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  1. Why were these resized?

    Nope, never been a thing in PokeMMO - you're thinking of a different game. (If I'm right in what you're thinking about).
  2. Can't post in Chrome

    Glad to hear it!
  3. Can't post in Chrome

    Try clearing your cache and see if that makes any difference.
  4. Bad Lucky

    No? When you're comparing 2 improbable events to one less improbable event - as far as 'luck' is concerned, they arguably have more of it than the opposite way round. The 2 events are not equivalent.
  5. Bad Lucky

    Maybe you don't have bad luck, maybe they just have really good luck.
  6. New players looking for info.

    As of right now we don't have any mods like this - almost all of them are purely visual. I am interested in seeing how you get on with your playthrough, have fun!
  7. Get rid of crafting

    But you can.
  8. Motorbike/bicycle on character entrance

    That's what I'd do.
  9. Basic Vanity Shop

    Much better!
  10. Basic Vanity Shop

    Excellent guide. Would it be possible to fix the lightness/compression on these two images?
  11. Vanity Item Suggestions

    Already done, although I don't know in what capacity they will be released.
  12. The reasons why this game failed are as follows.

    I'd like to point out that this goes entirely against your first statement: As if egg creation was 'reverted' into a method where you could generate an infinite supply of eggs, competitive 'mon would be even more common than they are now - and worth even less.
  13. The reasons why this game failed are as follows.

    Perhaps in terms of actual item value, but if somebody puts in additional work or money to obtain more of X materials to make Y item to then sell it on for more profit then then this statement becomes false. It's also worth noting that the item value is largely dependant on how it's valued by the market. What you're looking at is capitalism. I'd break down the rest of your points, but they already seem to have been addressed. To further what Desu said - it's important that refinement has a negative yield to prevent inflation and stabilize the positive yield that production (catching) brings in (Notably of high value).
  14. [Screenshot] Post your visual bugs here!

    Well most of them are lawn mowers, so your berries have long gone.
  15. Vanity Item Suggestions

    No, this is a different (and unreleased) vanity. This is mostly a problem due to how gloves are coloured (Their base colour is a shade darker than most other colours, so that they can be used with long sleeve tops without blending into them). It would likely have to be a separate item altogether.

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