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  1. Decided to restart my pokemmo account ;/

  2. 36 hours shiny hunting the desert, Can someone please start a Sandy shiny fan club to cheer me on? ;)

  3. Just finished making my Team EliteFour's forum page, I encourage everyone to go check it out! Thanks for all the support guys :) means so much!

  4. Just hit 30 hours total in the sandy desert of Hoenn on Route 111 hunting for shinies, no results yet but I'm determined to find a ground-type shiny.

    1. Hassy


      I love your dedication, good luck!



      nice dedication hope u find a shiny trapinch

    3. EliteFourSandy


      Thanks a lot guys, and as for that shiny-ground type

      Never gonna give you up

      Never gonna let you down

      Never gonna run around and

      DESERT you (Heheh get it? Desert ;))

  5. Snow keeps piling up around here, 3 feet! Doesn't bother me as long as I have PokeMMO ;)

  6. Finished my second island run in one day, gonna need the money for breeding though ;)

  7. Just reached the elite fur in game, almost done so far in only 8 hours #SpeedRunMuch? ;)

  8. I like this idea but I feel it needs to be sharpened more. How exactly could we better search for comps if we have the iv search modifier etc. Also I would like to add to the suggestion, search by type? Like plug in ground and it brings up only pokemon with the ground type somewhere in there typing, could help :) good idea so far
  9. 0X100= 0 Huehue you meant hes encountered 3 more shinies then you have ;) Btw great list thanks for reviving this thread wish I could help with the completion but I have zilch shinies so far
  10. I feel like I've seen that shiny flygon before ;3 Actually pretty uncommon shiny cool choice :)
  11. I know the feel ;-; Porygon is up there with farfetch'd in rarity xD
  12. I think this would be a good idea as long as players are able to set the minimum bid increase because if it wasn't really a good sale it would be ruined at the start
  13. I love this idea. It would suck to forget an egg you spent 2m on and accidentally box it xD
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