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  1. I could write here a long sentence from the insults goings to you. But too much effort. I hope you were planning to quit.

  2. Don't hit him up^ Welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay.
  3. Yo, can you finish this for me when you get the chance. I would also like a title screen if possible. Also, if you can just redesign the whole thing to make it look extra crispy I would appreciate it, thank you. Also for the name put "Hassy" instead of "Hassan"
  4. Can't wait to see the "I deleted my brother's/boyfriend's PokeMMO account rage!" videos on youtube :)
  5. ISO HASSAN <3

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Hotarubi


      HI how are you?

    3. Hassy


      I've been good, how's life treating you lately? 

    4. Hassy


      Yo believe it or not that wasn't me that said that stuff on team chat, someone else was on my account just sayin. 

  6. I'll be looking forward to see your manager application next season if there is one o/
  7. no u In all seriousness, I think a rematch is only fair. @OrangeManiac
  8. LF my 300k from metro

    1. Hassy


      I'm broke as shit, feel free to talk shit about me if you like. I'm going through tough times right now. You see, I can be coming online and doing the islands but I would rather sit back and enjoy all the drama happening in the PSL thread. I hope there is no hard feelings, 300k isn't worth losing your friendship over remember. 

    2. Torinnnnn


      lol bhill, just wanted to ask if you hadd it, its all bool

    3. Hassy


      you da man

  9. Some shit came up, I'll be on in about 15- 20 minutes stay awake sleep is for the weak.
  10. Back in my days there was no special for weapons it was simply range and 2h for the kill
  11. Playing on Sunday unless some shit comes up @PSLFgts
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