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  1. i wasnt botting, i just didnt fill it because i didnt know what it was, so now what do i do
  2. so i was farming with payday on berry forest and suddenly a weird captcha thing popped out, i didnt fill it because i didnt know what it was, it didnt tell me either what it was for. after that, i literally cant get money from payday, what is happening?
  3. Thank you guys! Im currently done with Kanto and Hoenn, gonna start Unova tomorrow and hopefully finish it so i can start building my first OU team! if you guys have any tips for me id apreciate it!
  4. Hey there, My name is Pakawaka, i've been playing pokemon since diamond and pearl came out, im pretty experienced in competitive battling and i intend try to be the very best on MMO. Nice to meet you all!
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