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  1. I think that players should be able to earn titles in-game that have effects when equipped. A few examples I've thought of are: Medic: potions heal 30% more. Earned by using 10 potions Bug catcher: catch rate for bug type pokemon is boosted by 10%. Earned by obtaining 12 OT bug pokemon of different species Green thumb: berry plants can go an extra hour longer without wilting. Earned by harvesting 200 berry plants Ace trainer: wild pokemon's level's are 20% higher. Earned by obtaining 8 gym badges Shiny hunter: sweet scent consumes 4pp instead of 5. Earned by obtaining 3 OT shiny pokemon Homemaker: can own 2 secret bases. Earned by owning 50 pieces of furniture Millionaire: GTL listing fees are reduced by 10%. Can only be equipped while carrying 1mil or more These are just a few examples, there could be many more potential titles. To avoid players changing titles dynamically there should be a cooldown time activated each time they change their title e.g. it can only be changed once every 6 hours. For balancing reasons it might be a good idea to make some titles region specific. It also might be a good idea to have titles display during PvP battles next to the player's names e.g. Ace trainer 'x' would like to battle. I think this would be beneficial because it'd give players more non-pvp content to work towards and some may try to collect them like achievements.
  2. Ramparados, I just like the way it looks, and that it has the highest Attack of any non legendary or non mega.
  3. no, its 14;23 GMT right now
  4. IGN: ZoroarkH
  5. It would be cool if we could select a Pokemon to stay in our Secret base and have its follower sprite wander around in the base, would make for nice decoration.
  6. I really like this suggestion. There should be some limits on it e.g. you cannot sell, breed,release or change the moveset of the borrowed pokemon
  7. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/63-multimedia/ is off topic
  8. why wait for the devs to implement it, just find some random house in kanto or hoenn, declare it your gym and give people incentive to challenge you.
  9. i agree,to add on I think this tutor should only be available to Pokemon born before the update
  10. I'd image they skipped Johto because we already have gen2 pokemon so it wouldn't add much. I think they skipped Sinnoh because 4th gen games have a slow engine
  11. PTS

    I wonder how the devs will handle dream world, I hope they use it to give us gen 4 pokes
  12. I think its implying that hes getting ready to sit back and watch, like hes in a cinema, all he needs to do to make it complete is post a status saying *grabs popcorn*
  13. it definitely is, it has the same amount of bars (4) I think it might be from this shot https://californiabeat.files.wordpress.com/2008/10/fw3.jpg or this one https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/dd/Fort_Point_under_the_Golden_Gate_Bridge.JPG knowing what bridge it i doesn't really reveal much tho
  14. I have a question for the devs, hypothetically if you were to implement Sinnoh, which version would it be?(I.E. DP or Platinum)