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  1. Which show?
  2. Now go watch the 7th one. Quick!
  3. Was waiting for it to comeback and now it's here, liked the first episode. I wonder what would that unusual speaking titan would do with that flying device thing. Second episode was meh imo, I was expecting a lot more to be shown but for most part of episode we got some not so useful backstory of a random character. I'm intrigued by the titans in the walls thing btw, hoping that it gets better in the coming episodes because I read somewhere that this season would only get 12 episodes. Not sure about that but maybe someone will confirm?
  4. So to EV train some of my mons, I hotkey'd the vitamins and put my mon as a lead in my party, so that I would be able to do it quickly. After using vitamins 3 or 4 times from the hotkey, the client crashes. Log reports below: Report 1 Report 2
  5. FTFY: Fixed that for you
  6. This depends on whether we have any such option in the forums suite used here, if not there's no way we would be getting this.
  7. Didn't like Sherlock's new season either, like I said before the whole series is very much over hyped. That's all I have watched recently as well. I do have some time right now, so might watch something new. And also isn't that OJ thing some documentary? If you haven't watched Black Mirror yet, do it. Other then that, I am also looking for some recommendations. Haven't seen Prison Break, how is it really? From your list above, you haven't watched Fargo, Black Mirror, True Detective. If you're looking for some short series stuff, try to watch any of them. However, for True Detective only watch season 1, skip the next season altogether.
  8. Np. Feel free to ask me if you need any help with that.
  9. Hey! Nice guide. Maybe in future you can also put images into your guide and specify the trainers which are good for a quick run to gain a significant amount of money.
  10. You are really underestimating the size of the berry market.
  11. Yeah a summary of upcoming things would be nice fam.
  12. When the Christmas update was released, @Kyu said he would be writing a blog post giving more information about what else is being developed besides legendary dungeons and Android client. I am still looking forward to that blog post.
  13. How about 150k?
  14. How much are you looking for that exactly?