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  1. Some time ago time when they were busy working on Unova they didn't have a halloween event. This is just an assumption on my part but I think there won't be one this year due to the development of Sinnoh.
  2. would anybody be my gf for 12k and 3 great balls?
  3. instead of cutting of Kanto, they can use a time machine as an excuse to have 2. Since HGSS is set 2 years in the future from FRLG
  4. you need 10 posts in order to be able to post in suggestion box
  5. Let us put aside our anger and have a moment of silence for the amulet coin. F
  6. I'm confused, why do you want there to be grind?
  7. I did this a few years ago when I was like 13, needless to say I did not enjoy receiving 2 very cringey emails from my past self
  8. I'd finally be able to get spiritomb the legit way
  9. Not an administrator but; SoonTM
  10. Probably not, the devs have said they're not planning to add PTW features.
  11. Spoiler

    M O U N T A I N  M A N


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      T r i b a l    s o n g

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      uragirimono   >.>

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