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  1. Starting Region

    do you have a BW rom loaded? those are needed to play in any region
  2. But it doesn't even prevent it, you can just make another account to do this and its still perfectly within the rules
  3. Glad to see the devs we know and love are back
  4. Honey: a possible solution to the sweet scent problem

    like this. but I have a similar idea to build on it what if honey gather collects a new item called 'nectar' which together with leppa berries is used to craft honey. That way honey gatherer won't be made redundant
  5. Not having an item can make a big difference in the higher levels of battle tower. I think it'd be cool if holding an amulet coin could increase BP payout, not necessarily with the same multiplier as poke-yen.
  6. What is "Invite to link"?

    you can link and de-link anytime you want
  7. What is "Invite to link"?

    its a location in Hoenn you unlock after beating the E4. here you can take part in battles against NPCs in waves of 7 getting a BP(battle point) reward after every wave. With each successive wave the payout gets higher.Using the BP you earn you can buy prizes such as choice scarfs or base decorations.
  8. What is "Invite to link"?

    its for co-op battles in battle frontier
  9. Hello people of pokemmo, thank you for reading. First I would like to present you with a scenario. Imagine you are playing pokemmo for the first time, you've just completed the story and you've never played pokemon competitively before. Thanks to the social aspect of pokemmo you begin to take an interest in pokemon's competitve side so you open the matchmaking tab to see some info. You open the clauses section, only to be greeted by this: You think to yourself, "WHAT!?" this can't possibly be true. "you may only sleep one of your opponents..." "only sleep one". Sleep isn't a verb. sleep is not a verb. Shocked by the servers lack of grammar the new player feels disgruntled he decides "this competitive scene cannot possibly be for me, whom-st ever wrote this is boorish". And so the player never gets involved in competitive battling, one of the main post game features of pokemmo. As a result the player slowly gets tired of pokemmo and quits. Please, fix this grammar error. I fear we have already lost so many potential friends to this and if it is not fixed we may lose more. If it is written this way due to a character limit, fear not I have your solute."you may only sleep one of your opponent's pokémon at a time." has 60 characters in total.I propose an alternate sentence "only one of your opponent's pokemon may sleep at a time."this takes up only 56 characters. NOT only does it solve the character limit problem, it also goes under it, reducing the amount of memory pokemmo takes up. Imagine being unable to download pokemmo for the first time because your drive was a few bytes to full and just going "meh it probably wasn't that good anyway" ,not knowing the whole world you missed out on. By reducing the memory it takes up we can have all the more potential players. What disadvantages would there be you ask? Well good question, no plan is flaw proof. There is always the posibility that when we improve the grammar of this tab some players will feel alienated. They will feel that pokemmo is no longer the warm casual platform that once welcomed it and has now become cold, callous and formal. Okay, so to summarise my suggestion I would like to encourage new players to join pokemmo's competitive scene by fixing a grammar error. Not only will this drastically increase the long term playerbase but it can also reduce the amount of memory pokemmo takes up at the same time, increasing the longterm playerbase even further.
  10. you cannot go to Johto (the region given by heartgold) the purpose of the heargold rom is to allow you to have follower sprites
  11. This game is already boring

    I've got a similar one, find the NPC that's non tangible
  12. ~30 Days to go until Unova

    a bit of an arbitrary question but will the worker in twist mountain who gifts gen 1-4 fossils be present? I'd love to get a crainidos
  13. Vanity Item Suggestions

    Oversized backpack Slot:back I think a large backpack that's almost as tall as the player would be pretty cool ,maybe it could something like what the hiker NPCs wear
  14. Titles with effects

    I think that players should be able to earn titles in-game that have effects when equipped. A few examples I've thought of are: Medic: potions heal 30% more. Earned by using 10 potions Bug catcher: catch rate for bug type pokemon is boosted by 10%. Earned by obtaining 12 OT bug pokemon of different species Green thumb: berry plants can go an extra hour longer without wilting. Earned by harvesting 200 berry plants Ace trainer: wild pokemon's level's are 20% higher. Earned by obtaining 8 gym badges Shiny hunter: sweet scent consumes 4pp instead of 5. Earned by obtaining 3 OT shiny pokemon Homemaker: can own 2 secret bases. Earned by owning 50 pieces of furniture Millionaire: GTL listing fees are reduced by 10%. Can only be equipped while carrying 1mil or more These are just a few examples, there could be many more potential titles. To avoid players changing titles dynamically there should be a cooldown time activated each time they change their title e.g. it can only be changed once every 6 hours. For balancing reasons it might be a good idea to make some titles region specific. It also might be a good idea to have titles display during PvP battles next to the player's names e.g. Ace trainer 'x' would like to battle. I think this would be beneficial because it'd give players more non-pvp content to work towards and some may try to collect them like achievements.

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