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  1. They can be bought from Battle Points Trade shop in Battle Frontier or from Battle Tower, north of island 7. You would need some BP to buy them and guides just need to be updated, it's been time.
  2. Just get a Starmie, it's literally all you need for all kinds of things like storyline, PvE, etc. A cheap one with 28+ IVs in SpA and Speed with a modest/timid nature would be suffice. Train it and let it hold amulet coin and then just grind.
  3. Yeah I really like shiny Marill and the other one for me would be shiny Misdreavous.
  4. What's the exact issue? Be more specific.
  5. Double post but whatever
  6. Go over there
  7. ur a noob

    1. johna100


      new phone who dis ?

    2. LiquidFrost
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      hai mom

  8. You don't need some external program or utility to make your controller work for the game. Have you tried enabling controller support from Settings? Because I am sure Xbox controller works just fine over here.
  9. Yeah, what do you want to know?
  10. You don't need to make a new post every time for small updates like these.
  11. No, you can't delete either.
  12. Staryu can only be caught using super road in Aqua Hideout and Lilycove City in Hoenn region. I guess that's way too far in story, it would be better to buy one from GTL with the IVs and nature I told you.
  13. No, there's no way to do it. If you want a fresh start maybe make a new character.
  14. The stage you're at currently, it would be nice to invest in a Starmie (2x31 SpA/Speed, Tiimid/Modest and get the TMs Tbolt and Ice beam) and just use that to sweep the story.