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  1. Sorry for necroing but is this still true? I didn't see it in the dex.
  2. Well Johto will come in 2022 whether you guys want it or not. At this point It's not even hard for the dev to add another .nds region. It's just the same as Black and Platinum. Better to release each region every 2 years to keep this game alive for as long as possible than to release all at once and there's nothing new to expect.
  3. I encoutered a swarm of mantines at route 221 when Platinum just released and I thought it was only in Sinnoh, never heard of swarm before XD
  4. Kanto because it's the first region I've ever played on GBA Emulator back in 2006. And this is me when I discovered PokeMMO in 2015. This game has changed a lot :D
  5. Yes, it catch-able, somewhere outside of the room we first met Volcarona, level 5x larvesta if I remember correctly.
  6. I think escape ropes work fine, it's quite cheap. Ps: need a Secret Power ocarina for Hoenn's secret base.
  7. This literally took 5 seconds to change a number in the code. I don't understand why it couldn't be done after so many years.
  8. OMG make this happen please, I would give everything for this.
  9. Yes, I wish everyone could understand this. At this point, adding HG/SS, B2/W2 is just a piece of cake for the dev. About the story conflict 2 Kanto 2 Unova. Instead of using the boat, just use a "time portal" and done, problem solved.
  10. What, it's hard for you? I beat Gitarina in the first try and I thought it was cool, never played Platinum before tho.
  11. We have this region column so routes with same name are not a problem.
  12. Even so, I can easily breed a perfect team for myself, buy all ocarinas, a motorbike ... without spend any real money because making money in this game is quite easy. The only problem of PokeMMO now is the lack of end game content.
  13. Yeah the trio legendary dog and legendary bird basestat is only 580, lower than the pseudo-legendary so I don't see why we can't have them.
  14. I only play for the story. Some people will say "Why not play the original then". Because I don't want to be alone, I like watching other people run around me and do their thing. At the moment, I'm only waiting for platinum. When it came out, I would definitely play for a few months then quit again and wait for the next region lol
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