try help teach players how to play in a competitive environment. Allowing them in PvE play as you originally suggested also undermines the difficulty and challenge placed on a lot of the battles, which has an effect on the economy. In regards to this and your suggestion of just allowing them inside an uber-restricted bracket only - we don't believe this to be good design. We've stated many times in the past that we don't want to provide the player with something that we only allow them to use in very niche circumstances because it would be otherwise unbalanced - and currently isn't a design concept we'd like to change. Anyway let's get back on topic please, the 'King of the hill' legendary for Sinnoh.
  4. Unfortunately not, we don't have one yet. But we'll likely be using existing tier lists as well as consulting with the tier council if we need any further opinion on the matter.
  5. PvE play is just as important as PvP play, and we don't want to unbalance either part of the game, as they both play a role in player experience and economics. Poor IVs wouldn't make it harmless, but assuming it did - we've never said that IVs wouldn't be able to be manipulated in some way. This wouldn't make them any less centralizing or 'broken'. I'm sure it is, but realistically it's very unlikely to happen in tournaments. They would also consist of largely the same species over and over again; It's a gimmick that would only be exciting for a limited period of time before it was more of the same. I don't deny that Uber legendaries can be 'fun' in certain scenarios, but this isn't a good enough reason to implement them by itself when the negatives outweigh the positives.
  6. Taboo is perhaps not the right word, but we'd like to avoid having anything placed into the Uber tier where possible, as it is effectively a glorified banlist and we don't believe that providing content to players that they are unable to use is good design. This means that it's likely some legendaries will not see a keep-able release, and that some 'mons have some slightly adjustments to their movepools or available abilities if applicable.
  7. We didn't say this. We have no intention of releasing legendaries that would be placed in the 'Ubers' tier in any keep-able method at all, to clarify.
  8. That's not a fake account dude, it says it right there.
  9. Y'know what; Maybe next year - but I expect a bottle full of maple syrup sent my way.
  10. So this is the real reason they got rid of Junior Game Masters

    1. Darkshade


      Lol, well it's not but using the term 'got rid of' makes it sound even more ominous.

  11. Blue? Should have picked a darker shade on your new title.

    1. Darkshade


      The trouble I had was picking a dark shade while also upholding A E S T H E T I C, so I went with the latter

    2. KaynineXL


      Well, if you must go a lighter colour for aesthetics... I suppose you might be right.



      Surely you considered pink?


  12. Promotion eh? about damn time

    1. Darkshade


      I would say it's more of a declaration of my role - but thank you, I appreciate it.

  13. No, you misunderstood; Catch rates were 'broken' (more advantageous than vanilla), some balls were 'too strong'. The difference that's being noticed is likely because of a combination of the two. The ball changes were not particularly new, whereas the fix to catch rates was.
  14. While the healing aspect is relevant, it's also about the sweet scent aspect as it is upping the convenience of sweet scent and lowering the amount of PP berries used. Hordes are actually balanced around their distance from a PC, and given the abundance of secret bases, we'd likely have to gimp most of the hordes in Emerald to the point where they probably wouldn't be very beneficial.
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