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  1. I feel as if I missed everything when I see I'm the only one who voted wii
  2. I think there are 4 islands, each with a guardian protector
  3. That's only speculation, I very much doubt it too. There isn't enough resemblance Yeah, that's probably not true. Just speculation based on its type
  4. I heard a rumor that Drampa was an evolution of dunsparce
  5. Oh my arceus and koku boru
  6. I usually use pattern bush for attack. You get hordes of 5 heracross there. Also 3 spinarak, which also give attack, and ledyba (special defense). I usually use cape brink for special attack, since it's close to a pokemon center, gives decent EVs per psyduck/golduck horde and I can't afford wasting leppa berries on it. Sadly often gives defence in the form of slowpoke/slowbro hordes. Pokemon tower sucks, I only use it in the rain. At most it gives 4 EVs. For speed I use the canyon entrace, since there's a guarateed 8 EVs per horde. I'll have to test 5 island meadow. Best place for special defence is without a doubt trainer tower, with common mantine hordes and tentacool/tentacruel hordes. For Hp I use route 114. For defense I use the magma hideout, the geodude/graveler hordes tend to give good EVs.
  7. I normally use cape brink while surfing (You often get Psyduck/Golduck hordes), but it's really annoying whenever Slowpoke/Slowbro hordes show up. I once got 7 slowpoke/Slowbro hordes in a row, so it would be really nice if they implemented a place with only sp atk. About hordes in the rain, please remove the failing. Just yesterday I ragequit when it started raining in the canyon entrance.
  8. With sweet scent there are a lot of better places to EV train than the ones you have listed
  9. That gameplay looks absolutely beautiful
  10. Ah, misunderstanding
  11. Look at the battle between NikhilR and frags during the OU leaderboard. Thanks to a missclick, frags used rapid spin instead of surf and lost the battle.
  12. So, sun or moon? I'm probably taking moon
  13. Frags just beats everyone else out of the water
  14. Some moves, such as worry seed or mud bomb, wouldn't make much of a difference, but others like stealth rock and sucker punch could be gamechanging.
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