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  1. Crimar

    guess the new vanities

    me is not big okay
  2. Crimar

    guess the new vanities

    luvdisc hood i won ?
  3. Crimar


  4. Crimar


    You mean chinese new year vanity/event
  5. Crimar

    shiny offered

    I love that idea, we all should have a shiny charizard or metagross
  6. Crimar

    Shiny hunting legendaries

    My shiny Elfbot worth it
  7. Crimar

    Vanity | Particle Suggestion Thread

    Nice, they should make it with Onix too
  8. Crimar

    Valentine's Day

    they need to make chinese new year event first
  9. Crimar

    So No Christmas Event This Year?

    you mean 3 Vanities and 15 particles
  10. Crimar

    Donator status really 10 % shiny rate?

    i remember when i was at my 10th elfbot good times
  11. Crimar


    is elfbot a legendary ?

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