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  1. --Bro did you get any compensation? Nop they didn't gave me anything --Was it an easter egg we never knew of? Did you try throwing a pokeball at it? i tried but it didn't work, it work as a trainer's pokemon i guess --Why would they confirm it's not possible? i think they mean they removed this in December 2017+ --Either way I don't doubt the authenticity of the screen, I just think it's dumb that smth like this can happen. Yeah, they often forget things when they add something, like NPC vitamins on Unova, Air Ballons easy cash or even the special Marowak in Lavender Tower you can't catch, i saw a screen here someone found the Shiny Marowak
  2. January 25, 2017 it's not a troll, i really found this "shiny"
  3. @Desu Hey you can earn 250k and 6 leftovers
  4. Riga is ban, this is the real problem of PokeMMO
  5. With mushroom Island 2 or heart scale Fallarbor/Mistralton, move reminder
  6. They are all bad, only Riga was a good staff
  7. Crimar


    You mean chinese new year vanity/event
  8. Crimar

    shiny offered

    I love that idea, we all should have a shiny charizard or metagross
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