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  1. To be fair, it was Halloween.
  2. To address the topic from a development level: If I remember correctly, it's already been fixed - but requires an update to be displayed as intended.
  3. We're not interested in implementing fangames/fakemon into PokeMMO at all.
  4. >Not 'Doduos'
  5. New vanities require an update.
  6. There have been at least 2 occasions where I have given accidental sex changes to both humans and 'mons across the entire server. The first time was during the introduction of HG/SS overworld sprites to replace the GBA ones, and the ID for the Old Ladies got mixed up with the one for the Old Men. The second time was when we updated the gender icons; I gave them to Shu to add to the client files but forgot to put them in the visual order they were originally. (Males on the left and Females on the right). This meant that post-update every 'mon on the server was [visually] displaying the incorrect gender for a day or two. This led to both some very angry and also hilarious bug reports. Good times.
  7. It's unlikely that we'll be able to make the traditional method of obtaining Hidden Abilities available. However, we do have some plans as to how we wish to introduce these - the details of which I cannot give at this time.
  8. By chance is the ROM you're using in Spanish?
  9. darkshade look at your email pls

    1. EmoDuck


      :( why cant you just look here....please

  10. Deep as, bro.
  11. Eh. They're two different scenarios. As Kyu has pointed out in a thread I'm currently too lazy to look for - we'll probably introduce Gen IV at a later date. The starters were the only species left from gen II (discluding legendaries).
  12. Why the SGMs and not into the Suggestion box? Anyway, I've mentioned a similar thing to Desu, although from what I understand it is more hassle than it sounds.
  13. With a Gen V release teased, I think that's a fairly valid point. And whilst moderately common - it's also a Safari mon; that's a pretty decent prize - not really sure what all the complaining is about.