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  1. We've had an idea similar to this on our development ideas for some time now - we've not had the chance to discuss to discuss it, and I don't know whether we'll be able to implement it soon. We'll see, though.
  2. You want to make it even easier than it already is, even given the fact that one of the floors even has it's own healing tile that just requires you to step on it to reset your Sweet Scent PP?
  3. Later, most of these species were never released with their Generation 5 Hidden Abilities.
  4. Yes, we will make sure that those species are available to catch.
  5. Yes - although your example is probably the only one that isn't wild, as it's available in the game corner. 'Renewable' is likely a better term.
  6. No, what I'm saying is that it was introduced within it's respective generation (and therefore wild). It's not being removed.
  7. It was also part of it's respective generation, so maybe not.
  8. Some of them, which are available within the ROM, otherwise no.
  9. Aubergine!!! o7
  10. Well you'd be wrong if you don't think that every existing player isn't going rush to use these tutors over breeding anything again. The loss on the amount of things that would have been sunk/put into and taken out of the market is rather large. What you're asking for is essentially "Pay a little in game money and/or a few items to skip to end game". And not only is that bad for design, but it largely increases the gap between newer and older players - as anybody joining post-tutors will have an even bigger hurdle to catch up on. You can view it that way if you want, though I don't think it's fair to say that we don't care about our playerbase when it is the primary focus of every design decision we make. I replied to your thread because I (personally) care, and feel that an explanation would go a long way. Older players still have an advantage, they don't lose all of their progress and it is not the same thing as wiping your PC boxes (an example you used above). They can still use their current 'mons to aid in the breeding of their newer ones - and that is already a huge leap over anybody who would have just started.
  11. Alright, I'm going to explain why 'Grandfathering' in new content is generally a bad idea. By introducing new content into the game, we do a couple of things: Inject new goals into the game, so that players who have previously succeded at hitting the previous ceiling now have further goals to hit, thus giving them a reason to log in and play (In addition to PvP of course) Give the economy a (positive) kick, as every player is now after the new materials - this gives players further reason to trade with each other, have money change hands and allow people to convert their time spent farming into cash. By allowing those players who are already at the high-end to 'upgrade' their comps to the new standard without participating in the economy/content mentioned would be a mistake in design at best. Less trades will be taking place, less money will exchange hands and most importantly; less 'mons will be sunk. As I've mentioned before on previous occasions, breeding is essential to keeping the economic balance of this game - and it does this quite well, as for every 'good' 'mon brought into the game, another is brought out of it - this encourages the constant flow and demand of new 'mons within the market. It is not like 'hardcore' players (as you describe them) lose all of their progress up until now - they can breed their current comps to get a great head-start on their new ones. This is more than can be said for most MMOs with the introduction of things such as newer equipment/levels. The IV Ceiling/Nature boosts is not something that is going to be changing, you will always have that consistent benefit ahead of everybody else. This seems to be something that is disregarded whenever the topic is brought up. I think you're greatly exaggerating the drop in value here, whilst Moves and Abilities are part of what makes up the value of a 'mon they aren't the only deciding factor, and IVs/Nature play a rather large role in that. In an update where everybody is after new breeding material, this isn't something that will be a problem. If these new moves are so crucial to the meta game that they (and to quote) "Screw up your comps", then by definition it is worth rebreeding if that is the only way to obtain them. Despite what some might believe, we have no desire to have you grind/breed some more because we think it's fun to watch - by participating in the new content this way you are helping the game on a wider scale.
  12. As Coge stated, it just means that there are currently no video offers available.
  13. Well mostly this, as we've done before with shards.
  14. That's correct - we already have plenty of custom Tutor examples available already through the Shard Tutors/Shock Wave in the Battle Frontier.