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  1. Mayor Appreciation Thread

    R O Y R O G E R S A L E R T! It is the birthday of the man himself! Happy Birthday @Bestfriends, I hope it's a good one.
  2. Breedable gifts

    Not exactly. It half-solves the issue by disallowing the offspring to be available on the market, but it still means that gifts (and the value tied to them) can be transferred from one species to another, meaning you could effectively bypass the need catch or trade 'mons with other players and use those to breed with instead. The intention of Gifts as a whole is that this value is not meant to be transferrable in any way. (That is not to say that Gifts do not have some impact on the value of non-gifts on some level anyway). It is also not particularly user-friendly, and might confuse some. I think that the desire to increase the IVs of Tournament Prizes can be tackled in other ways, but as this is not a discussion we have held in full, I will not divulge such details here.
  3. Can you buff competitive prizes?

    Well If that's the case why not explain why, instead of spouting ad hominem?
  4. Looking for Darkshade's advice~~

    Hey DustMine, What sort of advice are you looking for, the creation of the sprites or something else? And can I see what you have so far?
  5. Change the size of the battle sprites

    It's not as simple as that, you can only scale sprites on a 1:1 ratio, otherwise you distort the pixels and the quality of the image (this is especially bad for their primary frame). If you scale them any bigger than they are, they'll either look huge or in a worse quality (We had this for a long time with our old battle sprites, and we've just fixed it). But even so, scaling the sprites in the way you suggested wouldn't be a good idea - the ones in the back are smaller due to perspective (they're far away), if you make them any bigger the perspective is lost. In addition, these monsters are not as big as you might think they are.
  6. Yeah unfortunately it was put on the backburner along with other features previously mentioned due to various other required features (security etc.) We can't revert the nerf without a patch, and it would be outright better to just implement the new system than revert it at that point.
  7. [Suggestion] New Breeding Mehanic: The Nature Pill!

    Close, it's more like "Why would we possibly make breeding any easier?" But the main point here is that this is not really a breeding mechanic at all, it's a mechanic that detracts from breeding, as you're shifting the ability to change your ability away from breeding. It can only hurt breeding [and the overall amount of mons sunk] as anybody choosing this option will not have traded away a set of parents for an egg (2 for 1) or sunk an everstone. I don't think it would be a positive outside of "making things easier" which is not something that I think needs to happen anyway - so arguably a negative.

    Well technically she does, it's just that she happens to do it every time you win a battle. Weird coincidence really.
  9. Eyelashes?

    We do already have some different eye styles within the store already, although these largely different colours or glasses. The problem is not to much with the ability to create new styles such as this, more the 'visual' compatability of these styles in addition to other options. For example, if your example in the first post was made to be a style of 'eye', it would be able to be used in addition to the eyebrows under facial hair. This would result in a huge block of pixels taking up a majority of the face, and looking fairly ridiculous. It might be possible to do this by making eyebrows similar to the one pictured a few posts above in the facial hair layer (although I believe we already have this covered with the 'angry eyes' option you can set your character to use at any given time via the character customization menu - sort of like an emoticon), but I think there was similar reason I opted not to do that either.
  10. Eyelashes?

    Yes, that's correct - those are the eyebrows; the eyebrows we have available are slightly different to these ones however. This is mostly due to interaction between different eye sets - the reason we don't make this option a default It's a free option that we offer upon character creation, it can be found under the 'Facial Hair' set of options. I like to keep on top of vanity suggestions if I can help it.
  11. Eyelashes?

    Hi there, the character artist here. What you're looking at on that particular NPC are not eyelashes - it is where the hair (fringe or bangs) meets the top of the eye. You can determine this by looking at many of the other NPCs; the closest of which you will get to are 'eyebrows' which a few of them use. As such 'eyebrows' is also something we offer on our characters, but we do not have 'eyelashes'. To address your final point (and I apologize if I come off as rude - it is not the intention), I disagree that this makes the characters look better. Thank you for the suggestion though, I can understand where the confusion comes in - especially when dealing with sprites at this size.
  12. EV changer

    Implementing an item such as this would undermine the EV reducing berries that have been mentioned above. So for that reason, it's very unlikely that we'd consider doing something like this.
  13. Update Discussion thread 27/2/18

    Well sacrificing a goat is a part of the initiation, not everybody has the stomach for it.
  14. Pokemon IV Customization - Details & Info

    I did, and I agree there is a difference in those two scenarios. No, I'm not. I'm not assuming that they're purchasing optimal mons, I am putting forward the notion that they're purchasing mons that they could use to create those of a similar standard to the ones used in your examples - something they would no longer be doing (or at least be doing less of) if they could manipulate the IVs without needing to sink other monsters.
  15. Pokemon IV Customization - Details & Info

    I unfortunately lack the time to properly sit down and dissect this idea in full, but I wanted to point out that it would affect the breeding market negatively, as any method outside of breeding (that doesn't sink 'mons) will detract from the amount of monsters being taken out of the economy; something which is a necessity in a game where they are constantly being caught and added to the existing pool. This results in less monsters sold, and possible some level of inflation due to more monsters being caught than are being removed.

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