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  1. posting links to roms is against the rules of the site and the game
  2. seems like there was a bronzor phenomena and instead of loading the individual sprites it loaded the entire spritesheet
  3. my friend you must get your priorities in order, I always hear people saying "this game needs more polish"
  4. Dear gods of pokemmo, A few months ago Pokemmo held a PTS for the Sinnoh region. I don't know when the actual update will come but I believe that the most important feature from those games should also come with the update. The feature is of course being able to polish you badges. It goes something like this for those of you not in the know . thanks for reading, ZoroarkH
  5. Some time ago time when they were busy working on Unova they didn't have a halloween event. This is just an assumption on my part but I think there won't be one this year due to the development of Sinnoh.
  6. would anybody be my gf for 12k and 3 great balls?
  7. instead of cutting of Kanto, they can use a time machine as an excuse to have 2. Since HGSS is set 2 years in the future from FRLG
  8. you need 10 posts in order to be able to post in suggestion box
  9. Let us put aside our anger and have a moment of silence for the amulet coin. F
  10. I'm confused, why do you want there to be grind?
  11. I did this a few years ago when I was like 13, needless to say I did not enjoy receiving 2 very cringey emails from my past self
  12. I'd finally be able to get spiritomb the legit way
  13. Not an administrator but; SoonTM
  14. Probably not, the devs have said they're not planning to add PTW features.
  15. Like it was ever sea worthy in the first place. Eren never showed any intrest in Mikasa, Historia on the other hand...
  16. After you've beaten the main story, Kanto only has 7 rematchable gyms, unlike the other regions which have 8. In pokemon g/s/c we find out that Blue takes over the Viridian city gym in Giovanni's absence so lorewise it would make sense
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