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  1. I did this a few years ago when I was like 13, needless to say I did not enjoy receiving 2 very cringey emails from my past self
  2. I'd finally be able to get spiritomb the legit way
  3. Not an administrator but; SoonTM
  4. Probably not, the devs have said they're not planning to add PTW features.
  5. Spoiler

    M O U N T A I N  M A N


    1. ZoroarkH


      T r i b a l    s o n g

    2. ZoroarkH


      uragirimono   >.>

    3. RenDude
  6. Like it was ever sea worthy in the first place. Eren never showed any intrest in Mikasa, Historia on the other hand...
  7. After you've beaten the main story, Kanto only has 7 rematchable gyms, unlike the other regions which have 8. In pokemon g/s/c we find out that Blue takes over the Viridian city gym in Giovanni's absence so lorewise it would make sense
  8. the IVs the egg inherits are an average between the IVs of the two parents, e.g. if one parent has 10 att and the other 20, the IVs will usually be 15, though there is a small chance for them to be 10 or 20. This means that if the parent's IVs overlap they are guaranteed to inherit it. You can also equip braces on the pokemon to ensure a corresponding IV gets passed down.
  9. you can't start with them. You can get them from Hoenn safari zone of GTL
  10. you can go past 60 once you beat the E4
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