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  1. So to explain: The width and height of the default eyes are 2x2 pixels. Many of our vanity items are shaped around this fact. The 'Happy eyes' were 3x2, breaking visual compatibility with many items, and were thus removed. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  2. So they're not unbalanced, but also - a fair few inclusions of non-specialized typed species are inspired by various forms of other media.
  3. Honestly while this is cool, I'm not sure the time required is worth the outcome.
  4. It refers to both, the Lucky Egg held rate was increased in addition to the Lucky Egg (Small) being placed elsewhere.
  5. Darkshade

    photo chat

    Well I'm sorry to disappoint, but we're neither going to enable image uploading to the PokeMMO Game Server or the ability to post embedded links in chat. Both of which have potential for abuse, with the former also adding to server load for little to no benefit. However, thank you for the suggestion.
  6. This effectively allows you to buy anything at 100 on the GTL and go through the story without needing to level anything ever.
  7. Each region has its own level cap per-badge, your current party/existing monsters are stored in the PC and the story will start over as usual. You are able to take any existing monsters you own from the PC but they will follow the badge caps from within that new region. It does not cost anything to travel between regions and there are no cooldowns, however you'll need to speak to your Mother (before you have 4 badges and have reached that regions respective port town) if you wish to travel back before you finish the new regions story. Yes you keep all of your items and money too.
  8. While it is true in most cases, 'costly' is not synonymous with 'rare'. I'll explain; Lucky Eggs were more expensive prior to the consumable changes because they were a permanent boost that everybody benefited from at all times - to the point where it effectively became the exp floor - nobody leveled up their monsters without it. Their value was also permanent, hence they were more expensive. And it is also true that in terms of held item rate, the Lucky Egg was lower pre-update. However, in terms of actual quantity, the Lucky Egg was incredibly common - there was a large stockpile with more being added to the game every day. The Lucky Egg wasn't rare in the literal sense at all, they were destined to go down in price as time went on, because the quantity of them would only ever increase. The recent update made them a more stable commodity, with their value likely remaining roughly the same as it is currently, because they are being brought out of the game as they're being brought in. They're rarer now than they were before. In regards to breeding, as pointed out above - it's arguably easier here than it is in vanilla. And to further this - in regards to expense, your comps are your primary tools for the rest of the game, it would be difficult to name something that could be justifiably given so much focus. Even so, the price of a comp scales with how 'perfect' you'd like them to be, usable comps are not very expensive at all, with 'perfect' comps being costly, which is a reasonable expense as they aren't necessary, rather an advantageous luxury.
  9. So then don't, if you don't deem it worth it - it's a fairly active in-game feature, so not many seem to agree.
  10. Not to get too involved in the discussion, but I keep seeing this particular point being brought up (by numerous people, not just yourself). So I ask; so what? Just because there are lots of legendaries does not mean that they shouldn't be considered 'legendary' as their name/implementation in design would imply. Individually, they're still legendary - you might personally think that having too many legendary species makes them less special, and you would be entitled to your opinion and some would agree with you - but it's besides the point, they're still legendary and they're still largely exclusive on some level. It is true that there are multiple of certain legendary species, some years ago I made a rather in-depth list which has since been lost to time; however on an individual level, these species are still incredibly scarce.
  11. Hi thecat, we're looking to fix this issue in a later revision with a new design.
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