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  1. Dumb dumbĀ 

  2. Apologies that they are not immediate, but vanities as Tournament prizes are on the agenda, however we are currently reserving them for further developments to automated tournaments.
  3. Hi xKazue, I'd like to refer you to an earlier post of mine, here where I go a little more in depth about this decision.
  4. Sure you can, there are plenty in the Global Trade Link. If you're referring to some specific rare ones - then yes, that's why they're considered rare.
  5. To encourage you to play together.
  6. It wasn't, we just overlooked it due to time constraints.
  7. Hi immortalfox19, I recently commented on this same subject here.
  8. You'll find out later.
  9. I do not speak on behalf of the entire team when I say this, but I've played a fair amount of MMOs over the years with quite a few of them doing 'double exp' weekends - and in my experience it quickly turns from a 'bonus' into a standard. Regular exp becomes slow in comparison, and a fair few players stop bothering to level anything until double exp weekend is up; which isn't exactly healthy. That being said however, we are looking at some ways in the future to temporarily increase exp - but at the discretion of the player.
  10. It was never intended to be that way, and [in my opinion] it's a waste of a good item. It's not my call though.
  11. Who are you and what have you done with 4F?
  12. Yes, it will not have Unaware - nor would it in vanilla under the same rules.
  13. I would love to say yes, but we still have some other features/parts of development we need to get out of the way. Dungeons are fun to work on, so believe me - it's not for lack of enthusiasm.
  14. As I pointed out in a post a few pages back: And given you that you were one of the people actively complaining about a lack of a Christmas event before we released one: I don't understand how you can sit there and claim that it doesn't make sense.
  15. No, I'm saying having them re-breed would be a boost to the economy, whether it would be good as a mechanic for that specific purpose or not. Please do not attach connotations to my statements that aren't there. EDIT: We will assess the shiny situation though. Speaking personally again, Hidden Ability pills for Gift Prizes specifically may not be a terrible idea. I'm specifically referring to bred-shinies exclusively.
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